Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk the Line Walkthrough 

The I Walk the Line mission has you help Brigitte in Cyberpunk 2077. You will also have to choose between the Netwatch and Voodoo Boys.

I Walk the Line is one of the main missions of Cyberpunk 2077. It takes place after “M’AP TANN PELEN” and precedes “Transmission”. Placid asks you to infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall, which is crawling with members of the Animals. You must free Brigitte by seeking out a NetWatch agent in the mall.

Your choices in this mission have ramifications going forward, and it is important to consider which side you align with.  

In this guide, we will go through a complete walkthrough of I Walk The Line in Cyberpunk 2077, including what areas you need to go to, what enemies you need to defeat, and what choices you need to make.  

Meet with Placid’s People 

The first three objectives are fairly straightforward and involve you leaving Batty’s Hotel, (Placid’s and the Voodoo Boys’ base of operations). You will then meet with his people where you get further intel on the mission. The process is fairly straightforward, you only need to follow the marker.

Finally, you will enter the Grand Imperial Mall. Follow the quest marker on your mini-map to complete this step. Before entering the mall, you must take down a few enemies. You do have the option to stealth past them. Choose depending on your philosophy, if you want to get this done quickly, just sneak past them.

Find the van in the Lobby

Next, you will have to locate a van in the hotel lobby. Climb the containers towards the left end of the room to get on top. Then follow the quest marker until you reach an elevator. Hack it, then proceed further and remove the enemies in the next area.

After you have done this, continue toward the objective marker. It is important to note that, like with the previous enemy encounter in the mission, you can just stealth this entire section.  

Connect to the Van  

Once you are at the van, you must connect to it. This will reveal a bunch of NetWatch agents that are out to get the Voodoo Boys. Placid reveals that you have to find the NetWatch agent present in the mall.  

Find the Agent in the Cinema

Next, you will have to locate the NetWatch agent Placid told you about. Follow the quest marker. Once you are in the lobby, enter the unfinished room on your left to get on top. Take out the enemies present there and then proceed further until you spot Matilda K. Rose, the Sasquatch.

Placid will tell you to scan her. You can make many plays here, but you have to kill her to proceed further. The fight is fairly challenging but Matilda moves quite slowly, which gives you a slight advantage. Stay far away from her and take her out using ranged weapons like Snipers and Assault Rifles.  

Confront the Agent 

After dealing with Matilda, you will finally be able to confront the Agent. This is a pivotal moment in the quest as your choice determines how the next mission; “Transmission” plays out. The NetWatch agent will try to convince you to turn on the Voodoo boys.

He tells you that if you let him go with the data, he will free Brigitte and remove the Virus from V’s system that was designed to kill them. This is the virus that Placid injects into your system at the end of M’AP TANN PELEN. He also reveals that the Voodoo boys sought to kill you from the start, as you were seen as nothing more than a gun for hire.  

Now, you can either choose to side with NetWatch or the Voodoo Boys. If you side with NetWatch, you save yourself a bit of trouble in “I Walk the Line”. But later during “Transmission”, you have to go through a difficult ordeal, dealing with a plethora of Voodoo boys who are out to get you along with Placid.

Siding with the Voodoo Boys also means fighting your way out of the mall against the NetWatch. 

In the next mission, after you are done with the Cyberspace section, you will be allowed to exit the area peacefully. Brigitte gets freed regardless of what choice she makes.  

Leave the Gran Imperial Mall 

Follow the quest marker to exit the mall and return to Batty’s Hotel. Here, you will talk to Placid and Brigitte, and the mission will end.  

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