The Witcher 3 Wine Wars Quest Guide

Settle a dispute and get your very own wine.

On his travels across Toussaint in The Witcher 3, Geralt will come across many NPCs who want Geralt’s help. Although these random side quests provide only extra XP or money, some of these side quests can have very rich stories of their own. One such side quest in the Blood and Wine DLC of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that has a rich story is the “Wine Wars” side quest.

As mentioned before, “Wine Wars” in TW3 is not a single quest but a series of five different quests, all of which follow a story entirely different from the game’s main story. During Wine War, you will basically be settling disputes between different vineyards who are fighting over different wines.

One of the Wine Wars quests in The Witcher 3 is also linked to the Corvo Bianco vineyard. The quest’s conclusion ends with a wine named by Geralt appearing at the vineyard.

Below, we will go over the complete Wine Wars quest series in The Witcher 3 and the outcomes of each quest.

Wine Wars: Belgaard (part 1)

There are two ways to start the questline. The first way is to get the contract from the message board in Cockatrice Inn. If you do not find the quest from the message board, you can directly head to Plegmunds Bridge to start the mission. The bridge is in Sansretour Valley, Toussaint. 

Either way, when you arrive at Plegmunds Bridge, you see two strangers quarreling. You meet them, and they introduce themselves as Liam de Coronata and Matilda of Vermentino

As you talk to them, Geralt learns that both of them are quarreling over the purchase of Belgaard Vineyard. However, the current owner of the Belgaard Vineyard, Ducal Clerk, isn’t willing to sell off any of them. They both have problems plaguing their existing vineyards and seem incapable of running a vineyard. 

In the cutscene, both Liam and Matilda will offer you work to help them get their vineyards running. Here, you have the choice to accept Liam’s and Matilda’s offers or refuse both of them.

The best choice would be to accept both offers for a very fun, albeit lengthy, Wine Wars questline in The Witcher 3, which results in a nice surprise for Geralt. If you decide to accept both offers, you can negotiate your reward for both offers separately. After you have negotiated your price, the first quest for “Wine Wars,” Belgaard (1st), will end without any rewards.


If you decline both Coronata and Vermentino’s contracts, it will immediately end the Wine Wars quest for you in The Witcher 3. You won’t be able to pick it up again, and instead, you will have to reload from an earlier save point.

Wine Wars: Vermentino

For Wine Wars: Vermentino, you can simply head over to Matilda’s vineyard first to complete her contract in The Witcher 3. It is highly suggested that you start the Wine Wars questline with Vermentino’s contract, as her estate is also closer to the Belgaard Vineyard as well.

Task 1: Kill all the Rotfiends

They explode at low health, so keep your distance after you damage them. After clearing the area of Rotfiends, search the corpse next to the house. You will find ‘Augustin Tonnelliay’s Journal‘ and the ‘Key to Chest in Sunflower Fields.’ You can read the journal to unlock a treasure hunt.

Task 2: Clear Archespores from the abandoned site

The second task regarding Wine Wars: Vermentino will be to eliminate the Archespore, which are plant monsters that are spread across the abandoned site in The Witcher 3.


Use the Golden Oriole potion before engaging the archespores to avoid getting inflicted with the poison, use Yrden to trap them, and then make easy work of them using Igni.

Task 3: Kill the bandits and save the armorer

Kill the bandits who have kidnapped Vermentino’s armorer in The Witcher 3. Like with Wine Wars: Coronata, you can either return with the armorer, so send the armorer ahead and search the surrounding area.

Task 4: Loot the corpse and eliminate the Archespores

Head to the objective NORTH of Corvo Blanco first. Here, kill the Archespores and loot the corpse. You get the ‘Heavy Brass Key‘ and ‘Letter on Elegant Stationary.’ The letter can have three possible outcomes, depending on your previous actions:

  • If you completed Wine Wars: Coronata before Wine Wars: Vermentino, you also unlock Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina quest. 
  • If you had rejected Liam’s request earlier in Wine Wars: Belgaard (1st), you will automatically unlock Wine Wars: Coronata. 
  • You get a new order to search the Coronata vineyard for proof of Coronata’s involvement in sabotaging the Vermentino vineyard.

Task 5: Head to the west section of Corvo Blanco and deal with Archespores

Lastly, go to the objective west of Corvo Blanco. Again, you have to clear another abandoned site from Archespores. 

Once you are done clearing Matilda Vermentino’s estate, you will be rewarded with 525 crowns in The Witcher 3.

Now, if you want Matilda to take over the Belgaard Vineyard alone, and you have not completed Wine Wars: Coronata, you can go back to the Ducal Clerk and inform him of the progress in Matilda’s vineyard, and Matilda of Vermentino will get the deed to the Belgaard Vineyard.

Liam doesn’t appear, and you get 100 XP and whatever price you set with Matilda as your reward. However, the best possible ending for the Wine Wars questline in The Witcher 3 would be to move on to Coronata and complete his tasks next.

By doing both of their quests, you’ll get a bigger picture of what’s going on, and it’ll open another part of the quest. In that case, you can go back to Belgaard and talk to the Ducal Clerk. He will force a partnership between Liam and Matilda.

Wine Wars: Coronata

After you have completed Matilda’s tasks, the best choice will be to continue with Liam’s quest next in the Wine Wars questline in TW3. After agreeing to Liam’s offer, you meet him at his vineyard. You have to complete five tasks for Liam to complete the Wine Wars Coronata quest in The Witcher 3. These are as follows:

Task 1: Eliminate all the monster nests

Clear the vineyard of all the monster’s nests. You can use bombs, Aard, or Igni to eliminate all the monster nests in the vineyard.

Task 2: Pillage the corpses to find the letter

After you clear out all the monster nests, you can loot the corpse here to find the ‘Orders on Elegant Stationary’ letter. The letter can have three possible outcomes, depending on your previous actions:

  • If you completed Wine Wars: Vermentino before Wine Wars: Coronata, you also unlock Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina quest. 
  • If you had rejected Matilda’s request earlier in Wine Wars: Belgaard (1st), you will automatically unlock Wine Wars: Vermentino. 
  • You get a new order to search the Vermentino vineyard for proof of Vermentino’s involvement in sabotaging the Coronata vineyard. 

Task 3: Eliminate the Archespores

Clear the abandoned site from Archespores. You can coat your weapon with Cursed Oil, as it will be effective in dealing with these plant-shaped monsters in The Witcher 3. Once you have killed all of them, people will return here, completing the objective.

Task 4: Deal with the rabid Rock Trolls

Kill the Rabid Rock Trolls. Once you have killed the trolls, you can loot the corpse at the end of the bridge. You will get a key and a document, ‘letter to Cosmo Cyrille.’ You can also look around the bridge to get some additional loot. 

Task 5: Kill the bandits at the cave

Clear the bandit cave near the vineyard. Once you kill all the bandits, you free their hostage, the Coronata herbalist. You can choose from two options when talking to the herbalist:

  • Select the dialogue ‘Let’s Go,’ and you will be instantly transported to the Coronata Vineyard along with the herbalist. 
  • End the conversation. This will result in the herbalist returning to Coronata Vineyard. You will be free to explore the entire cave next to the bandit cave. Here, you can find a variety of loot and also find the ‘Dirtied Letter.’ This letter is not required for Wine Wars: Coronata and doesn’t unlock any other quest. You can decide to ignore it if you want to.

Moreover, clearing Coronata’s estate will also earn you another 525 crowns in the Witcher 3.

If you want Liam to take over the Belgaard Vineyard alone, and you have not completed Wine Wars: Vermentino, you can go back to the Ducal Clerk and inform him of the progress in Liam’s vineyard in The Witcher 3.

Liam de Coronata will get the deed to the Belgaard Vineyard. Matilda doesn’t appear, and you get 100 XP and whatever price you set with Liam as your reward. If you want to see the Wine Wars quest to its true completion, you need to follow up with the Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina quest in The Witcher 3.

Wine Wars: The Deus of the Machina

The Deus of the Machina is not unlocked from the start. To unlock the quest, you must complete both Wine Wars: Coronata and Wine Wars: Vermentino in order to unlock The Deus of the Machina.

Both the quests give you “Orders on Elegant Stationary” each, and Wine Wars: Vermentino gets you the ‘heavy Brass Key.‘ That is a prerequisite to unlocking the “Wine Wars: The Deus of the Machina” quest in TW3: Wild Hunt.


The Deus of the Machina is also necessary to get the best ending for the Wine Wars quest series. So, after completing Vermentino and Coronata, you will have the choice to return to Liam or Matilda and claim your reward. Don’t do that, as by now, you will have unlocked The Deus of the Machina. Complete that before returning to the vineyard owners.

With the orders and brass key, visit the Ducal Clerk and inform him that you suspect sabotage at both Coronata and Vermentino vineyard. You must do this before either Liam or Matilda owns Belgaard Vineyard. 

After you talk to the Ducal Clerk, follow the new objective marker to a warehouse. Use the brass key to open the warehouse and search the area using your Witchers Sense. Here, you can find wooden trays containing the “Stocktaking Report.”

The report brings new information to light. Previously, Geralt thought that Liam was sabotaging Matilda’s vineyard, and Matilda was sabotaging Liam’s vineyard. This was wrong. Count Crespi was responsible for sabotaging both Liam’s and Matilda’s vineyards. 

With this new information, report to both Liam and Matilda to clear any misunderstanding they might have regarding each other’s intentions.

You do not get any rewards for this quest.

Wine Wars: Belgaard (part 2) 

With the new information, go to Belgaard Vineyard and talk to the Ducal Clerk and talk to him. Tell him everything you have learned about Count Crespi’s sabotage attempts and that both Coronata and Vermentino vineyard are in top condition now.

Once you are done with both Liam and Matilda’s quests you will need to complete a set of tasks at the Belgaard Vinyard next in The Witcher 3.

Task 1: Destroy the Endrega Nest

You will need to go to the nearby fields first to deal with the giant tarantula spiders called Endrega and clear out their nest during the Wine Wars questline in The Witcher 3.


Endrega in Te Witcher 3 are weak towards insectoid oil, so cover your weapon with it to deliver maximum damage on these monsters.

Task 2: Eliminate the Giant Centipedes

Make your way to the Gelenser Farm area next to deal with the giant centipedes inhabiting that place in The Witcher 3. After that, search the area, and you will discover a letter from one of the corpses. It will be addressed to Gregory Pyxide.

Task 3: Save Belgaard’s blacksmith

The Third task is basically a rescue mission, and you will need to rescue Belgaard’s Blacksmith in TW3. It will be a fairly simple task, and once you are done with it, the blacksmith will thank you for saving him.

Task 4: Destroy the Scolopendromorph Nest

Head back to the Tesham Mutna Ruins, where you will be greeted by another Solopendromorph (giant centipede) nest in The Witcher 3. Use Yrden to trap these monsters and Igni to burn their nest. Once you are done with the monsters, search the area, and in doing so, you will discover a list that will contain Belgaard’s Seal in the Wine Wars questline.

Task 5: Kill the Slyzard and find the letter

This is the final task for the Wine Wars questline, and you will need to make your way to another abandoned site, called Tilly Field. This specific area will be situated southeast of the Hortense Vinyaard in The Witcher 3. Along the way, you will come across a Slyzard, so you will need to kill it as well. 


You can defeat the Slyzard by using the Aard sign and covering your weapon with Draconid oil to increase your attack power in TW3.

Once you have completed the Wine Wars: Belgaard quest, you will end up receiving a whopping 1020 crowns in The Witcher 3.

Best Outcome for the Wine Wars questline in The Witcher 3

Following the events of The Deus in the Machina quest will result in the best outcome for the Wine Wars questline in The Witcher 3, as you will have ended the feud between both Coronata and Vermentino. The Ducal will grant combined ownership of Belgaard Vineyard to both Liam and Matilda. But since their misunderstanding has been cleared, both are happy with the decision and have decided to work together.

After Wine Wars Belgaard part 2, Liam and Matilda invite you to visit Belgaard Vineyard after three days.

They have created a new wine that might be the best wine in the world, and to honor your participation in bringing them together, they offer to name the wine after you. You have the option to select the wine’s name from the following: 

  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Butcher of Blaviken
  • White Wolf

You get a bottle of the wine, and Belgaard Vineyard promises to send a few bottles of the new wine now and then to Corvo Bianco. The choice of the name of the wine doesn’t matter so you can pick whichever you feel the best.

As part of completing the Wine Wars questline, you will receive a total of 2070 Crowns along with 250 Experience Points in The Witcher 3 and the unlock The Grapes of Wrath Stomped achievement.

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