Cyberpunk 2077 Story Choices & Their Effects On Missions

Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a lot of choices at different points. Some of the choices have almost no impact on how things will go down, however, some choices do allow you access to different missions and even different storylines and endings.

A few of your achievements are also directly related to the choices that you make. To get these, you of course need to make multiple saves and go through the different options to get the achievements. You might even have to play the game multiple times to experience all the outcomes in the game.

Here are some jump links to the different missions that have major choices for you to make.

CyberPunk 2077 choices

Since there are a lot of choices, and not all of them make any significant impact, so we will only be looking at the choices that either make any significant impact or change the outcome of your missions and quests.

The Pickup choices

The first major choice of the game is presented to you in The Pickup mission. You get a lot of different stemming choices, all of which will lead you to different outcomes.

Your first choice comes when you decide whether or not you want to talk to Meredith Stout. Both of these choices have different choices to follow up on as well

Talk to Meredith Stout and Accept the Credit Chip

  • Use the Credit Chip to pay off Maelstroms. If you follow this choice option throughout the mission, you will find out that the Credit Chip Meredith gave you was infected with a virus.
    As soon as the Maelstroms figure this out, they will start attacking you and you need to make it out of there. You will get out of Maelstrom’s hideout and Meredith will get the proof she needs to prove Gilchrist is the mole.
    In this outcome, you also get Royce’s weapon which is pretty good for the starting game. You will also begin Meredith’s Romance.
  • When you meet the Maelstrom leader, you can choose to not pay them for the weapon Meredith sent you to purchase, and you can start attacking the Maelstrom’s immediately. Jackie will kill Royce and you can shoot your way out of Maelstrom’s hideout. You again get Royce’s weapon and Meredith gets to prove that Gilchrist is a mole in Militech. You will also begin Meredith’s Romance.

Talk to Meredith Stout and don’t accept the Credit Chip

  • When you meet Maelstrom, use your own money to buy the weapon. You need 10,000 eddies to purchase the weapon. The deal will go down smoothly. Meredith won’t be able to prove that Gilchrist is the mole and you won’t be able to start Meredith’s Romance. This is the Worst Outcome of the mission.
  • Walk into the Maelstrom hideout without the Credit Chip and start a confrontation with Royce. Again, you’d need to fight your way out of the hideout. Meredith again succeeds in proving Gilchrist guilty and you start Meredith’s Romance.

Don’t talk to Meredith Stout and directly go to Maelstrom’s hideout.

  • For your first choice, you can directly head in guns ablaze, and take out the Maelstroms. You can get Royce’s weapon and you will start Meredith Stout’s Romance as well. This choice has the best outcome.
  • You can pay with your own money (10,000 eddies) Gilchrist prevails over Meredith. You will not start Meredith Romance.
  • This is an additional choice. This one is only presented to you if you chose the Corpo starting path. With the Corpo starting path, you need to go and take the Credit Chip from Meredith, but V will immediately recognize that the chip she is giving is infected. As a Corpo, you get two additional choices to pick from.
  • You can warn Royce that the chip you are handing over to him is infected. Royce won’t attack you and you get to leave the hideout without any violence. Gilchrist will win and you won’t start Meredith Romance.
  • Crack the chip before you give it to Royce. The transaction will go down smoothly. Again, you get the bad outcome where Meredith fails to prove Gilchrist as the mole and you lose out on Meredith’s Romance.
  • After you take the Credit Chip, you can crack the chip and just shoot Royce during the deal. You will have to kill all Maelstrom goons. Meredith will prove Gilchrist as the mole and your Meredith Romance will start. You also get to keep the Credit Chip for yourself, earning you a pretty hefty amount of cash early on in the game.

The Heist choices

The Heist is the main turning point in the game. You lose Jackie and Silverhand gets stuck in your head. In The Heist mission, you will see that Jackie is mortally injured. You get two different choices.

  • Take him home, to his family – This choice will unlock a new side mission “Heroes”. Picking this choice is the only way to unlock this side mission.
  • Take him to Vik – This ending will get you an additional scene with Frankie if you end up getting The Devil ending in Cyberpunk 2077.

Automatic Love choices

When you are interrogating Woodman in his office in the brothel, you can choose the peaceful outcome or the violent outcome. If you chose the peaceful path, you will meet Woodman again in one of Judy’s side job, but he will play no important role and all you get for all your troubles is a few lines of extra dialogue.

  • The first outcome you can try for is peace. There are two different ways you can get this outcome.
  • The first way to get a peaceful outcome is if you have a sufficiently high level of intelligence. With a high-level intelligence, go to the control room and interact with the computer. You can also investigate Booth 11. After this, talk to Hellman. You need to make two dialogue choices here.
  1. a) Looks Like you’ve got a Netrunner problem. I can help.
  2. b) Tit for tat – only of you help me.
  • For this way, you need to have chosen the Corpo background. Select the following dialogues while interrogating Woodman.
    a) You see only Tyger Claws. Got no idea who’s behind them.
    b) Girl I’m lookin’ for is linked to Arasaka.
  • The second general choice is the Violent option. This is the easier of the two options (Peaceful/Violent). All you have to do is, not do whatever you have to do for the peaceful option.
    Do not investigate Booth 11, do not talk to Hellman, and do not select the correct dialogue options when interrogating Woodman and you will unlock the violent option.
    You will kill Woodman and will have to fight your way out of the brothel. You also get Woodman’s weapon, which is excellent.

The Space In Between choices

For this mission, you need to interrogate the Ripperdoc Fingers. For this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, you get two choices. The first one doesn’t have any lasting impacts, but the second choice is important.

When waiting out in the clinic, you have different options for getting in faster.

  • Skip time to get to your turn. The easiest and simplest of the choices.
  • Force open the door to get to the Ripperdoc. You need to have at least 7 Body Attribute to open this door.
  • Enter through the window on the side of the waiting area. You need to have sufficient Tech Attribute to open the window.
  • Hack the Computer at the front desk and change your appointment time. You need to have sufficient Hacking attributes to select this option.
  • Talk to all the people ahead of you to let you go before them.
  • This choice is the one that matters. You can decide how you want to investigate the Ripperdoc. When you start interrogating Fingers, you get the option to either harm him or not.
    Although both options will get Fingers to spill the beans, you preferably want to not harm the Ripperdoc.
    If you harm Fingers, he will not be available as a Ripperdoc for you anymore, and you will be locked out of Fingers as a Ripperdoc.
    Keep in mind that Fingers is the only Ripperdoc that sells Fortified Ankles mod in Cyberpunk 2077.

I Walk the Line choices

In I Walk The Line mission, you get two important choices after you beat the Sasquatch Boss. You will go to a cinema after the boss fight, and you will notice that there is a NetWatch Agent in the projector room of the cinema. You need to select the dialogue options:

  • OK, fine – With this option, you will get the NetWatch Agent to side with you and he will get out of the cinema alive. This doesn’t sit well with Voodoo Boys and they will turn hostile towards you during the ‘Transmission’ mission. This will make the Transmission a violent mission. This choice will also unlock the Placide Boss fight.
  • Convo’s going nowhere – You select this dialogue after you incapacitate the agent, and then leave him to die. This option will allow you to go through the Transmission mission peacefully, without being forced to fight the Voodoo Boys in the Chapel.
    Of course, you can attack them of your own will and kill them all if you want to. Even if you attack the Voodoo Boys in Transmission after selecting this option, you will be locked out of Placide Boss Fight.

Transmission choices

  • There are no important choices in the transmission mission. The way this mission plays out depends on the choice you made in I Walk The Line mission. If you spared the NetWatch Agent, Voodoo Boys will be hostile and you will get the Placide Boss Fight.
  • If you let the agent die, Voodoo Boys won’t be hostile and you won’t get Placide Boss Fight. You can still attack ad fight the Voodoo Boys if you want to.

Ghost Town choices

In Ghost Town Mission, one of the objectives is to help Panam get back her car. After you get the car back, Pana is furious at Nash and wants him dead. This is where the choice comes in.

You will get 4 different dialogue options. Pick the Dialogue “Ok. So where’s the hideout.” dialogue option.

Panam will appreciate you helping her and both of you will head out to Nash’s hideout to take him and his goons out once and for all. This choice will start your romance with Panam.

If you select any other dialogue option, Panam will give up on the revenge but you will be locked out of Panam as a romance partner.

Another recommended option choice is for advancing your romance with Panam. When you go to the bar later to drink, select the following dialogues:
a) [Drink] To your ride.
b) Maybe we get just one room?
c) Next exactly what I meant.

This is the flirty option and will advance your romance with Panam. Just keep in mind, nothing happens for now. They just share a room, with separate beds.

Life During Wartime choices

The choices in this mission only impact your romance with Panam. They do not affect the play-though or even the mission ending in any capacity.

To advance Panam Romance, select the following dialogue options when you get the chance:
a) Stay in the car. You’re hurt, won’t be too much help out there anyway – In the car.
b) I gotta get Hellman, will you help? – After you rescue Mitch.
c) I’ll Help you settle the score with Kang Tao – After you rescue Mitch.
d) It wasn’t Panam’s fault – After you found that Hellman and Nomads arrived outside.

Gimme Danger choices

In the mission Gimme Danger, you have the option to befriend Goro Takemura. This choice is important for getting the “Devil” trophy.

After you break into the security room in the mission, talk to Takemura about your entire plan. Takemura will ask if you will join him, and then you need to select the following dialogues:
a) Might as well
b) Stand and Start Recon

Once you have completely scouted the compound, select the following options to befriend Takemura
a) Thought they’d all disappeared from the city
b) Nope, just a cat
c) Believe in ghosts?
d) Where’d you grow up?
e) Growin’ up in Chiba II
f) What’d they need kids for?
g) All you had to do was kill Arasaka’s enemies
h) I’m not judging you
i) Let’s just drop it
j) Never too late
k) You got no idea how I feel
l) where are they holding it?

Search and Destroy choices

This story choice is one of the most important choices in the game. It will lock or unlock an entire ending for your play-through. During the main story mission Search and Destroy, you are supposed to save Goro Takemaru. You will also get the ‘Devil’ Trophy/Achievement for this.

After the police raid the building, you were in, you and Takemaru will be separated. Although there is no objective, not even an optional one, telling you to save Takemaru, you have to go and do it on your own.

As soon as you exit the room, take the first left and crouch under the rubble. Head upstairs and you will find Takemaru in the room you originally went into. Takemaru is cornered by a lot of enemies and you need to kill them all and then escort Takemaru out of the building alive.

When you trigger the ending cutscene where V jumps out of the collapsing building, you will see Takemaru come out with you. This will change the ending cutscene of The Devil ending as well. You will meet Takemaru in the epilogue instead of Hellman.

This is one of the hardest choices to make since you have no way of knowing on your own if you can head back up to save Takemaru.

Nocturne Op55N1 choices

The choice presented to you in Nocturne Op55N1 will determine which ending you get. Misty will walk you to the Balcony and you need to choose the dialogues for whatever end you want.

For more information on what to choose for what end, you can check out our Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide here.

Unimportant choices

Following are all the missions where you are presented with choices that play no role in the story or the progression and outcome of the said mission.

  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • The Rescue
  • The Ripperdoc
  • The Ride
  • The Information
  • Love Like Fire
  • Playing For Time
  • Disasterpiece
  • Double Life
  • M’Ap Tann Pelen
  • Never Fade Away
  • Transmission
  • Lightning Breaks
  • Down on the Street
  • Tapeworm

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