Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Waypoint Locations

Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4 allows for fast travel with the help of waypoints spread all across the region...

In Diablo IV, the main map is divided into five regions. Among these regions, there are multiple fixed points on the map that can be used to teleport the protagonist from one to another. The very first region you will enter in Diablo 4, Fractured Peaks, houses a number of waypoint locations to allow for easy fast travel.

Although this feature allows the players to fast travel in D4, these waypoints are initially locked in the game and it’s not easy to get your hands on them. Players can unlock these waypoints one by one while progressing through the game.

Players can unlock these waypoints while continuing the main story. First, they have to complete the first dungeon along with defeating the boss. Once done, the first waypoint will get unlocked in Kyovashad. Similarly, other waypoints will get unlocked while going through the game.

All Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks waypoints location

Among all the five main regions, Fractured Peaks lies on the middle right of the Sanctuary map. This region contains seven waypoints. One of them is in the middle area and the other six surround this waypoint. All seven waypoint names present in the Fractured Peaks region are mentioned below

  1. Nevesk
  2. Nostrava
  3. Menestad
  4. Kyovashad
  5. Margrave
  6. Yelesna
  7. Bear Tribe Refuge

Nevesk Waypoint: This waypoint is located south of Desolate Highlands. This is where the story begins but the waypoint can only be unlocked after you reach Kyovashad and then return here.

Nostrava Waypoint: It is located in the north of Nevesk. Once the Nostrava Stronghold has been cleared, a waypoint will get unlocked inside it.


Menestad Waypoint: It is located near Sarkova Pass

Kyovashad Waypoint: It is located in the middle of the region. It’s the first city that the players will go through in Diablo IV.

Margrave Waypoint: It is located in a small village near Dobrev Taiga

Yelesna Waypoint: It is situated in the northwestern part of Galf Valley. This will get unlocked while going through the main storyline

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint: It is the western part of the map located between the Frigid Expanse and Seat of Heavens

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