Diablo 4 Rogue Class Overview

Rogue in Diablo 4 is the strongest class, able to deal massive damage to enemies using a Twisting Blade and a Shadow Imbuement. This ...

Rogue in Diablo 4 is the strongest class, able to deal massive damage to enemies using skills like Twisting Blade and a Shadow Imbuement. This class, however, is one of the most complex ones to understand, so many players don’t opt for it even after knowing about its strength.

Want to play Rogue but are afraid of handling it? Here is a complete guide to Rogue in Diablo 4 that will help you get familiar with this class.

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Rogue Class overview in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the Rogue class is a stealthy agile class with a combination of melee and ranged abilities, enabling it to have two dual-wielded melee weapons. This ability of Rogue to hold two single-handed weapons and then a ranged weapon like a crossbow or dagger makes it stand out.

The main resource of this class is energy which regenerates with time. However, unlike other Diablo 4 classes, Rogue Class cannot affect this energy regeneration as their basic skills don’t renew energy simply by using them.

Here is a quick overview of Rogue Class:

Class TypeStealthy Agile Archetype
Main ResourceEnergy
Skill GroupsSix basic groups are Basic, Core, Agility, Subterfurge, Imbuement, and Ultimate
ArmorIt can have the following items: Helms, Pants, Boots, Chest, Armor, and Gloves
Weapons2x dual-wielded melee weapons, bow/crossbow
Jewelry2x Rings and an Amulet.

Rogue unique mechanics

The Rogue’s Class Unique class mechanic in Diablo IV is the “Specialization” system. Playing with Rogue, you can unlock different specs as you complete questlines. Altogether there are three quest lines, three Rogue factions, and three specs, which you can unlock, but you have to choose, as you can only have one at a time.

Combo Points

Once you are at level 15 with Rogue, you can unlock the first “Combo Point” spec. With this spec unlocked, as you use your basic skills, they will generate combo points. These combo points are beneficial as they can be used for additional effects by other skills.

Inner Sight

You can unlock this second spec, “Inner Sight,” after you have reached level 20. With this, you can mark the enemies and then attack these enemies to raise the sight gauge’s level in Diablo 4. Once you have filled the gauge, you will get “unlimited energy,” which will last for 4 seconds.


The third and last spec you can unlock at level 30 is “Preparation”. This is a pretty cool effect as it reduces your ultimate cool down. In Diablo 4, the cooldown reduction is much harder, and one that affects your ultimate is even harder.

This spec reduces your ultimate’s cooldown by 4 seconds using an ultimate skill each time you spend 100x energy.

Rogue class skills

Rogue skills in Diablo IV are divided into six skill trees. Fortunately, you can mix and match any abilities from the first five categories; however, the last one, which is the “Ultimate Skill,” can only be used alone.

Each skill has its skill tag, sometimes used by legendary aspects to identify the skill class.

Basic skills

Unlike other classes where using Basic skills add to their main resource, nothing happens when playing with the Rogue class, as using these skills doesn’t regenerate energy.

Rogue’s basic skills are more for either applying some type of negative effect to an enemy giving you some kind of buff or being a filler spell. Apart from this, they are the only source for generating combo points, the first spec you unlock in Specialization System.

The Basic skills of this class are Puncture, Invigorating Strike, Blade Shift, Heartseeker, and Forceful Arrow.

Core skills

This set compromises one of the strongest skills; you must design your build around one of the core skills. This causes much more damage to the enemy and has a greater Area of Effect than any other class and thus is very helpful.

Some Core skills for Rogue in D4 are Barrage, Rapid Fire, Penetrating Shot, Twisting Blades, and Flurry.

Agility skills

These skills focus on movement, allowing you to move around quicker in any scenario or even allowing you to jump around to enemies in combat. Some Agility Skills for this Rogue in D4 include Dash, Caltrops, and Shadow Step.

Subterfuge skills

Subterfuge Skills are a must-add to the build, as they help define your character’s overall gameplay. These skills will primarily focus on some type of utility, whether it be a trap or a stealth effect.

These skills give Rogue their identity and provide them with multiple options. Subterfuge Skills include Concealment, Poison Trap, and Smoke Grenade.

Imbuement skills

Imbuements will be powerful abilities because they not only add damage or effects but also affect any element you’re adding to the weapon.

Imbuements are used to add elements to specific attacks, so not all skills for the row can be imbued. Some of the Imbuent Skills are Poison Imbuement, Cold Imbuement, and Shadow Imbuement.

Ultimate skills

These long cooldown skills are very strong, but you can use only one at a time. Rogue’s class ultimate skills include Shadow Clone, Death Trap, and Rain of Arrows.

Diablo 4 Rogue stats breakdown

In Diablo 4, all five classes have four similar attributes; however, what makes them different is how that attribute affects the class’s gameplay.

Among all the stats in Diablo IV, the Dexterity attribute is the primary one for Rogue as it increases the damage to the enemy. Strength is also important, keeping in view its stats that can help offend an enemy. Willpower and Intelligence depend on the type of Rogue build you are going for.

StrengthArmor (+1) and Resource Generation (0.1%)  
IntelligenceCritical Strike (+0.02%) and All Resistance (0.05% per point)
WillpowerOverdamage (+0.25% per Willpower) and Healing (+0.1% per Willpower)
DexterityDamage Dealt multiplies 0.1% (per point) and Chance to Dodge attacks (+0.025% per point)

Rogue Legendary Aspects

Apart from a few Legendary Aspects, which are exclusive to each class, the majority are available to all classes, and once you have them, you can simply put this on your item at Occultist.

Rogue Class in Diablo IV has the following legendary aspects giving this class some fantastic effects:

Rogue’s Defensive Aspects

Legendary AspectEffect
Cheat’s AspectHit an enemy with a core skill, and there will be a 10% chance to obtain a healing potion.
Enshrouding Aspect2% increase in damage reduction as you collect each Dark Shroud
Siphoned VictualsAfter hitting enemies with a core skill you have a 10% chance of getting a healing potion.
Uncanny TreacheryDamage a dazed enemy using agility skill to get 4 seconds of Stealth.
Uncanny Resilience5% increase in damage reduction upon triggering a Lucky Hit.

Rogue’s Offensive Aspects

Legendary AspectEffect
Arrow StormLucky Hit: The chance to make enemies vulnerable increases by 30%, but only for 3 seconds time period.
Blast- Trapper’s AspectLucky Hit: The chance to make enemies vulnerable increases by 30%, but only for 3 seconds.
Bladedancer’s AspectTwisting Blades deal +10% damage per hit.
Branching Volleys15% chance for Barrage Arrows to split into 2.
Opportunist’s AspectA cluster of Stun Grenades drops around your location as you break stealth and death a total damage of 114 and also stun enemies.

Rogue’s Resource Aspects

Legendary AspectEffect
Energizing AspectYou can generate 5 Energy by damaging Elite enemy with Basic Skills.
Ravenous AspectKill a Vulnerable enemy for a 50% increase in Energy Regeneration for 4 seconds.


In Diablo 4, Rogue class is a stealthy, agile melee and highly versatile pick that allows melee, ranged and elemental damage types. Being able to dual-wield light weapons like daggers and swords, Rogue can dish out a lot of damage at lightning speed.

This class has a unique class mechanic, “Specialization,” in which you can unlock three specs: Combo Points, Inner Sight, and Preperation. Other than this, its six skill trees are all unique, and each adds something to this class.

Like other classes, Rogue in Diablo IV has legendary aspects: defensive, offensive, and resource aspects that you can use going to Occutlist. These Legendary Aspects, when added to items, give them a distinctive effect and make them stronger.