Cyberpunk 2077 Riders On The Storm Walkthrough

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Riders on The Storm Walkthrough, we will guide you through this whole Side Job and tell you the best possible choices. Let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077 Riders On The Storm

In addition to Main Jobs, Cyberpunk 2077 also consists of Side Jobs as well and one of these Side Jobs is Riders On The Storm. Look for loot wherever you go because you don’t want to miss out on loot.

How to unlock Riders on the Storm Side Job

To unlock the Riders On The Storm Side Job, you have to complete Life During Wartime Main Job and then wait for 12 hours.

Riders on the storm walkthrough

This Side Job starts after you receive a call from Panam. Once you have received her call, you have to go to Aldecaldos Camp to meet her.

Talk to her and once she is done talking, follow her. She will take you to her crew. After that, take the Shard from Mitch and analyze the base. Observe the camp gate and perimeter.

After that, scan the truck and its tracks and then the Main Building. After that, scan the garage and disconnect from the drone.

Take Super Jet from Mitch and go to the Raffen Shiv Camp with Panam. Park the car on the designated stop and head inside the camp by grabbing and killing the guard near the green container.

Then kill the guards near the Main Building using Stealth. Then head upstairs using the stairs outside the Main building and enter it.

The control room will be right in front of the door. Get inside, kill the guard and then check the security feed to find Saul. Saul will be locked in the Cellar.

After that, head downstairs and kill everyone on the ground floor without attracting any attention and without firing any bullet.

Then head into the basement and eliminate the 2 guards there. Free Saul and then leave the Main building. Eliminate everyone you encounter while leaving the building.

Get in the back of the Van that will be right outside the Main Building. Few people might follow you on vehicles. Eliminate them and when you reach the farm, restore the power of the farm.

After that, go outside and adjust the fuse to turn on the Heating. Go inside, sit on the couch and talk to Panam and Saul. If you are looking for a little romance, take Panam’s side during the conversation.

Talk to Panam in the morning and she will give you a sniper rifle. That will conclude this Side Job.

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