How To Get Cinquedea In Elden Ring

The Cinquedea is a must-have dagger in Elden Ring for those wishing to use Bestial Incantation. Getting it is tricky, read on how to get it!

Elden Ring allows players to wield an entire arsenal of weapons to use against the many unforgiving enemies in the game. Of all these items, the Cinquedea Dagger is unique and a must-have if your build is based around the Bestial Incantations. 

Cinquedea Dagger, apart from giving a boost of 10% to all Bestial Incantations, is a great weapon that you can equip without many requirements.  

The Cinquedea dagger can be difficult to acquire in Elden Ring as it is in a tricky spot. So, here is how you can get it in the game.

Cinquedea location in Elden Ring 

Cinquedea map location in Elden Ring

The Cinquedea dagger can be found in the bottom portion of the Bestial Sanctum in Elden Ring.

To reach the Bestial Sanctum you can ride there using Torrent, but this journey is very difficult to traverse and should be avoided. 

In the Elden Ring Patch 1.03 you wouldn’t have been able to go through this area and would die trying to descend. Thankfully, the Elden Ring patch 1.03.2 has fixed this issue allowing you to go down, making it easier to get the Cinquedea dagger.

The other way you can reach this sanctum is by using the secret portal which is near the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace. Using this portal, you will be teleported into the Bestial Sanctum.  

Now exit the sanctum and go to the back of the building. You will now have to descend from the cliff. Some bats will attack you along the way down. These can be defeated with a single blow but they can interrupt you if you are going down. 

Now move along the cliff’s edge until you see a platform made of roots. Jump down from the cliff to the platform and then down to another set of roots above a dome. Next, jump on the dome and then jump down from the dome to the stone platform. 

When you have reached the stone platform you can see big supports going down. Around these supports, there are ledges on which you can stand and use them as a platform to make your descent easier. Be careful to not take big leaps as these leaps can damage you.  

After you have descended enough to reach the second platform, you can then head north along the platform until you approach a square ledge with four statues. One of the statues has fallen over and the Cinquedea dagger is on that statue in Elden Ring. 

On the platform, you can also find the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman. This talisman is a little further from where you found the Dagger. There is no way back up so you will have to either kill yourself or get killed by the bats. Make sure that you don’t have any runes when you start your descent. 

Cinquedea Dagger upgrades and stats

The Cinquedea Dagger, as explained before, can grant a boost of 10% to Bestial Incantations. Other than that, it is a fine weapon that you can use in combat. It can be paired with the Quickstep skill to gain an opening for a combo of attacks while avoiding damage. 

It also has good strength scaling with each upgrade and excellent base damage for a dagger. The stats of the Cinquedea Dagger are as follows. 

Attack Power 

Physical damage: 98  

Can be upgraded to a maximum of 240 

Critical: 100 

Defense power 

Physical absorption: 43 
Magic Defence: 25 
Fire Defence: 25 
Lightening Defence: 25 
Holy Defence: 25 
Guard Boost: 18 
Attribute scaling: D Strength, E Dexterity 
Attributed required: 10 Strength, 10 Dexterity 

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