How To Make Ratatouille In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You might remember the Ratatouille dish from the movie with the rat chef. Well turns out you can make that Ratatouille dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well and with the help of that same rat, Remy.

Unfortunately, getting to Remy so he can teach you the Ratatouille recipe can be a bit troublesome. Night Thorns have divided the residents of Dreamlight Valley so it is up to you to get them back, including Remy.

How to bring Remy back

Remy is one of the main characters you need to bring back to Dreamlight Valley.

After you clear out the vines and unlock the castle allowing you to travel to different realms, you can go and meet Remy at his restaurant to start the An Important Night at the Restaurant quest.

For this Remy will ask you to make multiple dishes for his customers. The last of these dishes is the famous Ratatouille.

Once you are done making the dish, Remy will return to the Valley and you have to build a home for him. For a little rat, Remy sure does have a huge house and you need to find a large enough space to make the house for Remy.

After you find a suitable spot, just pour in 2000 coins to build the house and complete the An Important Night at the Restaurant quest to bring back Remy

How to make Ratatouille to complete Remy’s quest

The last dish that you are supposed to make for Remy in An Important Night at the Restaurant quest is Ratatouille.

The only problem with making Ratatouille is that Remy never gives you the actual recipe for Ratatouille. All he says is, “It’s vegetables! And spices! And memories! Go!”.

The restaurant kitchen is loaded with ingredients, and finding what vegetables and spices you need is somewhat harder than finding the ‘memories’ in the kitchen.

The ingredients you need for Ratatouille are as follows:

  • Tomatoes – Found on the final set of shelves.
  • Eggplant – Found on the final set of shelves.
  • Zucchini – Found on the final set of shelves.
  • Basil – Found on the second set of shelves you pass.
  • Onion – Found on the second set of shelves you pass.

Memories are already in the critic’s head and you don’t need to cook them. Just collect one of each item listed above, and toss them into the pot on the stove to cook Ratatouille.

Ratatouille is served and Remy has agreed to return to the Dreamlight Valley. What’s left to do now is to build Remy’s home in the Valley.

How do I build Remy’s house in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Building Remy’s House in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a straightforward task. After making the ratatouille dish in the Dream Castle, you need to travel to the Valley Village. Within that village, pick any location for Remy’s House.

Once you have picked the location for Remy’s house, you can then pay 2000 Star Coins for it to be built. After building Remy’s House, Remy will be unlocked as a character. You can then do the quest involving him to level up the friendship.

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