Cyberpunk 2077 The Killing Moon Walkthrough

The Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC ends in one of four ways, three of which you will have to choose in The Killing Moon mission.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is full of missions where your actions and choices drive the narrative forward. In true RPG fashion, the story culminates where you have to make a choice and get one out of four endings. You make your choice during the final mission The Killing Moon in Cyberpunk 2077.

This is a huge mission and there is a lot to do here. This guide is solely focused on The Killing Moon mission and we will walk you through the stages of this mission step by step. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty The Killing Moon Quest Guide 

The Killing Moon begins while you are playing the Firestarter mission. This mission begins after you pick the choice “I’m with you”. You will be helping the character Songbird escape the FIA and leave.

The Killing Moon is based on Songbird’s escape. She will ask for your help with it and has plans for outer space, for Luna specifically. She will promise to call you once she arrives there. Once she escapes, she will tell you to wait for her; and thus begins the waiting game.

Songbird’s Contact

There is no set time period for this wait. You may have to wait a day or longer, or the game will trigger the call sooner. However, a good trigger point is the confrontation with Reed. Songbird will contact you after it and give you her location.

She will be inside a van and in pretty bad shape. After a dialogue sequence, she will initiate the auto drive to the airport. Halfway through, she will become weaker and ask you to take over. 


The Airport

Songbird will create a route for the NCX which starts at the Tycho Terminal. Once you reach there, she will have a brief dialogue with you, and you will have to go inside without a weapon. The initial objective will be to go inside and open a side door for Songbird so she can further her plan. 

Walk inside the airport. Go up the stairs into the processing area, where you will be checked for identity. Your Combat Cyberware will be powered down during this stage. Next up you will be asked to look at the camera for your biometric verification.

Avoid looking at the camera at all costs. The Songbird will create a fake profile for you, but it will take some time. You need to wait and look elsewhere while that bar is completed. If you look at the camera before, you will be detected and caught immediately. 

Once the fake profile is created you can proceed with your next objective. Songbird will tell you that there is a “gift from a friend” waiting for you at the luggage carrier belt. Thankfully, there will be only one orange suitcase on the belt so you will have no difficulty in finding it.

There will be a Corp-Bud uniform in the luggage case. Take it and head left towards the bathroom stalls. Change into the outfit and go towards the Tycho Terminal in whichever way you see fit. We took the ventilation shaft in the bathroom stalls to reach the terminal. 

High Speed Train Chase

The ventilation shaft is connected to the Maglev Train Tunnel. High-speed trains will be coming through this tunnel, and you will die if you get hit. You will need to time your movements according to the intervals between the trains.

Once a train passes, immediately sprint left on the track and follow it. Move as fast as you can and you will find a small hiding space. The trains will be moving fast, so get inside and wait for the train to pass. As soon as it passes, get ready for round two. 

Once you pass this stage, Songbird will tell you that the plan has changed. She will relocate because NUSA has started to sniff around the parking lot. She will redirect you towards the Construction Site Elevator on the roof. Take the elevator to the roof and keep on your right towards the fire hose. Throw it down to help Songbird up. 

Eavesdrop on Reed and Myers

Follow Songbird up to the landing pad, where she will warn you that Myers and Reed are inbound on a plane. Get inside the tunnel using the entrance on your right. Follow the shaft and you will have a clear line of sight of Myers and Reed talking about Songbird. You will learn about their true intentions here. 

Crawl around and follow Songbird into an elevator. When you reach your required level, a massive shootout will occur. Two other factions will be fighting so take this opportunity to slip by unnoticed with Songbird.

You will still need to take some enemies down as you you go along. She will lead you into an elevator going up into Departures. As the door opens up, a helo will come into the window looking for you. Go into the cafeteria where Songbird will become weak once again sit down for a brief moment, and start a dialogue. 

Lose the heat 

Open up the door and lead out. As you do, the helo will get a lock on you and start blasting everything. Stay in cover, or the machine guns on that helo will rip you wide open. The helo will stop firing for a brief moment, giving you the chance to escape. Take the stairs to make your escape as the other routes will be blocked. 

You will encounter hostiles in your way, so be prepared to take them out. Make your way to the control tower. The train will not be at the station, and Songbird will bring it back. There will be an ambush waiting for you, so stay sharp. 

Take out the ambush and then make your way to the tower.

Defend the Tower

More NUSA units will move to your location as Songbird gets to work on the train. Stay close to the control panel on the outside and shoot anything that moves until the helo arrives again. The helo will arrive when the train is on the way. When things start getting out of hand, go back to Songbird.

She will tap beyond the Blackwall once again, and you will attain powers of the Blackwall in The Killing Moon quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

After tapping the Blackwall, Songbird will hit her energy reserves and fall. You will need to carry her to the train. A brief dialogue scene will begin once you get her to the train. This is where Songbird will tell you that Neural Matrix was a one-time use only. There is no cure except for the one dose she had for herself. You can now choose between 3 endings, which are listed below.

Help Songbird escape

This is the ending where you will need to kill Reed. Songbird will pass out on the train after the dialogue scene ends. Carry her to the spaceship, where Reed will already be waiting for you. Do not choose to holster your weapon at this point, as you cannot pull it out again.

Drop Songbird onto the ground. You can choose to go over some dialogues but do not go through the one where you stop Reed from taking her. Instead, take your weapon out and shoot Reed. 

You will have a very tiny time frame to do this, and if you miss, Reed will kill you instead. Once Reed is dead, carry Songbird into the ship. This will trigger the ending where Songbird escapes, and you will be left waiting for your death.

Johnny will reappear and will have some dialogues with you. One of the standard endings to the game will trigger here.

Get yourself killed

During the dialogue with Reed on the platform, go for the dialogue “Gonna have to kill me.” Reed will then shoot you dead, and that will be your tragic end. 

Make a Deal

You can also choose to make a deal with Reed. You can offer up Songbird and ask for the cure in return. Reed will promise you the cure and take Songbird away with him. 

This option is available on the train. When the station is reached, contact Reed instead of carrying her inside. You can also choose to go away empty-handed from this deal. 

Contact Reed and ask him if he wants to take her away in The Killing Moon mission in Cyberpunk 2077. Go through the dialogues, and Reed will meet you on the platform. Go there, and Reed will take her away in his helicopter. This unlocks the Through Pain to Heaven mission.

This scene goes along as Myers will meet you and give you a medal for your actions. Songbird will be taken away, and the cure will be given to you. Administering the cure will completely cure you.

This means V, the notorious merc, will no longer exist. No more Johnny Silverhand, no more mercenary business. You will also lose all your cybernetic implants meaning you will not be able to fight anymore. Your romance option and friends will have also moved on. So you will live, but lose the life you had.

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