How To Win Chicken Chaser In Baldur’s Gate 3

Chase the Chicken and get your Reward.

To become a Chicken Chaser in Baldur’s Gate 3, guide the chicken through an obstacle course and make it reach the torches. Completing this will grant you the title.

You will be given a 1-minute duration to complete this. You can place a bet of up to 300 gold, and if you don’t want to risk any money, you can play for the title. Remember, only one party member can participate in this game.

You can play this game by visiting the East side of the Goblin Camp Entrance near the Druid’s Groove. The Chicken Chaser game is organized by an NPC named Krolla. Speak to her, and she will guide you regarding the game.

Remember that you cannot play the Chicken Chasing game if you kill Krolla or raid the Goblin Camp. Moreover, if you let Owlbear Cub live in BG3 before arriving at the Goblin Camp, you will find it here. Krolla will explain the Chicken Chaser’s rules to you; you get to chase the Owlbear Cub instead of a Chicken.

How to Become a Chicken Chaser in Baldur’s Gate 3

After speaking with Krolla and learning the rules, you can start the Chicken Chasing by standing in the circle near the entrance. You need to bet with Krolla either 30 Gold, 300 Gold, or No Gold.

When the game starts, you must approach the chicken. When you get close to it, the chicken will run away. You will have 10 Rounds or One Minute to chase the chicken to the west side.

The strategy that worked for Chicken Chasing was to physically push the chickens instead of herding them. This way, you can drive them where you want them to be. Place the barrels where you don’t want the chickens to go.


Chickens run randomly and sometimes squeeze through narrow spaces between barrels, making the sequence unnecessarily difficult.

You can clear obstacles from the Chicken’s path and place blockages in certain areas to prevent it from going there. The chicken can also jump over certain obstacles. You can block its way by stacking boxes and forcing it to move forward.

The chicken can also run out of the course into the camp; therefore, you first need to block the entrances and exits. You can also create a single track by moving obstacles and making the chicken go through it, but it will be tough to do this in one minute.

Pro Tip to get better at Chicken Chaser

You can look at the obstacle course of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Chicken Chaser game before you talk to Krolla and start the game. What’s more, you can even move obstacles and create a single track for the chicken.

The obstacles painted in red will anger Krolla if you shift them. However, you can still move them as there are no Goblins present. This approach has a catch. When the game starts, Krolla will rearrange all the obstacles to their previous spots, and many goblins will appear.

It would be best to take advantage of your time until she moved all the objects. You can place some containers at the entrance, keeping Krolla busy while you can chase the chicken quickly.

Chicken Chaser Rewards

After you emerge victorious in chasing a chicken, you can expect cheating from Krolla if you have placed a bet. She initially refuses to give you winnings and states that only a Goblin can win this game.

At this point, you can take two different approaches. You can persuade her to give you winnings by using the “We’re having fun, why ruin it now?” from the dialogues. Alternatively, you can use the Illithid Mind Control to make her pay your reward.

However, you may end up getting less than you bet. This can be called a bug or scam, but it can happen in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Chicken Chasing game.

After you are done, you can ask Krolla to let the Owlbear cub go. You can persuade her or use Illithid Powers. Other than this, you can also buy the cub from her. The cub will appear at your camp a few nights later.

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