Disney Dreamlight Valley: Goofy’s Stall Locations & Items

There are two main stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley from where you can directly purchase resources and materials to save you time searching or crafting them in biomes.

In addition to Kristoff’s Stall, you also have access to Goofy’s Stall which has expanded his business across all of the available biomes in the game.

He buys and sells different items. These items are mostly raw materials like seeds and crops though.

To get your hands on the required items quickly, Goofy’s stalls would be the best place to visit. However, since there are a total of seven different stalls, i.e. one in each biome – with each stall selling different items – it becomes very hard to remember them.

Hence, in this guide, we will sum up the locations of all of Goofy’s stands in Disney Dreamlight Valley – and the items they sell.

Goofy’s Stall locations and items

Goofy operates seven stalls in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley – one in each biome. All of them are run by Goofy himself, but there will be a tad bit of variation of his stalls in each biome.

Firstly, each stall will require a base price to be unlocked and will require a further two upgrades to unlock the whole inventory, allowing the stalls to reach their maximum potential of items.

The stalls will unlock gradually as you progress through the game and unlock new biomes, with their base construction price ranging from 1000 Star Coins to 25,000 Star Coins. The biomes unlocked later in the game will hence have a higher base construction price.

Secondly, there will be slight variations in the items and products sold in different biomes. Given below is a list of the locations of all 7 stands of Goofy – and what kind of items they hold in store.

Peaceful Meadow

This stall is located at the center of the Peaceful Meadow biome, right to the east of Merlin’s House.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Wheat Seeds1
Carrot Seeds10
Lettuce Seeds3

Dazzle Beach

This stall is located on the southeastern edge of Dazzle Beach, adjacent to the pier.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Tomato Seeds8
Corn Seeds15
Sugarcane Seeds5

Forest of Valor

This stall is located in the center of the Forest of Valor, just next to the river.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Onion Seeds50
Canola Seeds25
Bell Pepper Seeds15

Glade of Trust

The Glade of Trust biome’s stall is located to the east of Mother Gothel’s treehouse.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Rice Seeds35
Okra Seeds135
Spinach Seeds45

Sunlit Plateau

This stall is located west of the Elephant Graveyard next to the entrance of the main Plaza, which is on the eastern side of the Sunlit Plateau.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Zucchini Seeds30
Cotton Seeds42
Chili Pepper Seeds20
Chili Peppers117
Soya Seeds60

Frosted Heights

This stall is located right next to the river at the center of the Frosted Heights biome.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Eggplant Seeds95
Asparagus Seeds150
Cucumber Seeds40

Forgotten Lands

This stall is located to the east of the Fast Travel Well and north of the Pumpkin House, in the center of the Forgotten Lands biome.

Items SoldPrice in Star Coins
Pumpkin Seeds275
Leak Seeds120
Potato Seeds55