Cyberpunk 2077 Riders on the Storm Guide 

The Riders on the Storm is one of the quests you'll do for Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077 that has to do with her clan.

In Cyberpunk 2077, you can play through several side jobs in addition to main quests. This helps expand on the story and the world as a whole. One such side job is the Riders on the Storm in Cyberpunk 2077. This appears after completing the Life During Wartime main job and waiting 12 hours for a call from Panam.  

You will be rescuing Saul, a friend of Panam’s. Upon reaching the location, she will guide you through all the steps. You must complete this side job if you want to romance Panam. There will be dialog options that show your interest in her. 

As there are several objectives in this side job, we have listed and explained them so you know what to do in the Riders of the Storm side quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Talk to Panam 

After getting the call from Panam, follow the marker to get to her location. You will need to meet Panam in Aldecaldos camp. She will ask your help to free Saul (one of their members) from the Wraiths who have captured him.  

If you want romance with Panam, choose the (We’re chooms, that’s why) dialogue option. After agreeing to give help, follow her as she goes to Mitch, who will further guide you in this rescue operation.  

Scan the area using the drone

After talking for a while with other members, Mitch will appear and ask you to scan the area using the drone. After getting the shard from Mitch, you will see Wraiths’ camp through the drone.  


Now, you need to scan the front entrance, the guard near the entrance, the tire tracks, the truck in the back, and the sky bridge that connects the garage with the main building. Scan these areas to complete this part of the Job.  

After scanning these areas, you will be asked to end recon. Follow Mitch and Panam to the van, where Mitch will give you Spiked Superjet. You will need to inject this into Saul’s body to speed up his central pump.  

After getting the Superjet, Panam will ask you to ride with her. Select (Yeah. ‘course) if you want to romance with her. Sit in the driver’s seat and follow the objective marker to the location of Wraiths’ camp.  

Find Saul 

Drive to the camp, where Panam will ask you to park in a secured location. Exit the van to find and rescue Saul from the Wraiths. This area is heavily guarded, so a direct assault will not bode well here.

The best and safest way to reach Saul is to enter through the left side of the camp. Once you are inside, silently follow the marker to the main building. You can check the cameras in the control room if you want.  

Keep following the marker, and you will enter the warehouse down the stairs. Sneakily pass through the two guards and walk through the doors. Kill the guard sitting in front of a computer and continue until you find the room with Saul sitting on a chair.  

Continue moving forward and enter a room to see Saul sitting on a chair.  

Free Saul

Approach Saul to talk to him. Wake him up and inject Superjet if necessary. Now, get out of the camp using the same route or follow the marker to get out using the maintenance tunnels. Following the marker is the easiest and safest way out. You will need to use a technical ability to open a door. 

Either way, make your way outside the camp safely with Saul, where Panam will drive up the van to your location. Get in the van, where Panam will drive you far away.  

Head to the shelter

Seeing the intensity of the sandstorm, Panam will drive up to the nearest shelter to spend the night before heading out to their camp. Once inside the shelter, locate the power panel to turn on the power. Furthermore, Panam will ask you to go outside to check the external panel.  

Follow the marker outside to fix the external panel to switch on the heater. Follow the marker back inside and sit on the couch to talk to Panam and Saul. 

Talk to Panam and Saul

This part of the side job is important if you want to romance with Panam further in the game. To increase your chance of romance with Panam, take Panam’s side after she asks for your advice in the heated argument between her and Saul.  

Then, select the option of raising the toast. Moving further, you will be given timed choices like (And? This any better?), (Pleased with your stay, ma’am?), (You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am), and ([Touch Panam’s thigh] Got a few ideas), select these to romance with Panam further in the game.  

After the conversation, Panam and V will sleep.  

Take the sniper rifle

Once it is morning, head outside the shelter, and you will see more Aldecaldos members and your bike. Talk to Panam and follow her to the bikes. She will then tell you to pick up the rifle. When saying goodbyes to each other, a time choice ([Stop Panam] Wait. About last night…) will appear. Select it to show your interest in her again.  

She will then drive off the location. Once the conversation with Johnny ends, the side job will end.  

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