Cyberpunk 2077 Life During Wartime Walkthrough

This Cyberpunk 2077 Life During Wartime guide contains a brief walkthrough of the main job Life During Wartime. Since it is directly linked to the Lightning Break mission, we shall include a brief follow-up of that mission as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 Life During Wartime

The Life During Wartime mission starts automatically after the Lightning Break mission.

In this mission, you and Panam rig a power station to explode, acting as an EMP to bring down an AV, which is being used to transport Hellman.

Once you destroy it, it is surrounded by Kang Tao’s forces and you rescue Mitch from them.

With this, Hellman has been secured by Kang Tao’s forces and you need to follow them to secure him to interrogate him. What follows is the mission Life During Wartime itself.

Following Hellman

Kang Tao’s forces have captured Hellman and have taken Aldecoldo’s vehicles to take him away.

You send Mitch to get backup and scan the area to trace where Kang Tao’s forces went. Using two conveniently places bikes, follow the holograms of the vans that were used.

Along your path, you will come under enemy fire at an abandoned airstrip; ignore them and head on and follow the van holograms.

These lead you to a gas station, where Kang Tao’s forces have surrounded the area and have set flares to call for backup.

Infiltrating the Gas Station

Now you need to go in and secure Kang Tao. You can either shoot your way through the enemy soldiers, or you can sneak in.

To sneak in without fighting, you need Technical Skill level 5.

If you do have this, just climb the fence surrounding the gas station from the left and climb the roof to open the hatch and enter the building.

As you do, you will see a man sitting casually, the actual owner of the station.

Talk to him to find out where is Hellman, the only civilian with these soldiers. Once you have located him, get to him and get him. You would need to bring him out.

For bringing out Hellman, you do need to go through all of the soldiers outside, so it’s best that before you get to Hellman, stealth kill as many as you can and clear out the guards anyway possible.

Once all of these are done, get to Hellman and knock him unconscious. Bring him out.

As you do, the mission is as good as over. You will call Takemaru, who tells you to hold Hellman in Sunset Motel until he arrives.

You watch the drama unfold between Panam and Saul over Scorpion’s death, and Panam gifts you Scorpion’s bike.

Interrogation of Hellman

At the Motel, you interrogate Hellman about Johnny Silverhand and how to get rid of the biochip in your brain.

Without major spoilers, Takemaru will come and take over, and you experience a cramp, finally ending the mission.

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