Borderlands 3 Early Game Weapons Guide – Best Early Game Weapons, Where to Find

This BL3 Guide includes all the Best Early Game Weapons you can find in Borderlands 3 to deal some intense damage to your enemies.

The BL3 Guide is going to show you the best, powerful, and legendary in-game weapons that you are going to get early on in Borderlands 3. These weapons might take a lot of grinding but at the end of the day, they will provide you with some major benefits.

Borderlands 3 Early Game Weapons

When we talk about the best weapons that we can get in BL3, the highest classes that come in our minds are BL3’s Unique Weapons and Legendary Weapons.

In the guide below, we’re going to list the best early game weapons that you can get in the Borderlands 3.

When you reach Ascension Bluff, you will be given a challenge called the Legendary Hunt Crew Challenge.

There are going to be a lot of Skrakks that you have to hunt down and a large creature that will be flying in the air. Sir Hammerlock is going to ask you to hunt them down to get weapons and gear.

Once you go behind a rock, you will see the flying creature. You have to hunt it down to get SkekSil.

The gun is an amazing and quite powerful weapon which deals high fire damage and also some bullets out of it can explode, dealing with even more damage.

The only problem is that it has an unlimited magazine which will cause the weapon to overheat and break.

Bankrolled Predatory Lending
When you are in the Droughts region, again from the Legendary Hunt Crew Challenge, you will be given a task but this time you have to hunt down the Lavander Crawley which creeps out of the cave.

When you hunt them down, the weapon will drop there. The gun has a unique effect of using one dollar each time a bullet come out of the weapon. Spending the dollars is worth it though as the gun is really powerful and does a lot of damage.

Smart Gun XXL
This gun will be accessible after you defeat Gigamind in the main story mission. Once you farm the gun, you can shoot regular attacks though they are not that powerful but still, they do some pretty good damage.

The specialty of the gun is that it lets you summon brain robots who throw some green beam.

Other than that, these bots explode on impact with the enemies which do a great deal of damage to the enemies.

In the Cult Following mission, you are going to be facing a Level 10 boss called Mouthpiece.

Defeating the boss is going to drop a Maliwan-made miracle, the Mind Killer shotgun. The gun does not shoot buckshot, instead, it shoots sound waves which do a lot of damage to the enemies.

One Pump Chump
In the Lectro City, near the subway, you are going to have to open a door. To open the door, you have to complete an order by pushing the button on the left and then turning the wheel on the right.

Then pull the lever, pull another lever on the left and the One Punch boss will appear. The boss doesn’t usually appears on the first try so keep trying until he appears.

The boss is really strong and as the name suggests, he will kill you in one punch. Kill the boss and he will drop the One Pump Chump.

The shotgun has a specialty that there is a 50% chance that on shooting from this weapon, the gun will not consume any ammo. This means that you won’t have to reload the weapon for multiple shots as the gun won’t be consuming any ammo.

Dueling Scattergun
The gun has a random drop from enemies and some have even found the weapon in the toilet.

The gun has +10% Critical Hit Damage and +25% Weapon Damage, which proves out to be quite powerful. If you focus on the enemy’s head then you can even finish off the enemy in just one shot.

The Killing Word
Killing Word is a signature gun that is dropped every time you fight with Mouthpiece. When you enter the Holy Broadcast Center during the Cult Following quest, you are going to fight one of the first real bosses in BL3.

During the fight, he is always going to drop his signature Children of the Vault gun. The weapon has a 56% accuracy and 9.45 fire rate per second. The drawback of the gun is its unlimited magazine which causes the gun to overheat and break apart.

This gun is received as a reward from Ellie for completing the Dump on Dumptruck side quest in The Droughts.

The quest demands that you hit Dumpstruck on his behind, on his … behind, yes.

The unique weapon is then rewarded to you and even in the description of the weapon it is written that it works best from behind which means that if you shoot enemies on their ass then it can end the enemies in one hit.

Brashi’s Dedication
At the Holy Broadcast Center, when you complete the Head Case quest, you are given this as a reward from Vic for saving Vaughn’s best friend from the VR torture chamber.

The weapon deals high damage to enemies with or without shield as it switches between Shock and Corrosive elements. The weapon is the best early game weapon for expert hands.

The Leech
Once you complete the Taking Flight quest in the drought region, the weapon is rewarded to you by Ellie. It is the main story quest that has to be completed and then you can pick up the pistol before leaving Pandora.

The pistol has an 80% accuracy with 40% melee damage and its alternate fire mode is under-barrel taser which upon fire deals with more damage for an additional seven seconds.

The Big Succ
Another extremely important and beneficial early game weapon which is dropped once you complete the first objective after starting the Skag Dog Days quest.

The weapon has an under-barrel grenade launcher which from 9 to 64 damage and is used mostly for crowd control.

The grenades come in high quantity and are usually more then what you have to use but this what makes the weapon best for early use in the game.

These are all the weapon including the Legendary Guns and Unique Weapons in BL3 which are versatile and powerful. The weapons are not guaranteed and are often given on completing the same quest multiple times.