Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town Walkthrough

Start the plan to kidnap Anders Hellman.

Ghost Town is an Act 2 mission in Cyberpunk 2077 where you will finally get to meet Rogue and Panam. This quest takes place in the Little China and Rocky Ridge regions of the Watson district. During the Ghost Town quest, you have to gather intel on Anders Hellman through Rogue. She will put you in touch with Panam, whom you have to help get her cargo back. The quest ends once she has her belongings and strikes a deal.

To unlock the Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town main quest, you must first play through the Automatic Love or Playing For Time quest. After completing this prerequisite, you can visit Afterlife in Watson district and meet Rogue. This quest is given to you by Goro Takemura and the recommended level for starting this quest is 9 or higher.

You unlock Ghost Town, and Automatic Love quests simultaneously, and it is entirely up to you which mission you decide to play first. These quests are not mutually exclusive so playing one first does not lock you out of the other.

Visit the Afterlife to meet Rogue

Start the Ghost Town quest by going to the Afterlife in the Watson district and meeting Rogue there to get information about Anders Hellman. Continue the conversation till Rogue agrees to help you in exchange for 15000 Eddies and then wait at the bar. Wait for a day and then speak to Rogue again to get the required information.

The information states, “Hellman is hiding behind a Chinese corp and will be transported outside city limits soon“. After that, Rogue will put you in touch with a Nomad, Panam Palmer who is in debt to her.

Pay Rogue

Rogue will ask you for 15000 Eurodollars in exchange for her help. If you have this amount in your wallet, offer her the money to complete this objective otherwise you can play around the world till you have the required amount of Eurodollars.


Talk to Rogue

Once you have paid Rogue, you can sit down with her at the bar and speak to her. She will give you intel on Hellman and tell you that you need someone who knows the Badlands well in order to stop Hellman. She will also put you in touch with a Nomad, Panam, who can do this job.

Call Panam and meet her

You will need Panam to help you down Hellman’s AV and question him. Call Panam and then meet her at the Rancho Coronado.

Get in the car with her

After you have discussed the situation with Panam, you need to get in the passenger seat of her car and head towards Aldecaldo Camp. This is because Panam will tell you that she has lost some cargo at the Aldecaldos Nomad Camp and she needs to get it back.

Leave the car, Meet Mitch and Scorpion

Leave the car once you reach the Aldecaldo Camp and this is where two of her friends, Mitch and Scorpion, will greet you. They will loan Panam some tech gear for help.

Follow Panam and carry the box

Now Panam will take you to a tent in the camp where the gear is waiting for you. Follow her into the room as she grabs a gun you carry the big box.

Take the box to the car and Get in the Car

Now follow Panam to her car and place the box in the trunk once she opens it.

After placing the box in the car, get in the passenger seat. Panam will take you to Rocky Ridge and you can get out of the car once you have arrived.

Talk to Panam and scan the area

Once you are at the Rocky Ridge, you need to discuss your plan with Panam. She will let you that she plans on preparing an ambush for the Raffen Shiv for which you need to scan the area.

Scan any 3 devices in the area to conclude that the power is out and then report to Panam.

Scan the transformer and the power source

Follow Panam till you see a transformer and then scan it. You will also need to scan a fuse box labeled as ‘Power Source’ present on the roof of the building.

Talk to Panam and wait for her

After scanning the devices, converse with Panam. She will tell you that she plans on using her car’s battery to power the substation. Wait for her to bring the car.

Take the jumper cables and connect the battery

Wait for Panam by the power substation to bring the car and then connect the jumper cables to the car’s battery.

Restore the power and talk to Panam

Now you need to enter the power station and make your way to the control panel. Restore the power by selecting the Local Network > Activate options.

The door to the power station building will be locked. This Ghost Town authorization door can be broken down by a Level 8 body however this is not the only way to enter. There is a window nearby that you can also break and enter.

Once the circuit is bypassed, you can go to the roof and get into position. Talk to Panam here to confirm the plan.

Wait for Raffen Shiv and distract them

Wait till it is evening and flip the switch as soon as the Raffen Shiv arrive. Panam will give you a signal when they arrive. This will ambush them as they will be distracted.

Take the car and get its keys

After distracting them, make your way to the building. You need to get the keys to the car from a Raffen Shiv member. He is present on the 2nd floor so go there while dealing with the enemies you come across along the way.

Take out the Raffen Shiv member who is marked with the key and then loot his body. You can also choose to defeat the other Raffen Shiv enemies present there but it is not necessary.

Get in the car and wait for Panam  

Once you have got your hands on the key, enter the car from the driver seat and wait for Panam.

Switch seats and listen to Panam

Once Panam comes, switch seats with her. She will drive away and try to convince you to take a detour and kill Nash. You can choose to accept or decline this offer.

Should you Kill or Spare Nash?

If you choose to accept Panam’s offer and kill Nash, she will drive you to the Raffen Shiv hideout. This is where you will have to take out Nash but keep in mind that he will be surrounded by many guards and you will require a strong melee weapon to win this fight. After defeating Nash, you can loot his Iconic Rifle, the Widow Maker Tech.

If you choose not to help Panam and spare Nash, you will skip the fight scene at the hideout and go straight to the Sunset Motel.

The best option here is to help Panam take out Nash as this will lead you to acquire an iconic weapon. In addition to that, you will also gain extra EXP due to the fight. After taking out all the Raffen Shivs at the hideout, you can also loot their bodies for extra cash. If you are playing as a male character, then helping Panam kill Nash will open up a romance route for you.

Go to the Sunset Motel

After dealing with Nash, get in the car with Panam and go to the Sunset Motel with her.

Wait for Panam and Leave the Car

At the Sunset Motel, Panam will meet the 6th Street Crew and tell them about Nash. Stand by and wait for her to strike the deal.

Once the deal is done, you can leave the car. Panam will be going to a nearby bar and you can follow her there to get a drink.

Talk to her at the bar

Converse with her over drinks till she presents you with the choice of either seeing her later or staying the night with her. If you choose the former, the mission will end here.

Follow Panam and lie down

If you choose the latter option, you and Panam will get a shared room. Follow her to the room and lie down on the bed. The quest will end as Panam goes to sleep.

How to Get the Free Rayfield Caliburn

You can acquire a hypercar, the Rayfield Caliburn, after completing the Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town quest, and that too for free. To get your hands on this hidden car, complete the Ghost Town quest and then go back to the mine where you encountered Nash. Keep moving south till you see the black Caliburn in a tunnel and simply enter it to add it to your collection.

CP77 Ghost Town Bugs

A few bugs have been reported in the Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town mission. The first one is during the initial objectives when Rogue puts you in touch with Panam, and you have to contact her. A bug has been reported by a few players here in which Panam does not take the call, and the mission objective is not updated thus preventing the players from moving forward. The suggested solution to this bug is reloading the save before calling Panam and then trying it.

Another bug is reported in which the Rayfield Caliburn is not present at its set location. If you cannot find the Caliburn at first, go somewhere else, skip in-game time, and then return to the location to find the car.

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