Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Walkthrough

Retrieve the Flathead to complete this mission.

The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077 is a main mission of Act 1 and is unlocked after completing The Ride mission. In this, you must go inside the All Foods factory and deal with the Maelstrom gang to retrieve an item called the Flathead.

The recommended level to start this main mission is 3, as this is a lengthy quest with many choices that can alter your outcome in different ways. Without further delay, let’s look at the steps of the Pickup mission and review all the choices that can be made.

Meet Jackie

The first objective of the Pickup is to meet Jackie, which you can do by following the marker to All Foods. However, there is an optional objective here, which is meeting Meredith before meeting Jackie. You can call Militech Agent Meredith Stout from your phone and ask her to cut up a deal with you.

Meet with the Militech Agent

Meredith will agree to meet with you, and you can converse with her. Continue through the dialogues, and you will be led to two options when Meredith offers you the credchip. You can either take the credchip or decline it. The former option will result in you having it and using it later in the story, while the latter ends in a bad outcome.

Talk to Jackie

Now you have to converse with Jackie whether you talk to Meredith. Go to All Foods, and you will see Jackie on his bike. Talk to him, and the conversation will give you the options of either paying 10000 dollars or the credchip to deal with the Maelstromer gang.

After making a choice, go to the front gate of All Foods to complete this objective. You cannot enter the building straight up, so you have to pick up the intercom in Cyberpunk 2077 and ask the guard to let you in.


A Maelstrom guard will be on the other side of the line. Converse with him, and here, you can also tell him that Dex sent you.

Get to the main production floor of All Foods

After this, a marker will take you to the main production floor. You can also collect the loot lying around or attack the Maelstromers found here. After this, you can follow Jackie to the elevator.

After the elevator ride, you will encounter a Maelstromer Dum Dum. Talk to him to complete this objective. Now, you will be led to a room. Sit down on the couch for a chat, and you can also calm Jackie down by making him sit, too. The other choice is to fight the Maelstromers found here in Cyberpunk 2077: The Pickup.

After you are sat on the couch, you need to converse with the Maelstromers in the room. They will offer you an inhaler, which you can choose to take.

Peaceful option

You can make choices leading to a peaceful outcome later in the story. You can pay 10,000 dollars to Royce from your pocket or take him down. The peaceful outcome here is to pay him but remember that making this choice will have consequences.

You will not be able to romance Meredith later, so if you wish to pursue that, you should attack Royce.

Take the Flathead

After having dealt with Royce, you will see a box lying nearby. Take the Flathead item from it to complete this objective. Keep following Dum Dum to the exit gate.

Once you are at the exit, you can talk to Dum Dum. He will offer you an inhaler here if you haven’t taken it before, but this is only for Streetkid Lifepath players. Take the exit and get out of the All Foods building.

Violent option

If you choose to attack the Maelstromers in Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to go with the violent option, which includes attacking the gang members. The objectives for the violent path are as follows:

Defeat Maelstrom

Before entering the elevator with Jackie, as mentioned in the story, if you choose the violent path, you must take down all the gang members found there to progress. After clearing the room of enemies, enter the elevator with Jackie.

After the elevator ride, you will enter a room with more Maelstromers. You will have to attack them and defeat them to complete this objective.

Find the case containing the Flathead

You will be led to the same room where you sit on the couch in case of peaceful options. Find the box lying here and take the Flathead out of it.

Talk to the Maelstromers

After taking the Flathead, you will encounter Royce. Here, you have quite a few options for going about this interaction. You can pay Royce 10000 dollars with your own money and exit the factory peacefully, but this is done only if you didn’t accept the credchip earlier. If you have the credchip on you and pay Royce, you will be attacked by Militech.

Another option is to pay Royce with the Militech chip (only if you accepted it earlier). If you did not hack the shard, then Royce will use it, Maelstrom will turn against you, and you will be under attack. On the other hand, if you choose to hack the shard, Militech will attack the factory.

If you do not want to negotiate here, you also have the option of drawing your weapon and shooting Royce. Depending on the above choices, you must attack the remaining gang members in the room. Take the Flathead item from the box in Cyberpunk 2077: The Pickup mission.

Pass through the maintenance tunnel

Now, you have to go to a final room before exiting, which can be done by passing through the maintenance tunnel. Look around till you see a ladder, climb it, and then pass through the tunnel to complete this objective.

After passing through the maintenance tunnel, go to the next room and look for a button. Press this button to clear the passage, as it will turn on the production line and update your objective.

Escape from All Foods

After clearing the passage, you have to make your way out of the All Foods building. Depending upon your choice with Royce earlier, you will either be fighting Maelstromers or Militech before escaping.

Find a way to free Brick

This is an optional objective that you can complete on your way out of the factory. You will learn that Brick is still alive, but he is locked in a room that requires a specific code to open. You can also hack the door to this room.

Use code 9691 to free Brick

You will see a keypad right next to the locked door in which you can enter the code. Enter 9691 to free Brick. Once you have entered the code and unlocked the door, you will see Brick in Cyberpunk 2077. Go over to him and find a way to free him from the trap.

You can disarm the tripwire mine attached to Brick by hacking it and finding its detonator, which is in the next room.

Once the tripwire mine is disabled, you can converse with Brick and continue the dialogue. He will tell you he can’t help you now, and then you can continue out of the All Foods building.  

Defeat the Militech agents

If you choose to side with Royce, you must fight Militech agents on your way back. Royce will be by your side, and you can defeat them together.

Defeat the Maelstrom

This objective will be available if you have attacked and killed Royce earlier. The Maelstrom gang will turn against you, and you must fight the enemies on your way out.

If you didn’t kill Royce earlier, you can sneak past or defeat him. Sneaking past him is an optional objective in Cyberpunk 2077: The Pickup.

Defeat Royce and his crew

If you spared Royce earlier, you will encounter him as a boss later. Take down his crew first and then get to Royce. You can either stealth kill him or shoot the battery on his shield. He will put up a fair fight, but once you have killed him, you can loot the rewards from his corpse.


Once you escape the All Foods building, you will meet Meredith Stout or Anthony Gilchrist, depending upon whom you choose to side with. You can also meet none of them and go straight to Jackie.

If you accepted the credchip before and sided with Militech, you will find Meredith outside the factory waiting for you. Converse with her to complete this objective.

Anthony Gilchrist will be waiting for you outside the All Foods building if you do not give the chip to Royce. Converse with him and ask him about Meredith Stout.

Now, you can converse with Jackie till he leaves to complete this objective. The last objective of the Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup mission is to call Dex and tell him about everything that has happened. Once this is done, the mission will be completed.

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