The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Armor Guide

Slay in style with the Grandmaster Witcher School gear.

The Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3 added some great new content, including the Grandmaster gear sets. These are the most powerful armor sets in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and to get them, your first task is to find the Grandmaster Blacksmith.

You can find the Grandmaster Blacksmith in The Witcher 3 during the quest called Master, Master, Master, Master. Now to start this quest, you can either talk to the Lafarague in the Beauclair region or read a notice in the Toussaint.

Once you find the grandmaster armorer, he will tell you about the five witcher schools and other details about finding the grandmaster diagrams in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This will add all five Scavenger Hunts to your quest log.


You will need access to the Blood and Wine expansion to craft Grandmaster gear. There is no way to get these without owning and installing the expansion.

There is also another important thing to note while crafting all five sets of the Grandmaster Gear in TW3 and that will be concerning the ingredients that you need to craft these powerful grandmaster armors. In short, crafting any of these armor sets will be costly given the fact that you will require items such as Dimeritium Ingots, Dimeritium plate, Cured Draconic Leather, Infused Slyzard hide, etc.


All the grandmaster crafting ingredients in The Witcher 3, like Infused Slyzard Hide, can be purchased from Grandmaster Blacksmith Lafarague.

Below, we have covered all five Scavenger Hunts on you can how you can easily collect all The Witcher 3 Grandmaster armor sets. Once you have the grandmaster crafting diagrams, you can not only craft new ones but also use those diagrams to upgrade armor in case you already crafted a specific Witcher armor set.

Manticore Legendary Grandmaster Set

Previously, the Manticore Witcher School gear didn’t have any Grandmaster gear in The Witcher 3, but in the Blood and Wine expansion, you will find a Grandmaster Manticore gear set. You can find it in the Duchy of Toussaint.

You will get the diagrams for the whole legendary Grandmaster Manticore gear in a Scavenger Hunt, the Grandmaster Manticore Gear. This whole gear set is located in a single place. All you have to do is follow the objectives of this Scavenger Hunt, and eventually, you will find the diagrams for the complete armor set.

The Witcher 3 Grandmaster Manticore gear set consists of Manticore armor, gauntlets, Manticore boots, Manticore Trousers, a Silver sword, and a steel Sword. After acquiring the diagrams of the Manticore grandmaster set, you will also need crucial ingredients, such as Cured Draconid and Dimeritium Ingot/ Plates, among other items, to craft the legendary Manticore Armor pieces successfully in TW3

This medium armor set is best for alchemy builds in TW3 Wild Hunt. If you wear three pieces of this gear set in The Witcher 3, the chance bonuses and crit hit damage are applied to bombs, which will deal extra damage. Moreover, if you go for all six pieces, each alchemy item Geralt uses will get an additional charge.


The Grandmaster Manticore gear offers Grandmaster stats similar to the other sets but it takes normal Dimeritium, normal cured Draconic Leather, and is relatively much cheaper than crafting any other Grandmaster armor set in The Witcher 3.

Legendary Ursine Grandmaster Set

You will get the Grandmaster version of the Bear school gear set during the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear. To get the Grandmaster legendary Ursine armor in The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt first start the Contract called The Tufo Monster.

During this, you will enter a cave where you can use the Witcher Sense ability to investigate your surroundings. You will also find a skeleton that has the diagrams for the Trousers, Boots, and Steel Sword of the Ursine gear set.

Afterward, head back to Flovive, where you will see a destroyed house. Get under the house and find the Gauntlets, chest armor, and Silver Sword diagram. Now that you have diagrams for the complete Grandmaster Ursine Gear set, you can head to Grandmaster Blacksmith we talked about earlier and craft the whole set for you.

It is a fantastic armor set for the tank builds in The Witcher 3 due to its heavy armor and excellent defense rating. Moreover, the buffs it offers are also suitable for tank builds.

Grandmaster Feline (Cat) Armor Set

It is again a part of the Scavenger Hunts quest you get from the Blacksmith Lafargue. The Feline Grandmaster gear is the highest tier of the cat school gear set, and like all the others, it is acquired by completing the Grandmaster Feline Gear scavenger hunt.

To find diagrams for Grandmaster Feline Gear, head to the location marked on the map and take out the enemies here. You will find a key inside the pouch on the southern edge here. In the northern area, there is a locked door that you can open using this key.

Open that door and enter inside to loot the painting on the wall and get the diagrams for the armor of the Grandmaster Feline gear. Now get out and go towards the ruins and take out bandits there. After taking out, bandits use the ladder to climb up, and you will encounter the main boss.

After taking out the boss, search the walkway, and you will find a chest with diagrams for the Grandmaster Feline Boots and Trousers. Now, head to the next objective by following the map markers and entering a cave. At the end of the cave, you will find the diagrams for the Gauntlets, Steel, and Silver Swords of the Grandmaster Feline Gear set.

Wolf School Grandmaster Set

Finding all pieces of the legendary Grandmaster version of wolf school gear set is a straightforward job as all the pieces are located in a single location, marked on the map below.

During the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear, after getting to the Termes Palace ruins, go towards the northeast side, and you will find an archaeological site.

You will find a journal there that will lead you straight to the location of all the diagrams of the Wolven gear set in TW3 Wild Hunt. It is a fantastic set for any build that you are using. Even the individual pieces of this armor offer you sign intensity and an attack power bonus.

If you use three pieces of this armor set, you can also use three oils on them. On the other hand, if you are wearing a full Grandmaster Wolven gear set, then you can throw bombs without facing any delay. The swords will also boost the Adrenaline Point gain when you use them in The Witcher 3. All the buffs it provides and versatility it offers makes the Grandmaster Wolf armor set the best grandmaster armor in The Witcher 3.

Griffin School Grandmaster Set

You will get the Grandmaster version of the Griffin Witcher school gear in the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear. During this hunt, head to Fort Ussar and get into a boss battle. Take the bosses down and move towards the eastern side to look for a crate below the stairs.

You will find the diagrams for the Steel Sword, Boots, and Gauntlets in this crate. After that, again, get back to Fort Ussar and interact with the wall on the west to open a secret way. You may have to clear out the fort from enemies if you haven’t done it before.

Enter the secret area and reach its end to find another site next to a shelve. There you will find a chest with a note. Collect the  Power Crystal from the table and place it on the stand. After that, a portal will open when you use the Aard to activate it.

The portal will send you to an area where a Golem fight awaits you. After that, you can collect the Grandmaster Griffin armor diagram from the loot box on a shelf. Right next to it is a chair with a bag that contains a diagram of the Griffin Trousers.

On the table next to it, you will find the Grandmaster Silver Sword diagram, the last piece of the Grandmaster Griffin armor set in The Witcher 3.

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