Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff Guide

This guide will cover everything about Kristoff in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can complete all his quests.

The curse that landed upon the Dreamlight Valley, affected everyone in one way or another. Some got affected directly and others got affected indirectly. Among those who got affected indirectly is Frozen’s Kristoff and this guide will cover everything about Kristoff in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can complete all his quests.

Kristoff never got fully affected by the curse that teleported everyone out of the valley, but he doesn’t fully remember what happened.

How to unlock Kristoff

You will find Kristoff in the Forest of Valor, but before you can reach Kristoff, you will need to clear the path that leads into the forest which is covered with Strong Night Thorns.

You can clear the thorns by collecting 5000 Dreamlights and then using them to clear the path to the Forest of Valor. From there head to the very depth of the Forest and you will find Kristoff near a pillar next to a portal.

Kristoff isn’t really bound by anything but rather he is kindhearted. He is waiting for Donald Duck to come back from the portal he went in to retrieve an Orb of Light.

For Kristoff to go back to the village, you will have to complete the Lost in the Dark Grove quest and bring back Donald Duck from the Portal and once he is back, Kristoff will go back to roaming around the village.


Kristoff’s quests

Once Kristoff is back in the village, you will be able to complete quests for him. Following are Kristoff’s quests.

Lost in the Dark Grove

The first quest is where you will be helping Donald Duck get back to the valley through the portal. For this purpose, you will first clear the path to the Forest of Valor and then find Kristoff.

Once you talk to Kristoff, he explains the whole situation to you. You will then enter the portal where you will find a feather on the ground.

Bring that feather back and take it to Merlin and he will ask you to bring the following items to craft a tracking spell that will help find Donald.

  • 1x Donald Feather
  • 2x Emeralds
  • 1x Plant from Dark Groove
  • 4x Dream Shards

Once you have all the items, take them back to Merlin and he will give you an Enchanted Feather that you can use to find Donald inside the Portal. Once you have found Donald, he will give you an Orb of Courage.

Take the Orb back through the portal and place it in the pillar that will summon Donald Duck back to the Valley, concluding the quest.

Leaving the Woods Behind

For Kristoff’s second quest, he will ask you to craft Carrot Soap for him. To craft soap, you will first need to collect Burned Logs from the Forest of Valor.

After that, take them to Cooking Station where you will turn them into Ashes.

Take the ashes to the crafting station and make Lye from them. Take Lye to Kristoff and he will send you to Maui to ask for some oil.

When you find and talk to Maui, he will tell you that you need the following materials to create Oil.

  • 20x Carrots
  • 12x Coconut

Once you have these items, take them to the crafting station and make oil from them and then take the oil to Kristoff where he will give you the Lye, you gave him before to take it and make soap.

Take everything back to your crafting station and craft Carrot Soap. Give it to Kristoff to complete the quest.

Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall

Interact with Kristoff who will share his plan about placing a stall in the village. Next, go interact with Goofy who’ll tell you the required materials are the following:

  • 50 Softwood: You find these in every biome by foraging (Not available in Dazzle Beach)
  • 50 Stone
  • 10 Ingots: 5 Iron Cores and 1yield 1 Iron Ingot.
  • 35 Hardwood: Spawn rates are limited for hardwood, only a few biomes including the Frosted Heights, Sunlight Plateau, Forgotten Lands, and Forest of Valor have a chance to spawn them.

Once all the items are acquired head back to Kristoff, go to your crafting station, and craft the Stall in the furniture option of the recipe menu.

Place the Stall anywhere in the village.

A Broken Sled

For the third and final quest for Kristoff, you will have to go and free Kristoff’s sled from Ice in Frozen Height. Follow Kristoff to the location and use a pickaxe to free the Sled.

Once you have freed the sled, you will have to show it to Kristoff, and he will tell you to go to his house and find the book on how to fix the broken sled.

You will find the book in the side room, and it will tell you to gather the following items.

  • 50x Fiber
  • 30x Hardwood
  • 10x Iron Ingots
  • 9x Tinkering Parts

When you have all the materials saved, go to the crafting station and make a sled for Kristoff. Once you give the new Sled to Kristoff, he will ask you to bring him the following materials.

  • 1x Fiber
  • 1x Brick
  • 1x Glass
  • 1x Iron Ingot

Once you finally give all the items to Kristoff, your quest will conclude.

Frozen Memories

Frozen Memories is the last mission that Kristoff assigns you, the requirement for which is reaching friendship level 10.

Interact with Kristoff to initiate the mission, who will request you to help him retrieve his wiped-out memories.

Next head towards Elsa to seek help, who’ll recommend a spell that may help. You must then collect the following materials:

  • 3 Swamp Water: found at the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach
  • 6 Aquamarines: Search the Glade of Trust to find them.

With the items acquired, return to Elsa, where you’ll find that the spell is ineffective. You must then seek out Anna for a sample of her hair.

Return to Elsa to find that the new spell is effective. A Magic Ice Block will be obtained.

Put the ice block in your furniture inventory and craft it into an Anna sculpture using a pickaxe. Now return to Kristoff to conclude the mission.

Kristoff’s favorite gifts

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can increase your friendship level with Kristoff by giving him gifts. We have made a list of favorite items to give them as gifts:

  • Porridge
  • Iron Ore
  • Cucumber
  • Fiber
  • Vegetarian Taco
  • Asparagus
  • Sugarcane
  • Fish Tacos
  • Dark Wood

Kristoff’s friendship levels

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has some rewards that can be unlocked once you level up the friendship. For Kristoff, the following are the rewards for each of his friendship level.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 After you reach level 1 friendship with Kristoff, you will unlock Kristoff as a character and the Unlocking Kristoff Stall quest
Level 2 A sweater with the frozen theme will be unlocked as a clothing item.
Level 3 You will be rewarded with an overlay with a deer theme.
Level 4 After reaching level 4 of friendship, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 A woolen cap with a Kristoff theme will be unlocked as a clothing item.
Level 6 You will unlock the tree decoration as a decoration item.
Level 7 After reaching level 7 of friendship, you will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins.
Level 8 A stylish well will be unlocked as a decoration item.
Level 9 A second overlay with a deer theme will be unlocked
Level 10 You will unlock Sled that belongs to Kristoff from the Frozen movie.

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