Where To Find Fire’s Deadly Sin In Elden Ring

Fire’s Deadly Sin is a fire-based incantation that covers both the player and the area with flames to deal damage in Elden Ring.

Fire’s Deadly Sin is a powerful incantation in Elden Ring that can burn enemies to a crisp should they dare come close. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining Fire’s Deadly Sin in Elden Ring.

Fire’s Deadly Sin location in Elden Ring

Fire’s Deadly Sin can be found at Windmill Heights’ southeast overlook, south of Windmill Village. It is in the Altus Plateau zone, which means that if you haven’t unlocked the Royal Capital yet, you’ll have to grind to unlock the region.

If you have already progressed and had the area unlocked, you can start looking for Fire’s Deadly Sin. To begin your search for the Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation, you must first find the flightless bird painting.

Finding the Flightless Bird Painting

Simply go to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell and exit through the southern door and proceed down the staircase.

Turn left at the first opportunity and jump down the ledge. By this point, you’ll find yourself in front of a large building. Enter the building and proceed to the front right, almost directly west, and through the second door.

Turn left through the door right away. It will be dark here so we recommend using a lantern.

Inside, turn right and you’ll come across a Grace, and immediately behind the Grace is the painting you’re looking for, ‘A Flightless Bird Painting’.

The Windmill Village

Next up, you’ll have to head to the windmill village. To be more specific, you must travel to Windmill Heights Site of Grace in the Dominula. Once there, proceed up the hill to the east.

Climb all the way to the top. Once the stairs vanish, turn right and head southeast from the base of the large windmill.

Afterward, continue straight; you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if you notice three dancing NPCs. Get past them.

You’ll come across a person sitting on a chair who appears to be a ghost (a pleasing one). When you get close to him, he’ll fade away, but he’ll leave an item behind. The item will be the lethal Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation. Simply pick it up and enjoy the perks.

How to use Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation

Fire’s Deadly Sin is a fire-based incantation that covers both the player and the area with flames to deal damage. This lethal incantation requires 26 faith points to cast. However, take note that since the player will be on fire, they will lose health over time. As a result, it is advised to use healing materials or keep an ample supply of Crimson Flasks on hand.

Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation also has a minimum Faith stat requirement of 19 for players to be able to cast it.

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