Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Walkthrough

This Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love walkthrough will take you through the main job, covering each major objective, location, and people you will meet along the way. So, let’s dive right in.

Automatic Love Walkthrough

Automatic Love is an Act 2 main job that you can start after Playing for Time. V needs to locate Evelyn Parker to see how she might assist him after the encounter with Takemura. Evelyn vowed to somehow get rid of Relic the last time they spoke.

Lizzie’s Bar

Make your way to Lizzie’s bar where you will meet Judy, before arriving you may even call her to tell her you will be visiting. Speak with Judy and get Evelyn’s cigarette case with the address for Clouds, then head out.

You will need to head to a ‘dollhouse,’ Clouds. You need information on Evelyn and this was where she used to work. Asking around will help uncover more information.

To enter Clouds, you need to leave your weapons at the gates, and you may have to enter restricted areas during the mission, so make sure to be stealthy about it as the guards won’t think twice before shooting you.


Enter the clouds when it’s evening, if it isn’t, wait till 6 pm. You may book yourself a doll from the reception, after which you will be assigned a booth number.

Go to the designated booth and wait for your doll. Question the doll as much as you can for information about Evelyn.

Asking the right questions might get you the information about Evelyn’s room, which is booth 11.

Investigating it will show blood stains and through a port near the bed, you can access the security footage, which can be used against the owner of Clouds, Woodman, later on.

Leave and head towards the VIP area to find Tom.

How to Enter VIP Area in Automatic Love

You can either sneak in or steal a VIP access card. The best place to do that is in the washroom, where there is a security guard who you can knock out and loot it along with a katana you could use. Don’t forget to dump the body in the bin present in the washroom.

Regardless, enter VIP and speak with Tom, then head into the restricted area to Woodman’s office. If you can, make sure to hack cameras and enemy optics to make it easier to sneak.

While on your way to the Woodman’s office, you will be able to find a gun on the right side of the security desk. Make sure you handle the security either by eliminating them without alerting everyone or by being stealthy.

Confronting Woodman

Our main target is Woodman and all this investigation is icing at the top. You may intimidate him, bribe him for the information, or propose to solve his Netrunner issue with Intelligence 8.

He won’t respond to threats or bribes, and if you press the issue, he’ll strike you.

Kill Woodman or Not in Automatic Love?

Woodman would already have closed the gate if you had chosen to use violence in your approach to his office. He’ll unlock the door and attack you after having a quick conversation about it. The Katana you looted earlier may help you a lot.

If you decide to attack him right away or afterward, you could receive the information you want from the computer, which would point you in the direction of a ripperdoc named Fingers.

Additionally, this is going to have an impact on Judy’s future side missions. The majority of discussion topics will still result in a brawl.

However, if you’ve been sneaky up to this point, the proof you’ve gathered could also assist you persuade him to grant you the answer you need.

Woodman simply provides you with what you want to learn if you complete that IQ test. In any case, you now possess a fresh tip from Fingers, a ripperdoc on Jig-Jig Street.

Once he has provided you the information, you have two options. Keep your promise of Intelligence 8 or fight Woodman. Take the elevator to the bottom of the building to complete Automatic Love and start The Space in Between.

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