Should You Allow Volo To Perform Eye Surgery In Baldur’s Gate 3

In this guide we will let you overcome the moral dilemma of losing one thing in favor of the next. Letting Volo operate on your eye is not a good idea. However, the reward certainly makes the whole process worthwhile.

Volo is an important NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3 that performs eye surgery on players’ and leave them with a unique gift. Volo is available near druid grove during the first act of the game. Talking to him and letting him know about the goblin’s camp will make him go there to investigate.

Volo is a writer and a bard, and most importantly a big talker with zero results. Once you find him, he will try to lure you with his sweet talks and fake grandeur. Valo will try to entice you with extracting the mind-flayer parasite from your eye by performing a surgery in BG3. Honestly, this is the only good thing he is capable of doing in the game.

Where to find Volo in BG3?

Finding Volo and freeing him from his captivity is of utmost importance if you want to continue with his quest. You can find Volo held inside a cage in the goblin camp. they are using him for their amusement. Once you talk to him, the goblins will move him to Shattered Sanctum, a place where you will also find Halsin. Proceed to Shattered Sanctum and find Volo there. He is on the upper floor and is guarded by a goblin. Pass a persuasion check to obtain a key to his cage and let him go. He will sneak through the camp and will meet you in your camp.

What happens if you let Volo remove the parasite from your eye in BG3?

Things take a strange turn with Volo if you talk to him multiple times. A writer by trade and a liar by nature, Volo offers his surgical skills to players in Bg3 to extract the mind-flayer parasite inside their skull by surgery.

During this conversation, you get two options. Either to back out because of the fear or let him proceed with the operation. The first option doesn’t result in any penalty and the game continues normally with Volo still present in your camp. You will get multiple chances to back out of the operation, even during the procedure.

However, if you let Volo to proceed with the eye surgery in Bg3, he ends up failing miserably and stabs your eye. This results in players losing one of their eyes permanently and Volo runs away from the camp.


Surprisingly, there is actually a great upside to losing one of your eyes at the hands of Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Should you let Volo perform eye surgery in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Now here is the big twist. Before escaping the camp, Volo feels extreme guilt for taking your eye. He ends up replacing it with a fake eyeball known as Volo’s Ersatz Eye in Bg3. This unique item allows you to see invisible enemies and other creatures present inside a specific range and give your eyeball a special hue.

Losing an eye for such an amazing ability is worth it in our opinion. We strongly recommend that you let Volo perform eye surgery on your character in Bg3. However, this will end up in your party members disapproving of your actions and you will lose Valo. But nothing beats beating the hell out of enemies who think they are safe from you by using invisibility. Right?

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