Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk the Line Walkthrough

To help you out with completing the I Walk the Line mission in Cyberpunk 2077, we’ve prepared this Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk the Line main job guide where we’ll walk you through this entire mission step by step.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk the Line

Meet with Placide’s People

Your first objective in this mission is to head to the Voodoo Boys Lookout and talk to the Voodoo people there.

They’ll tell you that the best way to enter the mall is through the garage at the back.

Enter the Mall

There will be a few hostiles near the mall, so don’t run straight to the garage. Sneak your way into it and make sure you don’t get spotted.

Find the Van in the Lobby

When you get inside the mall, climb up the crates to the left to get up to the floor above.

There will be multiple hostiles up there, as well as some surveillance cameras, so start sneaking as soon as you get up there.

From the first marked location, go up the escalator to the upper floor. There will be two hostiles to your left, one of them will be facing away from you, but the other won’t.

Wait for the other hostile to walk away before you continue moving forwards. Sneak all the way to the end. The escalator there will take you down to the van.

When you reach the van, interact with it to connect to the van.

Find the Agent in the Cinema

Your next objective is to hunt the Netwatch agent down.

Climb up the elevator shaft on the left side of the lobby and then take out the two hostiles above.

Then, enter the cinema and get ready to take out Sasquatch.

There will be some gear on the couch between the pillars, so make sure to grab that before you start fighting her.

When she spots you, she’ll charge straight at you with incredible speed, so be prepared.

She’ll charge at you, swing her hammer and then she’ll rest for a second or two. If you manage to dodge her hammer swing, you’ll have a pretty big window to empty your magazine on her.

You can use the EMP Grenade you found on the couch to deal a lot of damage to her.

When you get her health down below a certain point, she’ll drop her hammer and switch to her fists.

At this point, taking her out shouldn’t be that hard because the AoE of her attacks will decrease, so you can just continuously move backward as you’re shooting and she won’t really be able to do much.

Remember to loot her body after you take care of her.

Now, run towards the marked location to find the agent.

Confront the Agent

Go through the door and finally confront the agent inside.

You’ll have the choice to either make him tell you who he actually is, or you could waste no time and just take him out.

When you take him out and connect to him, you’ll pass out. After you wake up, you’ll be informed by Johnny that you got juked by the Voodoos.

Leave the Grand Imperial Mall and Head to Batty’s Hotel

Before you go through the exit of the Grand Imperial Mall, look out for the Voodoo Boys near the exit. To avoid getting noticed by them, start sneaking as you’re about to exit the mall.

Once you’re out of their sight, find a car in this area and then head towards Batty’s Hotel.

Meet with Placide in Batty’s Hotel

Talk to the guards at the entrance of the hotel and then head inside to find Placide. When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he did what he did to free his people, namely Brigitte.

Talk to Brigitte

After talking to Placide, have a chat with Brigitte about the biochip. Ask her for help with fixing up your biochip. After you’re done talking to her, this mission will be completed.