The Witcher 3 School Gear Locations ‘Armor Sets Guide – Griffin, Cat, Bear and Viper

There are 4 different types of School Gear Diagrams that you can find in The Witcher 3. These Diagrams let you craft some of the best gear in the game, but are pretty hard to acquire; especially if you don’t know where to look!

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The Witcher 3 School Gear Locations

In this guide, I’ve described locations of each Diagram that you can find in the game:

Griffin School Gear

To begin, head over to the Hindhold in the Northern Velen. You’ll see a Level 7 Harpy Monster Nest in the area. There is a compound found right next to the Monster Nest. Head over to the first floor of the compound and you’ll find a dead body and a chest in a room.

Loot everything inside and you’ll acquire Griffin Steel Sword Diagram and trigger Griffin School Witcher Gear Diagram hunt. You need to read every Journal, Book, and Note to find the locations of the complete Griffin School Witcher Gear which will appear on your World Map.

To find Griffin Silver Sword, head over to Western Velen and to a place named Lornruk right next to a Place of Power. In order to head inside the castle, you’ll have to go through an underwater entrance found right next to a Place of Power.

Once you’ve reached the entrance, use the ladder to reach the Treasure Chest containing the Griffin Silver Sword Diagram. The remaining 4 Diagrams are located in Dragonslayer’s Grotto in the West of Reardon Manor and Downwarren. You’ll have to fight a Level 11 Ekimmara to find the Diagrams.

Cat School Gear

In order to acquire the Feline Silver Sword Diagram, you need reach the Est Tayiar Ruins in the Eastern Novigrad, Northeast of Oxenfurt.

Jump inside the hole and use your Aard Sign to find a secret area which contains the Feline Silver Sword Diagram and Professor Sigismund Gloger Notes detailing the location of the next Diagram.

To find the Feline Steel Sword Diagram, you need to journey south from the Novigrad towards the Drahim Castle Signpost. Head inside the stonetower and reach the cellar where you’ll find the Feline Silver Sword Diagram and another clue to find the rest of the Diagrams.

You can acquire the Feline Crossbow Diagram by journeying towards the Southwest Novigrad and onto a small island. Once you arrive at a sunken ship in the area; swim towards the bottom of the deck and reclaim the Feline Crossbow Diagram.

For the remaining Diagrams, you need to complete Wandering in the Dark Main Quest. After acquiring The Eye of Nehaleni, head over to the Northwestern Novigrad and find a secret cave entrance right next to a house.

Use The Eye of Nehaleni to open up the cave entrance and stick to the left-hand side. Once you arrive inside a small room with a lot of statues, use the switches in the room to make all the statues face the center of the area.

Jump inside the water and retrieve the Laboratory Key of a corpse. Head back and open up the Laboratory using the Laboratory Key and slay an enemy called Mad Kiyan. Kill the enemy to retrieve the rest of the Diagrams.

Bear School Gear

Head over to the Northeastern Island on Ard Skellig and head inside a castle in the North Urialla Harbour. Since there is no main entrance, you’ll have to do a bit of climbing and scaling to reach the castle.

Head to Yngvar’s Fang and follow the trail which will lead you directly into the fortress. Once you’re inside the fortress, head towards the left-hand side and directly into the Dungeons.

Pull the lever on the far right-hand side and jump into the hole in a cell. Continue along the path and turn right from the intersection and you’ll end up right next to a staircase. Go up into the Throne Room and you’ll find the Diagrams you seek.

For the Ursine Crossbow, you need to head towards the Spikeroog, the Northwestern Island.

You’ll come across a Coastal Cave near the south side of the Old Watchtower Signpost. You need to head inside the cave and fight a couple of Level 15 Drowners before retrieving the Diagram of a corpse.

The Ursine Steel Sword is located on the Ard Skellig Island. Head over to the Ruined Inn and use your Aard Sign to blast the basement entrance which contains the Ursine Steel Sword Diagram.

As for the Ursine Silver Sword, head over to the Fort Etnir Ruins in the North Rogne.The Diagram is located inside the only accessible room guarded by an Ice Elemental and a couple of Level 15 Gargoyles.

Viper School Gear

Head over to the Ransacked Village in White Orchard and head inside the longest building which looks like some kind of a fortress.

Wipe off all the bandits in the fortress and loot everything including Serpentine Steel Sword Diagram. Read the book that you find there and follow its directions to head inside some catacombs near a Place of Power which contains the Serpentine Silver Sword Diagram.

Once you’ve acquired all the Diagrams, salvage the required material and head to a Blacksmith or Armourer to get your gear crafted!

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