Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Unlock New Characters

There are a number of characters hailing from Disney franchises that you can unlock as residents in your Dreamlight Valley....

There are a number of characters hailing from Disney franchises that you can unlock as residents in your Dreamlight Valley.

You will initially begin your adventure with a handful of characters. They will help you get started. By completing various quests and fulfilling different requirements, you will be able to unlock more characters.

There are currently 17 characters in total in Disney Dreamlight Valley which players can befriend. The following guide will tell you how to unlock all of them in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley so far

Now you must be wondering what characters will be in Disney Dreamlight Valley? So don’t worry as all of the characters below have been listed alphabetically in case you want to search for someone in particular.

  • Anna
  • Ariel
  • Donald Duck
  • Elsa
  • Goofy
  • Kristoff
  • Maui
  • Merlin
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Moana
  • Mother Gothel
  • Prince Eric
  • Remy
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Ursula
  • Wall-E

How to get characters to live in your Valley

To make your valley a lively place, you need characters to start living in it. The most obvious and straightforward answer to this, is simply complete the quests and storylines.

To unlock characters, you would need a large amount of dreamlights. With those you will be able to unlock different realms and biomes.


Every new realm contains at least one different character. By talking to that character and completing the given quest, you would unlock that character and he/she will eventually start residing in your valley.

There are story quests and friendship quests. You can complete those to unlock the characters. For instance Minnie Mouse can be unlocked by completing a Mickey Mouse’s friendship quest.

Unlockable Characters

We have provided the details of all unlockable characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley below


This character will be quite a favorite among many people. She will be found in Magic castle. You will need to go to the second floor to find her. Once you meet her, she will ask for your assistance.

All she requires is to get her running back with some spells. You have to extinguish the fire, make a rock soup and run after the fire spirit. Then go and meet Elsa who will be near the river. You must catch the fish for her.

Then just move on to help Elsa by controlling the wind spirits for her. All you need to do is to get 3 windchimes on top of the tress. As you complete this, the wind spirit will be controlled and Anna will agree with you towards shifting to Valley.


Once you unlock Dazzle Beach, you will get a The Mysterious Wreck quest that must be completed to unlock Ariel.

There is a small island in the southeastern section of Dazzle Beach. The water is shallow enough for you to walk to the island. There is no need to swim.

Find the shipwreck and oar there to start The Mysterious Wreck quest. Goofy will tell you to repair the ship, after which you must travel to another island to find Ariel. Build her a home back in the valley on the beach, and she will return.

Donald Duck

You can find him in the Forest of Valor. He is in the Dark Grove. You can travel to Dark Grove by a portal near Kristoff.

When you will enter the portal, you will talk to Merlin to find a way to save Donald. You will collect two Emeralds, Donald’s feather, four dream shards, and a plant from the dark groove. You will combine them to create an Enchanted Feather.

When you return to the grove, the feather will float and you have to follow it. When you reach the end of the grove, you will find him. Then return him to the valley.


You will need to complete Annas’s first quest to move Elsa to the valley. To find Elsa a place to live, Anna will want you to examine an ice cavern. but there will be wooden stumps blocking the way.

You will need to clear the way. But you need an upgraded shovel for this. To upgrade your shovel, you will need four hardwoods, ten softwoods, three tinkering parts, and four iron ingots. Then you will craft the upgrade and upgrade your shovel.

Then clear the way to the ice cavern in the forest of valor. Anna will give a letter to you to deliver to Elsa. Go to Frozen Realm and give her a letter. Then She will move to Valley.


Goofy is also present from the beginning of the game. After completing the tutorial, you will unlock the Peaceful Meadow where Goofy’s stall and house are.


You can find Kristoff in the Forest of Valor, located east of the Plaza and northeast of Dazzle Beach. Once you’ve unlocked the Forest, go through the southern part to find Kristoff near a portal. He will have his own quest where you must restore the orb in the Forest before Kristoff comes back with you.


You will find Maui inside Moana’s realm. However, you will not be able to bring back Maui with Moana after repairing her ship.

You need to first invite Moana to your valley. She will tell you about some special dishes that Maui likes. You need to cook and bring those dishes to him to bring him back to the valley as well.


Merlin from The Sword in the Stone is the first character you meet in the game. You do not need to unlock him.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey is also another character who is available at the start of the game. You only need to clear out the Night Thorns in front of his house to meet him.

Minnie Mouse

You need to increase your friendship level with Mickey to unlock Minnie Mouse. When you will reach Friendship level 8 with Mickey, Minnie Mouse will be unlocked after the Memory Magnification quest.

To complete the quest, you will need two pieces of hardwood, an Emerald, and six tinkering parts. Then these items and Minnie’s Bow will be mixed to create Dreamlight Magnifier. Then she will ask for Anker. Minnie will give you plans. To build her pay 50000 to scrooge. This will unlock her and her friendship.


Moana can be found on her island in her realm which needs to be first unlocked by spending Dreamlight. You need to repair her ship so that she can come back with you to your valley. That will require you to acquire a few items and find a good fishing spot.

Mother Gothel

You can find Mother Gothel in Glade of Trust which is located in the southwestern part of the valley. There is a large tree in the center of the Glade of trust. This is Mother Gothel’s House. Go ahead and talk to her.

She will tell you her story of how she used a dark magic spell to capture someone in her house but it trapped her instead. You freed her by entering her house. This will unlock Mother Gothel but you need to complete her quest.

Prince Eric

Once you reach a friendship level of 3 with Ariel, you can start preparing to unlock Prince Eric.

Speak with Merlin, Maui, and Kristoff to start a new quest. Your tasks might be a bit different depending on who you talk to first.

You will eventually have to return to the shipwreck area and search for a fishing spot. You’ll find a statue head over there. Bring it back to Ariel and you will be asked to find the remaining pieces.

The finished statue will reveal a memory to start another part of the Prince Eric questline. You must then have a friendship level of 10 with Ursula by giving her daily gifts such as flowers.

She will then tell you to head to the Forgotten Lands to retireve the four Dark Crystals. Doing that will unlock Prince Eric but not entirely. Unfortunately, he is in a bad condition.

Speak with Merlin to build a castle and then have Ariel give Prince Eric a kiss to return him to normal.


Remy is the rat from Ratatouille. You can find him near the park’s entrance. To unlock Remy, you have to complete Merlin’s quest line and talk with him again.

Scrooge McDuck

Uncle Scrooge will be living in the valley from the start. You can find him outside his closed store. You will need to help him reopen his store by earning coins. You can do that by selling items to Goofy.


Ursula can be found inside a cave in Dazzle Beach. However, you need to complete a few tasks in order to free and bring her back to the valley.

You need to head into another nearby cave to retrieve an orb by solving three riddles in the With Great Power quest. Once the orb has been restored to its pillar, Ursula will be free.


Wall-E from the Pixar universe will come to stay in your valley once you have completed his quest. You need to first unlock the Magic Castle by spending Dreamlight to enter his realm.

Then speak with him to take on various chores like planting seeds and acquiring a few items before he is ready to come to your valley.

Are they going to add more characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Well, the developer has promised to release some game updates in 2023 so since it is in early access you can expect more content updates. Gameloft have confirmed that there will be new Realms and new characters to explore with future updates.

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