How To Get Scattered Prism In Diablo 4

Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4 are a rare resource that can be used to upgrade items and add a socket into your gear. These sockets then not ...

Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4 are a rare resource that can be used to upgrade items and add a socket into your gear. These sockets then not only help with increasing damage but also reduce the damage you get from the enemy.

The “World of Sanctuary” in Diablo 4 is a land full of mysterious evil powers with enormous powers that will make your survival difficult. Upgrading your armor will help you fight against these evil powers with better resilience.

Here is a guide that will show you how to farm Scattered Prism and highlight its role in the gameplay.

How to farm Scattered Prism in Diablo 4

Getting your hands on the Scattered Prism is not as simple as other items in the game. These are the rare resource and can’t be found easily. Below you will find some methods that you can use to farm Scattered Prism in Diablo 4.

Kill Treasure Goblins

The first and the most basic way of farming Scattered Prism in Diablo 4 is to follow Treasure Goblins and kill them. However, this method doesn’t provide you with a guarantee that after all your effort, you are going to get a Scattered Prism.

Unfortunately, that is where our luck runs out. Goblin spawns are completely random so there is no way for us to provide you with locations on where to find and farm them. As luck would have it, I was actually about to find 3 treasure goblins at once within a cellar so you should try completing every cellar.

Otherwise, just roam around the world of Diablo 4 and you are sure to come across Treasure Goblins that can be killed for Scattered Prisms.

The good thing is that they don’t hurt us, but they are still not an easy catch. It will constantly try to run away from you so chase it down and try to stun or slow it down using the Chill status effect. If you take too long to kill, the goblin will teleport away.

If you successfully manage to kill a treasure goblin, the loot they drop can have scattered prisms in it.

Defeat World bosses

Diablo 4 features three major bosses: Wandering Death, Avarice, and Ashava. You must wait for specific times to defeat these bosses, as they don’t spawn randomly. Also, you can only have a boss fight after completing the main story in Diablo 4.

As you defeat these bosses, maybe you will get lucky and find a Scattered Prism as a loot drop.

How to use Scattered Prism in Diablo 4

One, you have a Scattered Prism; you can add this to your gear by visiting any jeweler in the game. Select the Add Socket option to add a socket to your equipment which allow you to slot gems in there.

Remember, adding sockets to gears at Jeweler doesn’t only cost you a Scattered Prism but also gold coins. Each socket added requires you to spend 21,833x gold coins in Diablo 4.