Cyberpunk 2077 Blistering Love Walkthrough

Romance Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077.

To get the Blistering Love quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you will first need to complete the quest Tapeworm and follow up on the events of the side quest Chippin’ In.

Following the events of that sidequest, you will have a heart-to-heart conversation with Johnny at the end, who will state that his only regret was not taking Rogue out for a date. Since you harbor feelings for her, you can try your luck by calling Rogue and asking her.

She will agree to go out with you. This way, you will have the option to play out the quest Blistering Love. I will discuss how you can complete the Blistering Love sidequest with relative ease.

Call Rogue and ask her out

To call Rouge in Cyberpunk 2077, you can go through your contact list and press F to call her. You can then tell her that Johnny wants to go on a date with her. She will ask if this request is from you or Johnny. You can tell her it’s from Johnny, and she will agree to go out with you.

During your conversation, Rogue will ask you if you have a place in mind to head out on a date with her. Since you don’t have any, she will pick up the venue and tell you about the Silver Pixel Cloud area in North Ock.

Then, you can tell Rogue that you will come to the Afterlife bar to pick her up to carry on with the Blistering Love sidequest in Cyberpunk 2077.


Pick up Rogue at the Afterlife in the evening

Now, you need to meet Rogue outside the Afterlife bar. If you are at the oilfields, it will be a long ride, so you can use the nearby fast travel point to reach this location. Depending on the time, you will find Rogue outside the bar.

However, it is best to skip time until evening as she will show up near the entrance of the Afterlife bar at that time. You will observe a large dude, Emmerick, standing next to her, and he will be trying out some pickup lines on her. Rogue will embarrass him by telling him to try again, and he might find his luck in the third charm.

Talk to Rogue

You can then approach Rogue and ask her if she is ready. Rogue will then answer you by saying where’s Johnny?… You can then complement her by saying that she looks amazing. You can then tell her that you are just the driver and that Johnny will show up later. Hearing you keep Johnny on a leash, she will laugh off and head towards your ride.

Fix for the disappearing car bug

You may encounter the car disappearing bug after your first dialogue with Rogue. This problem remained even after patch 1.5, and you can observe that the Porsche has disappeared from the map. Even if you call a car later and it reaches you, Rogue will ignore you and the car. This way, the quest will fail, and you will no longer receive the ending.

This problem only appears if you have killed Grayson earlier and still take the car from the container using his key. If you have done that, you can follow these steps to fix this bug.

  1. Launch the game in English. (If you have another language, you may need to download a free language pack.)
  2. Go to the load file section, and this time, you need to meet her during the daytime and not in the evening, as the quest says it’s optional.
  3. The last step will require you to stand in a direction where you can talk with Rogue and see your car.

This way, the car won’t disappear, and you can go on with the objective of completing the job, Blistering Love in Cyberpunk 2077.

Get in the car

Once Rogue sees Johnny’s old Porsche, she will be surprised and exclaim that she has a lot of memories of this ride. Then you can both get in the car and go to the drive-in movie theater next. During your conversation, you can also mention if the Silver Pixel Cloud is Rogue’s favorite place.

She will reply that it was and that Johnny never took her there. Follow the marker, and you can reach the assigned area.

Along the way, Rogue will ask you what is going on as she suspects Johnny’s planning out something in Cyberpunk 2077. Rogue will also be surprised that your positive influence moved Johnny, and you can continue onwards and go to the drive-in movie theater.

Once you reach the place, you will find it closed, and Rogue will say that the place has been closed for quite some years.

Find a way into the drive-in movie theater

Johnny will ask you to find a way to get through this mess, and you can enter the room on the left side. Inside, you can find some contents on a shelf towards your left. Interact with these, and you will observe a silver pixel cloud card there. Moreover, you can look around the room and salvage some valuable items.

Use code 0000 to unlock the door

During your search, you will find a monitor on your right side. Interact with it, and you can open the messages section and check the Severance one. This message will also have a code to the main entrance so that you can memorize that and head to the door on the north side.

Enter the code 0000, and after pressing OK, you will be granted access. Rogue will ask you to start the Projector while she gets you the seats. You can then take the stairs and go to the upper floor. After entering that Projection Booth room, you can look around and salvage valuable items.

Get into the projection booth

Inside the Projection Booth, you will hear Johnny say that he found the Projector; it will be on the left end of the room. Instead of going directly towards it, you can first interact with the computer screen on your right and check the showtimes.

It will show movies such as Nightmare on Jig-Jig Street, The Streets of Night City, etc. On your right, you will observe a poster of Bushido X. Now, you can go up to the Projector and interact with it to get it running in Cyberpunk 2077. It will be running Bushido X, and Johnny will prefer this movie as well.

Take the pills to give Johnny control

Johnny will then ask you to run along and give him control of your body. You can then proceed to take the pills and provide him with control, and after you do that, the scene will change, and you will find yourself next to Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077. Then you can look towards the screen and watch the movie with Rogue.

V/Johnny can then sugar-talk her and tell her he needs her and wants to watch the world burn. Besides enjoying the movie, Rogue will try to play a role-playing game with you. You can tell her that you like Rogue of 2077.

After this, ask her that you can do anything, not lose her, and mention Smasher in your conversation to get her riled up. You can then tell her that she may be hiding something from him.

After that, Johnny can tell her he loves her, and then the romance between the Rogue and Johnny will start in Cyberpunk 2077 Blistering Love. However, Rogue will think that it is not right, and she will then leave. Johnny will then take the pill to give you control.

Talk to Johnny

Once you are back in control, you can talk with Johnny, who will seem a little disappointed. He was hoping it was going to be a nice night, but she felt weird about this situation.

Moreover, Johnny will ask you to take him to North Oak to figure out things with Kerry instead of Rogue. Once the conversation ends, you will receive a notification stating that you completed the Blistering Love successfully in Cyberpunk 2077.

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