The Witcher 3: The Man From Cintra Quest Guide

The Man from Cintra is the seventh main quest that takes place in the Beauclair region in the Blood and Wine expansion. This quest involves some bandits, examination, and fun activities.

Geralt will examine several things in different places in this quest after finding the dead body of Cicilia. Additionally, there is an optional trip to the tailor’s workshop to put on something nice before moving toward lady Orianna’s estate in The Witcher 3.

This guide will make it easy for you to complete The Man From Cintra quest in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

How to start the quest

In the previous Wine is Sacred quest, you and Anna Henrietta decide to find out about the Cintrian at the coming party. This will automatically begin the quest to investigate the special guest in The Man from Cintra.

The Man from Cintra walkthrough

Anna requests you to wear a proper dress before going to the alley. You can go to the tailor’s shop next to Coopers’ gate in TW3 Wild Hunt. You can go in any formal attire from the shop except the Skellige one. Do not waste your money on masks, as you will receive one from Duchess.

If you already have the attire, go to Mountebank alley to meet Anna.

During the night time, four bandits will attack you in the alley to receive the reward placed on Geralt head. Give them a swift death and move towards the alley.

Duchess will greet you in the alley and provides you with a suitable mask for your attire. You can learn about the different activities that will take place from the doorkeeper. Additionally, you can participate in those performances if you feel like having fun in The Witcher 3.

Take part in optional performances

Make your way toward the left side of the stairs and participate in throwing paintballs at the canvas. You can also interact with mimes by going in front of the stairs and drinking the absinthe from different tables, especially the one behind the pillar next to the painting canvas.

Additionally, you can see the master mage creating different illusions. Lastly, you can light a lantern. Complete these activities and be ready to examine the horrible dead body of Cecilia.

Search for Cecilia

Make your way toward the first room on your left side from the entrance. You will find a woman painter, and she will guide you toward the refreshment tables. She mentions seeing Cecilia and the Cintrian moving toward the table.

Here you have to examine a few more items, including the “Heart-Shaped” box, which you can say is the most critical item. After examining it use your “Witcher Senses” to follow the scent and get to a bodyguard guarding a room. The bodyguard will let you inside after hearing the Duchess’s voice.

You must move upstairs and inside Cecilia’s room by following the trail of her scent. Enter the room, and a cutscene will start. Start to examine the body and handprints on the door, head towards the balcony, and examine the items there. Once you have examined them, climb up using the “ladder” and enter the next room in The Witcher 3. In this room, examine the items listed below.

  • Mirror
  • Bloodstain
  • Jewelry box
  • The slashed painting
  • Broken Necklace
  • The knife near the door
  • The “candelabrum”
  • The knocked-over inkwell
  • Also, the “Blood marks” on the window’s ledge

A cutscene will play when you examine the window after the Jewel and Knife. You will go through a long conversation, but you can give any response in the conversation.

Regis and Dettlaff will join you, and you can pull Regis out by the timed reaction choice for a private chat. You will then join others, marking the end of The Man from Cintra quest in The Witcher 3.

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