Disney Dreamlight Valley Minnie Guide

This guide will tell you how you can unlock Minnie in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can complete all of her quests.

Minnie Mouse, the trust-worthy partner of Mickey Mouse is lost somewhere in the Dreamlight Valley and no one knows where she is, so now it is up to us to find and reunite her with Mickey this guide will tell you how you can unlock Minnie in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can complete all of her quests.

How to unlock Minnie

Minnie is one of the late-game characters that you will be unlocking not through a direct route but through another character’s quests and that certain someone is none other than her partner, Mickey Mouse.

To unlock Minnie, you will first have to unlock Mickey which you will do early on in the game and after that, you will have to raise your friendship level with him up to level 8.

When you reach friendship level 8 with Mickey, you will be able to do the Memory Magnification quest for Mickey and Minnie will appear once you complete that quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Minnie quests

Upon Minnie appearing in the valley, you will be able to help her in quests, details of which are given below.

  • The Language of Flowers
  • On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory

The Language of Flowers

Once Minnie is back in the valley, she will try to make Mickey remember their lovely relationship, and to do that she will ask you to help her to put together a flower arrangement for Mickey.

The first step to that will be to accompany Minnie to the Forest of Valor and pick 6x Blue Star Lilies.

You might not find all of them on your first visit so you will have to leave the forest and come back again after a bit for the flowers to respawn again.

Take the flowers to Minnie and she will give you a list of more flowers to collect and make an arrangement. The list of items to make the arrangement is given below.

  • Minnie’s Special Flowerpot (Minnie will give it to you)
  • 1x White and Red Hydrangea
  • 4x Red Bell Flowers
  • 6x Blue Star Lilies

Once you have all the items, go to your crafting station and make a flower arrangement and upon showing it to Minnie, she will ask you to deliver them to Mickey. Deliver the flowers and talk to Minnie to conclude the quest.

On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory

The final quest for Minnie is helping her get back her memories by running around the valley and collecting bits of memories from all over the place and then telling Minnie about them.

To start off the quest, you will first go talk to Minnie and she will take you to the Peaceful Meadows where you will again talk to her in front of the Spectral Rod.

After that, you will have to go to Mickey to get the Dreamlight Magnifier. Once you have the Magnifier go and interact with the Spectral Fishing Rod. It will disappear after you interact with it.

Again, talk to Minnie and she will send you to Dazzle Beach where you will find a Spectral Hat which will also disappear once you interact with it.

Go back to Minnie and again talk to her and she will send you to the Forest of Valor where you will find a Spectral Package. Repeat the whole process.

This time when you return to Minnie, she will remember everything about her relationship with Mickey and they will reunite, and you will have to listen to their conversation.

When their dialogue ends, talk to Mickey to return the Dreamlight Magnifier and conclude the quest.

Minnie favorite gifts

Minnie can be picky when it comes to gifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Therefore, she has a preference for certain gifts. While her favorite items change on a daily basis, her liked items remain constant.

Here’s a list of gifts Minnie like in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • Black Passion Lily
  • Cherry Pie
  • Gooseberry

Minnie friendship levels and rewards

Minnie, like any other character, has different levels of friendship. You’ll start at level 1 and work your way up to level 10 as your friendship grows stronger.

Each friendship level grants certain rewards, which are listed below.

  • Level 2 – Item (clothing)
  • Level 3 – Design Motif
  • Level 4 – 500 Star Coins
  • Level 5 – Item (decor)
  • Level 6 – Design Motif
  • Level 7 – 1,000 Star Coins
  • Level 8 – Item (decor)
  • Level 9 – Design Motif
  • Level 10 – Item (clothing)

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