Cyberpunk 2077 With A Little Help From My Friends Walkthrough

A planned heist to steal military equipment from Militech.

A little Help From My Friends in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those side jobs that you can take to gain a good amount of XP and Items. You will learn that Panam is planning to steal something from Militech. You can join her on this heist and help her steal the Basilisk, which is practically a modified tank vehicle.

To get this specific Side Job, you must complete another Side Job known as Riders of the Storm. Once you finish this mission, you can head to the Panam’s location at the Aldecaldo camp in Cyberpunk 2077.

Talk to Panam, Mitch, and Saul

Once you follow the marker and reach Aldecaldo camp you will find a large truck parked there. Head towards it, and inside, you will be greeted by Panam and two other NPC characters, Mitch and Saul.

Saul won’t be so happy to see you and will scold Panam for leaking the Militech info. He will then tell Panam that the Biotechnica people will be coming here to join them and will leave you off.

You can speak with Panam, who will suggest taking the Basilisk for us. You then have to wait for Saul to admit that he was wrong. You can then inquire about the Basilisk, and Panam will tell you it is an armored Militech Cargo Panzer.

Since Militech is transporting it to some backward country, Panam and her team want to steal it in Cyberpunk 2077. Panam will then remark on Saul as a coward and tell you that gaining the Basilisk would put her family back on the right path.


However, Mitch isn’t sure about the plan going on successfully, but Panam has assembled her team and wants you to join in to steal the Basilisk.

Follow Panam and Mitch

You can agree to join Panam’s team, which includes three to four vets, and raid the Militech convoy. After that, you can follow Mitch and Panam to a nearby tent where the vets eat. Panam then explains her plan, stating that the Militech convoy will be based on two large carts transporting the Basilisk.

Since this convoy is bound to slow down at the Railway crossing, Panam plans to attack them from behind and steal the Basilisk from them in Cyberpunk 2077. The vets will be on board with Panam’s plan as they are interested in getting a job that pays them a nice amount.

You will even hear Cassidy criticizing Saul for disregarding Panam’s plan. This is because he seems to be distracted with other matters. You can then inquire from Panam about the intel on the convoy and where she got it from in Cyberpunk 2077.

She will reply that Carol hacked the Militech channel, which means the intel is legit and won’t be an ambush. You can agree with Panam to join her in this heist and tell her you will ride her to the station.

Talk to Panam

For this Cyberpunk 2077 With A Little Help From My Friends objective, you can simply follow Panam and sit in her jeep. She will join you shortly and then drive you to the station to use the train engine to block the convoy’s path.

During your trip, you can speak with Panam and ask about Saul. She will complain that he is not taking matters seriously. You can talk about your family with her and reach your destination in Cyberpunk 2077.

You may also experience a car bug when riding with Panam in Cyberpunk 2077. The car will start levitating 40m up in the air, making it impossible for you to enter. You can try reloading from this objective, and if the issue persists, you can choose “Go on my own.”

Now you can drive to the train station to avoid the bug car during the side job, With a Little Help From my Friends.

Panam will again go over her, saying that the Militech convoy will come from the Night City to the base to meet the buyer. However, their trip will be cut short once you move the train engine and block the railroad crossing road.

You can also ask where the nomads have gone and why they haven’t taken the engine with them. Bob will answer that the engine ran on nuclear and is old tech that they just left behind.

Discuss the plan with the Nomads

Mitch will then assign you and Panam to acquire the authorization code from the tower in Cyberpunk 2077 With A Little Help From My Friends. You can follow her and let her deal with the locked door. Moreover, Panam will ask you to look for another way inside the control tower.

Talk to the Nomads (Optional)

You will find the Nomads waiting near the jeeps, so you can walk over to them and ask them what they are doing. Cassidy will answer that he is enjoying the peace before the coming storm and joke that Teddy is a dead weight.

You can tell them that you would love to join in their quest. Cassidy will then appreciate the offer and say that self-respect breeds self-discipline. He will then tell you some motivational sayings. You can leave them be and meet with Carol near the rail tracks. After some dialogue, you can leave her, which will complete your objective.

Scan the generator (Optional)

If you head towards the left side of the central tower and follow the tower walls, you will find Bob and Mitch near a transformer. Bob will complain that even though everything is hooked up, they still face some obstacles.

You can then scan the generator between them and tell them that the capacitor is damaged. Johnny will then fix that issue.

Find the entrance to the control tower

After you have helped Mitch and Johnny move ahead and turn right, you will come across the back door of the central tower. This door will be inaccessible, so you can spot some boxes on its right side and a large power box next to them.

Use the box to jump onto the black power box and then turn left to pass through the open entrance of the control tower.

Go up the control tower

Along the way, you will meet Panam inside, who will joke about you weaseling your way inside in Cyberpunk 2077. Go right towards a caged door with an extensive exit sign, scan it, and then breach protocol to open this door.

After that, you can follow Panam and go up the stairs to reach the top part of the central tower. Once you reach the top floor, you will ask Carol what she requires to hack the train engine, and she will reply with Punch cards.

Find a punch card

You and Panam must scan the surrounding area to find a punch card. During your search, you can head over to the left end, and there, you will find some open drawers with some papers lying around. In one of these drawers, you will find a red and black punch card you can use in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can take that Punch Card to Panam, and she will tell Carol. Now, you will need to place the punch card into the reader. Once you do that the train engine will come to life and start moving.

Talk to Panam

You can find Panam and speak with her about the plan. You can also tell her that you missed her and she will be surprised to hear that. She doesn’t want to talk openly about having feelings for you. This will increase your opportunity to romance with Panam later on.

She will also open up to you and tell you she cares about you in Cyberpunk 2077. You can tell her to follow the impulse next time.

Join the nomads at the Junction

Panam and you can join the nomads and wait for the convoy to arrive towards the blockade. The nomads will have set up a campfire so you can sit there and relax for a bit. You can ask Panam if she is worried about Saul and she will leave.

The scene will then cut to nighttime, and you can have some dialogue about the past of some nomads. Moreover, they will praise Saul for sticking with the family.

You can talk with the veterans by the campfire. They will have high hopes for completing this mission. You can then try to get some sleep and tell Panam that it is getting cold out here. She will smile and tell you that she will talk about the stars. V will fall asleep, and Panam will wake you when the Militech convoy approaches the blockade.

Get in the vehicle

You must get into Panam’s jeep, and she will follow the train. The train is moving too fast; you must connect the carts. This way, you can detach one of the carts, and the Militech train will halt at the blockade.

However, the Militech personnel will invade the blockade area with some backup. You and your party must deal with them in Cyberpunk 2077.

Defeat the Militech escort. (12/12)

The area will become a battlefield as you must take out 12 Militech guards to clear the way in Cyberpunk 2077 With A Little Help From My Friends.

Get in the vehicle

Go back towards Panam’s vehicle, and after you get in, she will drive you while you escort the prized Basilisk back to the camp. Once you return, Saul will be pissed and shout at Panam for going behind his back. They will both argue briefly, and then Saul will tell her to get out of her sight.

Talk to Panam

After Panam tells Mitch to clear the truck, you can go to her and praise her for standing up for herself. You can comfort her by saying that she achieved her goal and stole the Basilisk from the Militech convoy. Then you can tell her that Panam should call you in Cyberpunk 2077 if she needs anything.

Once you finish this conversation, the side job, With a Little Help From My Friends, will be marked as complete in Cyberpunk 2077. As part of completing this side job, you will receive rewards such as EXP Points and Street Cred as well.

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