Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Get Branded With The Mark Of The Absolute?

Mark of the Absolute in BG3 shows your resolve to follow the Illithid path. But is it worth it?

Dealing with Illithid is a slippery slope that usually comes with some heavy choices. After all, the Mind Flayer tadpole in your brain and your hopeless quest for a cure are tied to the Illithid. With how devious these creatures are, how can one choose to brand oneself with the Mark of the Absolute in BG3, another Ilithid trinket?

How to get the Mark of the Absolute in BG3

You can get the Mark of the Absolute in Act 1 through a series of small steps. First, you must experience the Whispers of the Absolute. There are two ways to do so

  • Via the item ‘Gloves of Power,’ you gain from the goblin leader at the Entrance of Druid Grove.
  • Speaking to the goblin prisoner, Sazza, in Druid Grove.

Either one will lead you to the Goblin Camp, located slightly northwest of the Blighted village. The way to the camp is brimming with many goblin guards. If you don’t want to risk, pass Charisma checks by rescuing the goblin prisoner Sazza.

She’ll handle roadblocks on the way, giving you a smooth passage to the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Once you enter the camp, you’ll want to make your way past the heavy oak doors with an Ogre guard stationed to the side. Past these doors, you will enter the ‘Shattered Sanctum.’ Through another large door, you will enter a large open room with the goblin High Priestess True Soul Gut standing in the middle.

Speak with her, and you will receive dialogue prompts on whether you want to get branded with the Mark of the Absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Should you get the Mark of the Absolute?

Surprisingly, the drawbacks of taking up this option seem to be relatively minimal. While it leads to disapproval by party members and a permanent brand on your hand, which forces you into some forced dialogue or conversation disadvantage, these instances are few and far between.

Beyond that, the brand can be hidden by equipping any pair of gloves, which minimizes any additional antagonistic encounters.

On the other hand, having the brand opens some exciting dialogue options in the game, the goblins in the camp for starters. It is also a prerequisite to achieving one of the alternate endings to the game if you’re looking for a completionist run.

Beyond that, and perhaps the more gratifying aspect of getting the Mark of the Absolute, is access to some unique Absolute weapons, which gain additional benefits only if you have the mark on you.

Mark of the Absolute exclusive items in Baldur’s Gate 3

As far as the Absolute equipment goes, they may not be game-breaking by any means, but they can offer some excellent utility for the part of the game you are in when you find them. Here is a list of the gear:

1: Absolute’s Warboard

A shield that gains a +1 bonus to saving throws with the Mark of the Absolute. Its innate spell, ‘Heroism,’ is also quite effective in bolstering your survival rating, especially for early game, granting ‘Frightened’ immunity and five temporary HP each turn.            

2: Faithbreaker

It is a unique weapon that can deal extra Force damage and potentially push opponents 5 meters back, leading to engaging combat scenarios.

3: Gloves of Power

With the Mark of the Absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3, any attack dealt with this equipped will apply an Attack Roll and Saving Throw penalty to enemies.

4: Ring of Absolute Force

While the Thunderwave spell obtained from this ring is quite tempting, the buff via the Mark of the Absolute will cause Thunder spells and attacks to deal one additional Thunder Damage.

5: Vision of the Absolute

The benefit this weapon gains from you bearing the Mark of the Absolute in BG3 gives it a slight chance to Blind your enemy. With all the pros and cons laid out, it does seem that getting the brand is a good option, which ends up doing better in the long run.

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