Disney Dreamlight Valley Emerald Locations

Emerald is one of the many gems that you can mine from rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest gem to find.

Opportunities to farm Emerald for yourself comes much later in the game. This guide will help you find and farm as many Emeralds as possible in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to mine Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Emerald is not found in any rock that you can mine in the valley. You need to unlock the biomes of Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor to farm Emeralds. These two are the only two biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley where you can mine Emerald.

Out of both of these, we recommend that you unlock Forest of Valor first. The reason is that Glade of Trust is blocked off by a lot of mushrooms, and it takes almost forever clearing them out. You do face a few roadblocks for unlocking Forest of Valor as well, however, these are nowhere as difficult as compared to unlocking Glade of Trust.

You need to farm the rocks in these biomes to get Emeralds. As with all gems, if you are having a hard time finding Emeralds you should bring around a friend that has a Mining Deed, to increase your chance of finding an Emerald.

All the rocks that you have mined respawn after five minutes, so you can keep on farming these rocks if you manage to find a good farming route.

Emeralds’ Uses

Emeralds are immensely valuable and can be sold for a very high price. You can sell a single normal version of Emerald for 325 Star Coins. If you find a Shiny Emerald, you can sell it for 1,300 Star Coins. This makes Emerald highly desirable.

Emeralds can also be used as gifts to help increase your friendship level with the different characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some recipes also include Emerald as one of their ingredients, so it’s best that you do hold on to a few Emeralds.

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