Cyberpunk 2077 Gimme Danger Walkthrough

To help you out with completing the Gimme Danger main job in Cyberpunk 2077, we’ve prepared this walkthrough where we’ll take you through this entire mission step by step.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gimme Danger

Gimme Danger is an Act 2 main job in Cyberpunk 2077 and to help out with it, we have prepared this detailed walkthrough including the preceding mission, Down on the Street.

Down on the Street

Gimme Danger takes place after ‘Down on the Street’, which is a very brief mission where you have to wait for a call from Takemura and talk to him over the phone.

This seems pretty simple, but it’s been causing players some problems because they just can’t seem to receive a call from Takemura, no matter how long they wait.

The best way to get a call from him is to wait 24 hours in-game (by using the Skip Time feature in the menu) and then drive around until you get a call.

If you don’t get it, wait 24 more hours and then start driving again. Keep doing this until you get the call.

Meet Takemura

After you receive the call from Takemura, the Down on the Street mission will be completed and Gimme Danger will start.

The first objective of this mission is to meet Takemura at a street market in the south of Japantown. The market will be on a footbridge above the main street.

Take a look at your map and drive over to the marked location. Once there, find the elevator and go up to the nineteenth floor to meet Takemura.

Go Over the Plan With Takemura

Takemura will explain an elaborate plan to you, which involves infecting the machines that make the floats at Arasaka Industrial Park, which will allow him to gain access to Hanako-sama’s float.

Doing this will give him an opportunity to have a private talk with Hanako-sama.

Infect the Security System

The conversation with Takemura will end with him giving you the task of Infecting the security system in the camera control room.

Break through the door right in front of you and jump down to the console. Aim at the blue ring at the bottom of the console and install the software.

After infecting the security system, go back up to Takemura and he’ll further explain his plan to you.

Go to Arasaka Industrial Park

Takemura will then take you to the Arasaka Industrial Park. Follow Takemura as he takes you to the roof of the building.

Scan the Area

Once you’re up at the very top of the roof, use your scanner to scan the area below. All the important things for your mission will be yellow-colored.

After you’ve taken a good look at everything, end recon and talk to Takemura.

Return to Street Level

After you get done with the long talk with Takemura, use the elevator again to get back down to the ground floor.

Break into Araska Industrial Park and Enter the Warehouse

After exiting the elevator, head over to the entrance of the Arasaka Industrial Park and use the surveillance camera to distract the enemies.

While the guard in front of you is distracted, jump over the blockade to enter the facility.

Takemura will start distracting the enemies as soon as you go inside, so you have to quickly get to the marked location.

When you reach the marked location, go through the door to enter the warehouse.

Hack the Float

Go up the stairs to your right and sneak your way towards the marked terminal. There will be quite a bit of loot in this area, so make sure to grab all of it on your way there.

There will be a guard standing at the door adjacent to the terminal, so use the door at the back to get inside. Interact with the terminal and install the software in it to hack the float.

Leave the Arasaka Industrial Park

Go up the stairs in this room and jump out of the window in the room up there.

Climb up the crates outside to reach the roof of the facility and then jump down onto the smaller building ahead to exit the Arasaka Industrial Park.

Talk to Takemura

After you’ve successfully made your escape from the Arasaka Industrial Park, Takemura will call you up once again and he’ll tell you to lay low until he contacts you again.

After the call ends, the ‘Gimme Danger’ mission will be completed.