The Witcher 3 Envoys, Wineboys Walkthrough

The Envoys, Wineboys, is the first main quest for The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion. Players first need to reach level 34 in the game to begin this quest. As it is the first major quest of the Blood and Wine DLC, most players assume that this will be the more straightforward one; unfortunately, this is not true.

In order to get started, the players first need to rescue Dandelion by completing A Poet Under Pressure quest. In case the Envoys, Wineboys does not appear even after rescuing Dandelion, make sure you have installed the Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Once it is completed the quest Envoys, Wineboys will automatically start appearing in the journal. However, to get it started, players must get to the Notice Board in Velen and pick up the notice saying, “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest.”

The Witcher 3 Envoys, Wineboys

As the quest starts, players need to head toward the Stonecutter’s settlement signpost. On the way to the village, you’ll find so many containers and lazy soldiers wandering around here and there. 

Taking advantage of the situation, players can quickly loot the containers and find their desired items. However, the probability of finding a good stock is less, but still, you’ll indeed find something that’s going to help you later in the game.

Once players are done looting the containers, they must enter the house marked by the quest marker in the game. Here players will meet two old friends that are Palmerin and Milton.

Meeting Palmerin and Milton

Talk to Palmerin and Milton, and the topic of nuisance being created by bandits pops up. At this point, players will have to choose whether they want to help them deal with bandits or let the bandits do whatever they want

  • Let me help you with the bandits
  • Get rid of these bandit, worse ones’ll come in replace ‘em.

No matter what choice you make at this point in Envoys, Wineboys in The Witcher 3, a fight will start. The only enemy you need to worry about is the leader of the bandits, a crossbowman, and the guy named Zorg. The rest of them won’t be much of a problem.

However, helping Palmerin and Milton kill the bandits is the optional part, and it’s up to players if they want to help them in killing the bandit. Once bandits are killed, you will need to take the injured treated, or else they will die.

Local bandits

Players must kill all the local bandits because that is the only way to end the Envoys, Wineboys quest. Look for remaining bandits in the search zone if you can’t find any.

There are a few tips for taking out bandits that will help you a lot in TW3. First, craft an oil called Hanged Man’s Venom and coat your steel sword with it. This will allow you to deal extra damage to the bandits in the Witcher 3.

Secondly, if you don’t want to waste time fighting them, you can try to group them and blast them away using bombs or signs. This method will allow you to take out a lot of bandits in a single blow.

The enemies attacking with the crossbow should be taken out first. After that, you can go for the bandits that have no shield for protection in The Witcher 3. Lastly, you can go for bandits with shields and take them out much more quickly.

Once all the bandits are dead, a conversation will start between Geralt, Milton, and Palmerin, marking the end of the Envoys, Wineboys main quest. This will start The Beast of Toussaint, the second quest of TW3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine expansion.

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