Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Palmer Romance Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance guide, we’ll help you pick the perfect dialogue choices with Panam to strengthen your friendship with her and have an intimate relationship in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Palmer Romance

Cyberpunk 2077 features a beautiful protagonist that goes by the name of Panam Palmer. And it seems like you’re about to have a little crush on her.

Don’t worry, she’s not out of your league, and if you play your cards right as the storyline proceeds, you’ll be able to get into a bed with her.

We’ll give you exact responses on all of the main missions and side quests that’ll help you get the girl.

However, if you feel lost, just stick to agreeing with her under all circumstances.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity that could lead to getting physical with her, and try to spend more and more time with her.

She’ll be by your side on 2 main missions and 3 side quests. Let’s begin by giving you the dialogues of choice for the main missions.

Main Job – Ghost Town

The first important dialogue choices that you’ll have to face here will be after getting her car back. Ask her about the location of the hideout.

Later at the bar, drink to her ride before asking her to get a single room for both of you. Confirm to her that you meant what you said, and she’ll agree.

Is that it? Well, not really. She’s just agreed to save money, so don’t get your hopes up for now.

Main Job – Lightning Breaks

Once you’ve had a clear image of the enemy camp, ask her to stay in the car since she’s hurt and you’ve got it covered.

After Mitch has been rescued, it’s time to go get Hellman. Ask Panam for her help in finding him.

After that, tell her that you’ll help her settle the score with Kang Tao.

After finding Hellman, wait for Saul to arrive and then clarify that Panam wasn’t at fault.

With that being said, let’s move on to the side quests.

Side Quest – Rider’s on the Storm

Go with these two choices in the beginning “We’re chums, that’s why”, “Do it quietly, sure. Perfect for two,” and then agree to ride with her.

Continue with your spree of backing Panam everywhere and anywhere by telling everyone that Panam is right while sitting on a couch with her and Saul.

Wait for Saul to leave and then raise a toast to Haboobs.

Ask Panam if she is comfortable with her stay and tell her that she’ll feel more at home if she took off her shoes.

Touch her thighs next, and you’ll know that she’s not looking for anything more than a friendship at the moment. But that’s alright, don’t give up hope.

Next, you’ll have to opt for the dialogue choice: “So-so, back’s numb”. Ask her why she isn’t staying with her family.

Try talking about the last night while she walks towards her motorcycle.

Side Quest – With a Little Help From my Friends

The only dialogues that you’ll have to focus on are the ones that begin once you pay the Veterans a visit with Panam. Start by telling her that you’re in.

Tell her that you missed her while standing next to the window. In the next dialogue that pops up, tell her that you’re ready to begin.

Tell her that the tiptoeing can stop, and then tell her that so far, it’s good. Ask her why does it have to be different with you.

From now on, the tables will start turning in your favor. Touch her hand and ask her to follow her impulse before asking her if she’s worried about Saul.

Tell her that you’re sleepy and you need to crash. In the next dialogue, get closer to her, telling her that it’s getting cold.

Side Quest – Queen of the Highway

Enter the Basilisk and ask if anyone got it running a while back. And then admit that it’s nice and cozy in there.

After shooting opt for the kiss icon and allow Panam to start touching you. This dialogue with Panam will finally get you into the scene you’ve been long waiting for.

Later, when she walks you out, kiss her and thank her for being there for you. With that being said, the Panam questline would be over.

There will be a few messages from her every now and then, and you can reply to her as per your liking.

After these quests, you’ll make an alliance with Aldecaldos as well as earn the Life of the Road trophy.

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