How To Find And Use Lump’s War Horn In Baldur’s Gate 3

Time for reinforcements. Lump's War Horn maybe difficult to obtain but it can turn any battle in your favor at one call.

Along with having powerful weapons and allies to accompany in the battle, there are other ways to call for further assistance in Baldur’s Gate 3. This comes in the form of the 3 Ogres that will help you in the fighting. However, they will not appear randomly, and you must use Lump’s Horn to call them in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Getting your hands on this Horn is another difficult task because you need to strike a deal with Lump the Enlightened. He is an ogre who, along with his friends, can be found in the Blighted Village. Convincing these beasts is hard if you do not know how.

Lump’s War Horn location

To get Lump’s Horn, you must travel to a destroyed shack (X: 15 Y: 380) in the Western region of the Blighted Village. This village is West of the Druid Grove and East of the Goblin Camp. As you are near the location, you will see dead bodies of goblins and people.   

Keep moving forward, and you will see broken houses. Enter the second broken house, and you will see 3 Ogres having a feast. Move closer to interact with them.

How to convince Lump to join you

A cutscene will play out, and dialogue will start between you and Lump. He will ask you to show him the Brand of the Absolute, or they will eat you.

Choose the Deception option, where you will roll a die to see if you succeed. It’s an easy check, so you’ll pass without many problems. The ogres will tell you they fight for goblins because they gave them gold.

Now, four options will be displayed before you.

  • The first one is to give them 500 gold.
  • The second is deception, where you lie about giving them 100 gold if they fight for you.
  • The third one is trying to pursue Lump and his gang in exchange for the flesh of the dead after the battle.
  • The last one is to refuse.

500 gold is a massive amount to dish out at this moment. You can use Deception or Persuasion, but both require passing a DC20 check. Whether you pay him the gold or pass the checks, the ogre will give you Lump’s War Horn, which you can use to call on him during any battle.


You can use the horn a maximum of 3 times during the battle. Lump’s War Horn can only be used during Act 1, but you still can’t use it in the Underdark, Grymforge, or Githyanki Creche. If you reach Act 2, the ogres will be out of the range of Horn’s sound, so use it before you set foot in the Shadow Cursed Lands.

How to use Lump’s War Horn in Baldur’s Gate 3

Whenever you feel your enemies are overwhelming you and need a hand, go to your inventory and select Lump’s War Horn in Baldur’s Gate 3. Right-click on it and press the “Sound” option.

Lump and his buddies will show up and assist you on the battlefield. But choose carefully when calling for assistance because you do not want to waste it. If any ogres die during the battle, they won’t appear the next time. You can use the horn if all the Ogres die, but no one will appear. Keeping them alive is extremely important.


Lump won’t ask for anything for his first appearance as you have already paid for it (or deceived him). Take good care of your surroundings, as summoning three ogres in constricted places can be devastating.

After the battle, the Lump will approach you, and dialogue will start. He will ask you to renegotiate the deal. Four new options will appear: to pay 500 gold, end the deal, a deception check to pay 1000 gold after the next fight, or fight.

If you pay them or pass the deception check, they will assist you once more sometime later. If you fail the deception check, they will attack. Ending the deal terminates your agreement with Lump, meaning you can no longer use Lump’s War Horn.

Best use cases of Lump’s War Horn

As Lump and his buddies are supremely powerful and hit like trucks, you don’t want to waste this opportunity. You can call them to fight the Githyanki Patrol before the Mountain Pass or take down the Goblin Leader Dror Ragzlin. You can also summon them near Aunt Ethel’s teahouse to clear the swamp of enemies.

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