NBA 2K24 Best 3-Level Threat Build For SF

3-level or triple threat players can create situations in NBA 2K24 where they can fake a pass, shot or dribble making the life miserable for the defenders.

As the name implies, a 3-level threat or triple threat in NBA 2K24 refers to a player that can create a situation where they can threaten the defenders with either dribble, shoot or pass. These players can hold between their shoulders and knee height with off-hand on the ball. This is one of the scariest fakes in the world of the NBA as the defenders only have a 33% to guess the correct move.

3-level threat players are extremely agile and have mastery over ball control. Their main role is of a playmaker as they can pass the ball around with ease. However, it doesn’t stop here. Triple threat players are also adept at converting mid and long-range shots into 3-pointers. In this guide, we will be creating a 3-level threat build in NBA 2K24 which is influenced by one of the greatest of them all, Kevin Durant.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 3-Level Threat build

Our focus is on the Archetype for the build, which is a 3-level threat. We have selected the following stats very carefully and have chosen the Small Forward position for our Kevin Durant build in NBA 2K24. 

Height 6’9’ 
Weight 198 lbs 
Wingspan 6’11” 
Close Shot71 
Driving Layup 82 
Driving Dunk (focus)84 
Standing Dunk65 
Post Control – 
Mid-Range Shot (focus) 90 
Three-point Shot85 
Free Throw 75 
Pass Accuracy 75 
Ball Handle 80 
Speed with Ball 74 
Interior Defense 67 
Perimeter defense 75 
Steal 40 
Block 82 
Offensive Rebound 30 
Defensive Rebound 70 
Speed 80 
Acceleration 72 
Strength 78 
Vertical 80 
Stamina (focus)90 

A 3-level threat build is extremely well rounded off. We need to select most of the attributes and invest in them to create a player who is a master of all three traits.

How to set up 3-Level Threat build

3-level threat or triple-threat players are excellent playmakers and can score 3-pointers from a distance to earn some precious points for the team. They excel at creating space from the defenders and use the best dribbling techniques to pass them with ease. What makes them even scarier is the ball control and the pass accuracy. We will discuss how our build fulfills all the roles we have mentioned here. 

For offense, we are going with 84 points in Driving dunk, 90 points in Mid-range shot and 85 points in Three-point shot. This allows our 3-level threat build in NBA 2K24 to deal massive damage from outside and inside the rim. You can score both 2 and 3-pointers with ease with perfectly placed shots and intelligently utilizing the green windows


For playmaking, we have 75 points in Free throw, 75 points in Ball accuracy and 80 points in Ball handle. This allows you to move the ball across the court and fulfill one of the roles, passing, specifically designated for a triple-threat player. 

For the defense part, we have 82 points in Block, 70 points in Defensive rebound and 75 points in Parameter defense. This allows you to defend the counterattack at your small forward position as you need to be at least an average defender for this position. 

The physical part allows you to conserve your energy and perform better dribbling moves on the court. This is where we cover the final part of the holy trinity of 3-level threat players in NBA 2K24, dribbling. 90 points for Stamina, 80 points for Speed stat, and 78 points for Strength. This makes you almost invincible when it comes to destroying the ankles of your opponents while keeping the ball to yourself.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3-Level Threat build

For our 3-level threat build in NBA 2K24, we have selected the badges listed below. Badges in the game play an important role in the creation of character archetype. The level or quality of badges can be improved by investing a lot of points in a particular stat of your liking.

S-Tier badges

  • Fearless Finisher (Silver): This badge improves your ability to convert contact layups. 
  • Blinders (Gold): This badge allows you to remain unfazed by the defenders from the sides. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Gold): This badge allows you to do a jump shot as soon as you catch the ball. 
  • Deadeye (Gold): This badge allows you to negate the impact of a defender who is closing in. 
  • Unpluckable (Silver): This badge reduces your chances of losing the ball to a defender. 

A-Tier badges

  • Acrobat (Silver): This badge allows you to make difficult layups with ease. 
  • Ankle Braces (Silver): This badge reduces your chances of getting crossed over. 
  • Corner Specialist (Gold): This badge improves shots from the corner. 
  • Masher (Gold): This badge allows you to successfully convert around the rim. 
  • Precision Dunker (Silver): This improves your skills to make dunks. 
  • Space Creator (Gold): Once you manage to create some space from a defender, your shot accuracy increases. 

B-Tier badges

  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): this badge increases your ability to finish lobs and putbacks at the rim. 
  • Bunny (Silver): This badge improves your ability to perform dunks. 
  • Fast Twitch (Bronze): This badge improves your standing layups around the rim. 
  • Pro Touch (HoF): This badge provides additional boost to players for good timing in layups. 
  • Scooper (Gold): This badge allows you to make quick scoop layups. 

C-Tier badges

  • Float Game (Gold): This badge allows you to make improved floaters. 
  • Giant Slayer (Gold): This badge improves your layups over tall defenders. 
  • Spin Cycle (HoF): This badge vastly improves your ability to make spin layups or dunks. 
  • Spot Finder (Gold): This badge allows you to get open as soon as you pass the ball around. 
  • Two Step (Gold): This badge allows you to make improved eurostep and cradle layups. 

Best animations

For a 3-level threat build in NBA 2K24, we recommend the following animations. 

  • Michael Porter Jr 
  • Richard Jefferson 
  • Brandon Ingram
  • A+ release height
  • A- ball control 

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