How To Fast Travel In Baldur’s Gate 3

Fast Travel in Baldur's Gate 3 saves you a lot of time and running around so why not make the best use of these waypoints...

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a massive RPG in terms of its system and the scale of the world. As such, traveling from one place to another for just one quest step can take a lot of time. Thankfully, Baldur’s Gate 3 has a fast travel system that lets you instantly move to certain areas or checkpoints on the map. Let us help you understand how fast travel works in BG3 and how you can unlock more locations.

How to fast travel in Baldur’s Gate 3

The fast travel system is unlocked fairly early on in BG3. Once the Nautiloid crashes and you wake up on the beach, keep following the path and you will come up on a locked door. Right next to it is the first waypoint or fast-travel location. This Ancient Sigil Circle will automatically unlock the option to fast travel here once you approach it.

Just like that, as you explore the world you will unlock more fast travel points in Baldur’s Gate 3. There is one fast travel point in or near almost every major location on the map. You can then fast-travel to any unlocked waypoint in BG3 straight from your map. The right side of the map will show all the unlocked locations. Either click on a location from there or click the swirly fast travel icon on the map itself.

There are no costs associated with fast travel in BG3 so you can teleport around as frequently as you want.

How to unlock new fast travel locations in BG3

You do not need any material or key to get access to fast travel. When you see a purple color glowing on any cliff or rock, it means that this is the waypoint for fast travel. Simply approach it for the first time and the waypoint will be unlocked.

As mentioned before, each map region of Faerun has multiple fast-travel locations in BG3. So far, we have discovered 6 in the Wilderness section (the starting area) and 5 in one portion of the Underdark. So there are plenty of fast travel waypoints you just need to know how to find them. For that, you need to explore every corner of the map.


Below are the waypoints we have discovered so far. We will update with more locations and maps as we discover more fast travel spots in BG3:

  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Roadside Cliffs
  • Emerald Grove Environs
  • Blighted Village
  • Goblin Camp
  • Waukeen’s Rest
  • Underdark – Selunite Outpost
  • Underdark – Beach
  • Underdark – Myconid Colony
  • Underdark – Grymforge
  • Underdark – Sussur Tree

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