Diablo 4 Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon (Level 50) Guide

The Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon in Diablo 4 is the last dungeon where players will face formidable bosses: The High Council and ...

Players who have attained a particular level in Diablo 4 can access Capstone Dungeons. These dungeons are crafted to offer a challenging and satisfying gaming experience. The Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon in Diablo 4 is the last dungeon where players will face formidable bosses: The High Council and The Curator.

It is a severe test of player ability and equipment because it is a level 50 dungeon with fixed-level enemies that do not scale down. To succeed in these capstone dungeons, players need to work together.

Cathedral of Light location in Diablo 4

The Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon is within the city of Kyovashad, past the World Tier statue of Inarius. The capstone dungeon is only available to those who are at world tier 2 difficulty and have finished the main campaign of Diablo 4.

The dungeon entrance is concealed beneath the left transept of the Cathedral of Light as you approach the altar where you talked to Prava for the first time during the story.

While the quest to complete the dungeon is given by the Tree of Whispers at level 50, you can do the dungeon earlier as well if you feel like challenging yourself. Unlike other content in the game, the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon does not feature level scaling so you will always encounter level 50 enemies.

How to complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4

After entering the dungeon, you will get different objectives to clear the Cathedral of Light in D4. Below we will tell you each objective separately and how to complete it.


Gather Animus by defeating the Revenant Knights

Once you enter the Cathedral of Light and defeat the Revenant Knights, your main goal is to collect the Animus. They number five and can be located within the Hallowed Cloister area where you currently are. As you make your way to face down and eliminate each Revenant Knight, be mindful of your surroundings and quick to kill any lesser foes or Elites you come across.

The Revenant Knights encountered in this dungeon pose a significant threat due to their Elite affixes such as Summoner, Lightning Enchanted, and Teleport. After being defeated, Revenant Knights will drop purple orbs called Animus.

To fill a progress meter in your quest log, you must sprint through these orbs and collect them. You might not even see these orbs when in close-quarters fighting as you quickly collect them. Just keep an eye out on your progress bar till its filled.

Put the gathered Animus in the Animus Urn

Gather the necessary amount of Animus, then head to the Animus Urn at the area’s center. Place the gathered Animus into the urn to unlock the doors to the Council Chambers in Diablo 4.

On your minimap, you’ll see a diamond-shaped goal marking indicating the location of the Animus Urn. This sign will help you find the urn more quickly and conveniently. You can now continue your exploration of the Cathedral of Light by advancing farther into the dungeon in D4.

Travel to the High Council

Follow this corridor to the Cathedral of Light Dungeon’s High Council Court in Diablo 4. Be wary of your surroundings, as you never know when you can run across an opponent. Be alert to your surroundings and ready for battle at all times. You can complete Dungeon Objective 4 by going through this corridor to the High Council Court.

Defeat High Council in Diablo 4

As you have arrived at the High Council Court, you must fight and defeat the High Council in a boss battle. The enemies you will encounter here are:

  • The Sacred Physician
  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Lord Commander
  • Passionate Champion

Interact with the Teleporter to move to the next section

The Teleporter is at the northern end of the High Council Court. Enter the Reliquary of Erudition by interacting with this portal and passing through it quickly. You should prepare for challenging encounters as you enter this new Cathedral of Light Dungeon section in D4.

Defeat every enemy within the Reliquary of Erudition

This part of the dungeon crawls with dangerous enemies, including Knights Penitent and Skeletons. Enter the Reliquary and fight against the various monsters you encounter on your adventure.

When you have beaten all enemies here, you will reach the Curator’s Chamber, the last area of the Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Get to The Curator

We are now moving towards our second last objective. We will go through the passage and reach the chamber of the Curator, where we must defeat the Curator.

Defeat The Curator in Diablo 4

The Curator is a massive undead boss in the Chapel of Light. Armed with a giant scythe and necromantic abilities, it summons waves of skeletons to assist in the fight. You must defeat The Curator and its minions to complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon.

To increase your chances of survival, proceed cautiously, consider teaming up with fellow players, and manage your Health Potions wisely.

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