Cyberpunk 2077 Choices Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Choices and Consequences guide, we’ve put together all the possible choices that you’ll have to make in Cyberpunk 2077, and what would be their consequences to help you make the right decisions.

Cyberpunk 2077 Choices

During your gameplay, there’ll be plenty of times where you’ll find yourself at crossroads and you’ll have to make Choices.

Each of the decision that you take will have a consequence, and play a part in how the story of the game proceeds.

Therefore, it’s important to know where each of your decision will take you.

Street Kid

Nose Fix

One of the very first decisions you’ll be making will be regarding fixing your broken nose. Here you have to decide if you want to stay sober or get drunk.

Taking booze and a shot both will fix your nose. You’ll stay sober with the booze; however, the shot will make your world go spinning.

Kirk Choices

These decisions start popping up while your conversation with Kirk.

You can either tell Kirk that you’re not sure if you’ll be able to pull off the job, or you can ask him if your debt will get paid off if you do the job.

However, no matter what decision you decide to stick with, you’ll still end up having the job on your shoulders and you’ll be promised that your debt will get paid off.

If you opt for the latter choice, there’ll be further two more decisions that you’ll have to make.

You can either straight up agree to whatever Kirk has just told you and continue with the job or you put pressure on him and tell him that he should keep his word.

In the latter scenario, you’ll be assured by Kirk again that your debt will be paid and there is nothing to worry about.

6th Street Soldier

These decisions will pop up when you’re in the car with Padre and the 6th street soldier is not being respectful to him.

Here you have the chance to stand up for Padre and make a name for yourself or stay low. No matter what decision you stick with, the soldier will ask both of you to watch your backs.

If you decide to stand up for Padre and introduce yourself to the soldier and tell him to watch his mouth, your efforts will be acknowledged by him.

If you decide to remain silent, Padre will think that you’ve grown soft and won’t respect you as much as he will if you speak up.

Either way, you’ll get Padre’s card so that you can contact him in the future.

Stealing the Car

With the gun pointed at your face, you can either try to run away or try to ease the attacker.

Either way, cops will show up. But if you’re planning to make a run, let it be known that the car is not running and it would be a failed attempt.

Talking to Jackie After the Police Leaves

You can either start talking about Stints or you can just simply agree with Jackie. If you agree with Jackie you’ll start talking about the job, and why it ended up in failure.

It could either be that the mission of nearly impossible or it was your fault that resulted in the mission being a failure.

There’ll be more choices where you get to be friends with Jackie and go have lunch. There are two paths to you two getting lunch.

You’ll either help his friends or you’ll simply just ask him for lunch.


Border Crossing

You can either ask the guard if this is a routine or you can tell him that you know the drill and bribe him. If you decide to bribe him, he’ll ask you about your clan.

You can tell the guard that it’s none of his business, and chances are he might not like those words coming out of your mouth.

As a second option, you opt to be truthful and tell him that you’re not a part of any clan. Either way, get your gun back on your way out.

Talking with Jackie in the Garage

You can be aggressive with Jackie and tell him that it was none of your faults and Corpo knew your location through the border guard.

As a second option, you can calm Jackie down and tell him exactly what had happened.

After calming him down you can ask him to pay your transportation fee. However, he does not have any money at the moment and you can tell him that you can ask him the same question.

After that Jackie will be honest with you and you can appreciate his honesty in your next choice.

Moving on to when you’re asked about your plans for the Night City you can tell Jackie that at the moment you don’t have any plans.

This will result in Jackie helping you find a place to crash for the night. Or, you can counter his question by asking about his intentions.

Seems like Jackie wants you to be his partner for a few more jobs. You can either accept it or reject it.


Talking to Frank

you run into Frank while going to meet up with Jenkins. you can either tell him that you remember him and start a little conversation or you can tell him that you don’t have time and move on.

Talking to Jenkins

You begin by asking if they have been working together for a long time, to which you’ll know that they actually have been working together for a long time.

Then you remind Jenkins that he’s been in this position several times before as well, to which he’ll agree.

When asked about your opinion you can either tell him to stand up for himself or lower his morale by saying that there’s nothing that could be done.

She has strong people backing her.

Harry Choices

You’ll face a choice regarding someone you’ve invested a lot of time in. You’ll have to give Harry a direction.

Either ask him to get him out of danger or let him stay where he is. Harry will not be happy with the later choice.

Life Coach Choices

This takes place when you’re riding a chopper. If you tell him times have never been better, you’ll get a recap of your last session with him.

Else, you’ll be getting more relaxation exercises from him.

Jackie Trust Choices

you can tell Jackie that you thought you could count on him but you’ll get to hear that this isn’t what either of you is built to do.

You can also tell him that you need someone you can trust and Jackie will assure you that the job can be carried out without much trouble.

Later on, if you want Jackie to drink both of the drinks you can tell him that you don’t drink. Otherwise, you both will have your own drinks.

Jackie seems worried that you’ll lose yourself while on this job. You have an option to be strong here and tell him that you have to play by the rules to make it big.

Else, you tell him that you’re doing all this because you don’t have a choice.

Arasaka Agent Choices

No matter what choice you go with here, your body will be hacked by the agents while you’re talking to Jackie.

If you tell them that this isn’t their concern, they’ll also fire you. keep talking to Jackie later on, and no matter what choice you go with you’ll be reminded that you still have cash.

Main Story

Ripperdoc Choices

You can either pay the doctor after the job is done or you can pay upfront. Either way, you’ll get treatment.

In the later choices, you tell the doctor that it seems like a real dentist job, or you can tell him that there is no pain and the procedure is going smooth.

Dexter Convo Choices

Dexter will think highly of you if you tell him how they remember him is what counts. If you tell him that people without a name don’t survive in Night City, Dexter will tell you that he gets taken advantage of his calm nature.

With all these questions pouring down on you, you can ask Dexter if this is some sort of test, but turns out he is just curious.

Opting for the Not at all choice will make Dexter happy. If you tell him that it’s a death sentence Dexter will give you the no pain no gain talk.

Maelstrom or Client First

The mission will become less challenging if you speak with the client first

I am Looking for Evelyn

Before Evelyn shows up you can tell the bartender your name when he asks you about it, you can tell him its neither of his business, or you can bribe him into giving the info on the girl.

Whatever choice you decide to stick with, the bartender will not help you, and Evelyn will show up anyway.

The later conversation takes place between you and Evelyn. When you ask her about showing up this late, you’ll know that she took her time to check you out from a distance.

You’ll also know that she figured out what you like to drink. You can ask her if she likes you and turns out she does.

After that, you can talk shop with her or ask her why she chose this place to meetup. For the first choice, you both will end up leaving the bar.

Speaking with Evelyn in the Lounge

For this private conversation, you can let her know that you haven’t known Dexter for long, and haven’t worked with him for a long time either.

If you cut to the chase, you’ll be asked about the information you have on the job. You can also tell her that you’re the best man for the job and you’ll know what Evelyn expects from you.

You can tell her that she doesn’t care what Dexter thinks. You’ll be told that you have a difficult time while accepting compliments.

When you ask her why she’s asking about Dexter, you’ll be claiming that you don’t know about Dexter much and it’ll be a surprising element for her that he still picked you for the job.

Brain Dance

There will be three choices here that you can make while talking to Judy. You can tell Judy to trust T-bug, which she won’t like.

You can try to calm Judy, and she won’t like that either. Or you can let Evelyn handle it. No matter what choice you stick with, it’ll be Evelyn who’ll be calming Judy at the end.

Do the Job for Evelyn

You can either tell her that you’ll think about it or tell her how you’re not willing to betray Dexter in the remaining two choices.

Meeting Meredith Stout

After running into her trap you can either confess being alone or you can threaten her by saying that you’ve got people watching your back.

She’ll eventually know that you’re alone irrespective of the choice you make. If you confess to being alone, you’ll be shown a contact.

Again, you can be truthful and tell her you don’t know anything about the contact or you can ask her to set you free.

You’ll be released and back to business. If you want her to offer you more jobs in the future take the credchip. Else, you can simply just deny.

How to Handle Maelstrom

If you have Stout’s card, you’ll get three choices, else you’ll be getting one less. You can either pay it yourself, but this is only if you have sufficient money. You can pay it with Militech cred as well.

There is a third option, and that is bloodshed.

Take the Drug Inside Maelstrom Hideout

you can either deny or accept this challenge. If you accept it, Dum Dum will like it. The robot will be brought out regardless of your choice.

Royce Puts a Gun to Your Face

You can either pay twice or make a new deal. Dum Dum will be happy with the later choice. In the later choices, you have to decide if you want a fight or not.

Paying using the Militech Card and not telling them it has a virus will lead to a fight. If you tell them about the virus, Militech won’t be happy but you’ll save yourself a fight.

If you decide to ask for a discount, you’ll get a time window in which you can attack Royce. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose between the first two options again.

You can also pay from your own pocket. Don’t attack Royce in any way to avoid a fight.

Set Off Charge or Disarm Charge

If you want to save Brick it’s better to Disarm the charge and he’ll be thankful to you. Setting it off will kill Brick.

Dexter Asking About Evelyn

Dexter will enquire about your conversation with Evelyn. You can tell him that she wanted you to cut him off. With this Dexter will promise you 40% more payment, but it’ll never happen.

Other than that, you can simply just say that everything went fine.

Payment from Dexter

You get to keep 35% of the cut if you agree with Jackie. The rest of the choices you make won’t have much of an impact on how much you’re getting paid.

Dexter will go on with explaining the plan no matter what choice you decide to opt for.

Where to Deliver Jackie

If you ask the car to wait, Jackie will eventually get home. If you do decide to send him directly home, you’ll be invited to his funeral.

If you opt for any other choice, Mama Welles won’t be happy and you won’t be invited to the funeral.

Dexter Choices After Heist

The choices here don’t have much of an effect on the storyline.

Chatting with Takemura about Evelyn

The important choices will take place after Takemura and the vendor gets into an argument. Before that you can tell Takemura that you don’t have any idea if she works with a corporation, tell her you to have your doubts, or deny the fact.

After the argument, you can either go for Evelyn or the relic engineer. Takemura won’t help you if you go with the first choice.

Let Judy Know How Evelyn is Doing

You can either call Judy and let her know, you can tell her that you’re not making any promises. If you tell her that it’s better if he didn’t inform her, she’ll understand that you’ll not inform her.

Clouds Partner

These responses are based on Skye’s character. They may vary depending on the girl you choose. It’ll be a typical conversation, and the choices that you get will be pretty self-explanatory.

There is not a major choice that you need to make here. The Safeword will put an end to the conversation.

After the Safeword is called is when the real conversation begins. You enquire her about Evelyn. You can threaten her by telling her she’s looking good. You can ask her politely or offer her money.

Whatever choice you go for, you’ll still end up getting information on Evelyn.

Talking to Woodman

If you tell him he looks reasonable you’ll get to pay for the information, but he won’t give you any. He’ll give it to you if you tell him you’re a Corpo.

If you tell him you can end him with your bare hands, the scene will end up in a fight. Eventually, he’ll give you the info that you need, even if you decide to stick with the aggressive choices.

Chatting with the Thugs Near the Clinic

You can tell them you don’t want trouble and walk inside. Any other choice that you make will prolong the conversation.

You’ll be asked if you’re a whore. You can tell them that you are and walk inside. Any other choice you make will end up in a fight.

With a 6 body, you won’t have to trouble yourself with the thugs at all and you can walk straight inside.

Let Fingers Finish His Work or Not

If you’re in a hurry then don’t let him finish his work, else you can wait for him, and eventually, he’ll be free for a conversation.

Questioning Fingers

You can ask him to check his logs, but he won’t give you the information that you’re looking for. Judy will lose it and you’ll have to calm her.

He’ll be rude to Judy and you’ll have to give him a shut-up call. Eventually, he’ll give you the information. To punch him or not to punch him totally depends on you.

Smoking a Cigarette for Johnny

The only difference here between choosing to smoke or not is that not smoking will upset Johnny and smoking will make him happy.

Chatting with Mitch and Scorpion

You’ll try to convince both Mitch and Scorpion to come with you and Panama and help you.

After the conversation ends, they’ll hand you some stuff but won’t join you.

Go for Nash or Deal with 6th Street First

After getting the car for Panam, she’ll tell you to go after Nash before the 6th Street.

You can either comply with her request or tell her no. If you do go according to her will, you’ll be going up against Nash first.

On the contrary, if you snub, you’ll have an argument with her but she’ll support you on your venture to the 6th Street.

Mitch Hostage Situation

You’ll have some options to ask the pilot about Mitch’s whereabout. Whatever choice you make, the pilot will be dead before he can be of any use to you.

Will You Help or Stay with Mitch

After the pilot situation, you’ll have to choose between going alone or bringing Panam alongside.

Whatever choice you make, she’ll come with you anyway.

Hellmen Interrogation

Once Hellmen is back to your motel, you’ll have a conversation with him.

However, whatever choices you make along the conversation, it won’t affect the consequences.

Johnny Convo Outside the Hotel

Outside the hotel, you can either converse with Johnny or not, it’s up to you.

If you do choose to talk to him, you’ll get to know more about his story and personal life.

Give Me One Good Reason I Shouldn’t Report You

Whichever choice you make here, Wakako won’t report you. She’ll either end up giving you some info or a chip.

If you’re a Corpo, you will have an additional choice as a result of which Wakako will ask you about Dex.

Netwatch Agent Convo

You can either cut a deal with the Netwatch Agent or keep the deal with the Vodoo boys intact. Either way, you’ll get betrayed.

The only difference is that, If you choose the Netwatch Agent over Vodoo, Johnny Silverhand won’t be happy with you.

Brigitte Remove Chip Convo

You can either let her remove the chip or not.

If you side with the latter option you will embark on a main mission which you’ll be doing later anyway.

Silverhand Memory Choices

All of the choices here have the same outcome. So, pick according to your liking.

Kill or Spare Oda

Sparing Oda will cause Takemura to thank you while Killing Oda will piss Takemura off and you’ll make yourself an enemy.

Let Johnny Take Control

Whether you let Johnny take control or not, you’ll be able to unlock the side quest, “Chippin’ In” anyhow.

Board Meeting

The choices here won’t matter. At the end, you’ll be to fight your way out of the area.

Side Quests

Side quests or jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 will also ask the players to make certain choices that determine the outcome.

Woman of La Mancha

She’ll drop the investigation if you tell her about your cop friends. Else you’ll have to fight her. If you decide to let her live and make her drop the investigation peacefully, she won’t like you.

Heroes Item Choice

You can pick any item to bury along with Jackie. The belt doesn’t seem to be in a good shape so try not to bury it along with him.

Heroes Tell Misty To Come or Stay

If Misty is invited to dinner, she can have good relations with Mama Welles, else they’ll stay on bad terms.

Last Login Charles Choice

Believe in him if you want the mission to be over soon. If you tell him he’s lying, you’ll be offered a discount and if you don’t accept it he’ll try to make a run for it.

If you’ve read the mail, you can tell him that and get a good deal on the upgrades.

Riders on the Storm Agree with Panam or Soul

You can either agree with any of them or tell them to keep you out of their argument. Outcome will be same in all scenarios.

Also, don’t worry as choosing to disagree with Panam won’t hurt your chances of sleeping with her later in the storyline.

Panam Chat in the Tower

While talking to Panama, if you intend to hook up with her, try not to upset her.

Go with the options that make her feel important and that you care about her.

Panam After the Tank Mission

Panam will ask you to join her clan. There are generally two options available here but since, you’ll have an implant, there’ll be only one: you can’t.

Billy Goat or the Other

After spending some time with johnny, you’ll decide to get a tattoo.

You’ll have a choice to make between two tattoos. Whichever tattoo you go with is up to you but neither of them offers any benefit as such.

Left or Right Pill?

Neither of these pills will have any effect but Red is the right choice if you’re referring to The Matrix.

Kill or Spare Grayson

Either way, you’ll get the keycard that will be used later on opening up a crate in Johnny’s car.

Violence Take Body or Leave Body Choice

If you take the body, you’ll get paid 4k.

On the other hand, if you leave the body, Lizzy will tell you to leave and shut the door, putting an end to the Violence side gig.

Take Rachels Payoff or Stay with Josh

You can either stay with Josh and see how things go and take twice the pay.

If you’re a Corpo, you’ll thrice the pay if you say, “You know what kind of budgets BDs get?”

Light that Never Goes Out Diner Chat

Whatever you say to any member of the group, it’ll result in Rachel cutting you off one way or the other.

However, that won’t have much of a consequence on your gameplay as later, you’ll receive a call from the group.

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