Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide

We are going to discuss the quests given by Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this guide to help you complete them.

We have a bunch of Disney characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Merlin is one of them. Merlin is basically a wizard. If you recall the movie named as “The Sword in the Stone”, you would exactly know who Merlin from Disney Dreamlight Valley is.

Almost every character will give you some quests to complete in order to progress through the main storyline and to earn special rewards. We are going to discuss the quests given by Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this guide to help you complete them.

How to unlock Merlin

Some of the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley need to be unlocked. Whereas, there are some which are already unlocked and residing in the village.

You just need to go to the location where they are residing and upon interaction, you can actually get the quests.

Merlin is the first character that you are going to bump into in your Disney Dreamlight Valley journey. So he is already unlocked and already residing in the Valley.

Merlin’s quests

There are a total of 10 quests that Merlin will give you in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you need to complete them in order to earn some decent rewards. We have given the details of each one of them below:

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley

In the first quest, you would collect some flowers (3-4 flowers) and head to Merlin’s house. When you reach the front door, try to get inside but the Merlin will instruct you that you need some enchantments or magic words to purify the flowers.

You can use any magical word that you like to purify them. Once purified, just get inside the house.

Search the house and you will find a glowing blue-colored orb in a corner. Interaction with the orb will help you to recall the first memory.

Merlin will tell you that he needs you to find some royal tools when you talk to him about the first memory that you have just unlocked. The royal tools are:

  • Pickaxe
  • The Shovel
  • The Watering Can
  • The Fishing Rod

So with this, your second quest starts. Also, Merlin will ask you to consider his home as your home. So it is your own home from now on.

The Royal Tools

All of these Royal tools are found in Plaza and luckily your house is in Plaza too.

The watering can is the first thing you are gonna get because it is the nearest. Just step out of the house, there would be a pile of barrels on your right-hand side. The watering can is right behind those barrels.

But the problem is that there are Night Thorns on the way. Clear them out to reach the watering can. Acquire the watering can.

Across the Plaza, there is Chez Remy. The shovel is right there.

The Pickaxe would be stuck in a rock. To get to that rock just open the map and make your way to the bottom right location on the map.

Now that you have the pickaxe, you can clear out rocks that are blocking your way. There are stairs that are nearby, you need to find them.

Once found, go down the stairs, clear the rocks on the way and you will find yourself right in front of a pond. A broken fishing rod would be lying over there. Just pick it up.

Goofy’s house is nearby. Go there and interact with Goofy. He will give you a hat and a functional fishing rod.

Now you have found all the Royal items. You just need to go back to Merlin. He is found at the castle blocked by vines. You need to follow him.

He will take you to the center of the Plaza. Just talk to him and the quest will be completed.

The Dream Castle

You will talk to Merlin in the center of the Plaza. He will take you to Night Thorns. Upon checking the thorns, you have the duty to clear the thorns but removing them requires 2000 Dreamlights. You must have them.

Once the thorns are gone, enter The Dream Castle. Merlin will tell you that you do not have enough Dreamlights.

You can only open 3 portals with this many dreamlights. The portals are ‘The desolate planet with a shy robot’, ‘A restaurant with a great little chef’ and ‘The ocean with a Degimod’.

You need to choose one of them. A door will be opened to that particular portal. This will finish up this quest.

Friendship is Everything

When you come back to your valley after visiting the new world through the portal, Merlin will take you to visit some dotted pillars scattered around the valley.

These pillars need orbs of virtue. The pillar that you and Merlin visit, actually needs a friendship virtue.

Now there is an orb but it is behind thorns. You need to increase the friendship level to 5 with any 3 villagers to get to the orb.

Once you have done increasing the friendship level, just go to the thorns and they will slowly come down and you can finally get the orb. Take that orb to the pillar.

Now talk to Merlin and he will tell you that if you spend some Dreamlights, you can actually fast travel to new biomes. This sums up this quest.

A New Enchantment

Merlin will tell you about sharpening your magic. Merlin has some dream shards that are found in Night Thorns.

He will ask you to get him 10x dream shards. Just collect them randomly from the Night Thorns and go to Merlin.

Merlin will tell you that you can craft 250x Dreamlights using one shard at the crafting station. Craft Dreamlights using the shards.

He is then gonna task you with finding the following flower for study purposes:

  • 4x Dandelions
  • 6x Apples
  • 6x Bananas
  • 4x White Daisies

Bring these to Merlin. He is then gonna tell you that he will cast a spell on your watering can and then you can get rid of all the mushrooms.

Just go to the place where mushrooms are grown. After talking to Merlin, equip the can and water the mushrooms. They will be gone and will never grow again.

With Great Power

When you have unlocked Dazzle Beach, talk to Merlin and he will tell you to find a purple-glowing cursed cave and explore it around.

In Peaceful Meadow, go to the slope that is on the extreme left and go down. Keep following the water streams and you will end up in front of the cave.

There would be Ursula who is trapped in the cave. Search the cave to get to her. Once found, talk to her and you will come to know that she was after that crystal key and she has it.

There is another cave that has an orb of power and can only be unlocked using a crystal key.

Take that key from her and go to the meadow. Keep following the greener grassy path and you will find a glowing blue stone type of thing on the right of the cave. Insert the key and enter the cave.

The cave will lead you downwards. There would be 3 dummy statues standing ahead of you.

They will be wearing necklaces of different colors. The rock in front of you will have a riddle on it. In short, it says that you need to find 3 gems that match the colors of the necklaces.

Find Aquamarine, Peridot and Garnet. Head out of the cave and find these. Once you have them, insert each of them into the respective necklace to clear your way.

Now you will be headed more downwards and you will get another riddle. You need to farm carrot, wheat and tomato.

Head out and go to Goofy’s stalls to get the seeds of these. Once you have the seeds, come back to the cave, plant these seeds, water them and then wait until they grow into plants. This will unlock the way.

You will be headed more downwards then. This riddle will ask you to go up again and harvest what you have farmed.

Once harvested, come back down and cook a meal using carrot, wheat and tomato. Eat the cooked meal to unlock another doorway.

When you go down, you will see that orb of power is in the water. Just equip your fishing rod and take the orb out. There is a pillar when you go out of the cave. Just take this orb to that pillar.

Now go to Ursula and talk to her. Then go to Merlin and talk to him. This finishes up the quest.

 A Lesson in Frustration

Merlin tells you that he has been hungry for a long time and now you have to cook him a 2-star meal. Just go to your stove and cook any 2-star meal and give it to Merlin.

Crystal Mystery

Now Merlin will ask you to go to Forest of Valour to carry out some investigations on the Black Crystal that he has recently found.

There is a black shard to the right of the pillar which resembles Night Shard a lot. You just pick it up and show it to Merlin.

Merlin will order you to get him 5 more of these shards. Once you get him these shards, he then tells you to go to the crafting station and craft an even purified Night Shard by using a Night Shard and a Dream Shard.

Once you craft this purified Night shard, return to Merlin and give it to him. He tells you that his theories are not wrong but they are true. Out of happiness, he tells you to give this shard to any villager.

Give it to someone and your quest will be completed.

A Dark Experiment

The Merlin once again tells you that he has found another way to remove the mushrooms permanently by using your watering can. Just get him the following things:

  • 20x Mushrooms
  • 5x Emeralds
  • 30x Purified Night Shards

After giving them to Merlin, he will do something with your watering can and will ask you to water some mushroom clusters in the village to verify the experiment. Just water 3 mushroom clusters to finish the quest.

The Final Trial

Now you need to be at friendship level 10 for this quest. When you are, just go to Merlin and talk to him.

He would tell you that he can make your watering can even better. He will tell you that he needs 5x purified Night shards for the experiment.

Just go to the crafting station. Use 25x Night shards and 5x Dream shards to craft 5x purified Night shards.

Take the purified Night shards to WALL-E. He will make powder of the shards. Take that powder to Merlin and he will ask to bring him the following things:

Now you need to go to the crafting station again after getting these items. Use all of these items to create an enchantment.

Upon giving the enchantment to Merlin, he will make sure the watering can is now fully upgraded. Just go down the Glade of Trust and find bigger mushrooms and water them to remove them.

Go back to Merlin and talk to him. He will be so happy and will give you a very spacious Wizard Hat.

Merlin’s favorite gifts

You can easily increase your friendship level with Merlin by giving him his favorite items as gifts.

Merlin’s friendship rewards

Each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has 10 friendship levels and each level of friendship rewards you with a particular unlocking such friendship quests which unlock at level 10.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 You will unlock your home, Dream Castle and Merlin.
Level 2 You will unlock a furniture skin (bag) to place in the Dreamlight Valley.
Level 3 Unlock an overlay to place in your clothes during customization.
Level 4 Unlock 500 Star-Coins.
Level 5 Unlock a piece of furniture skin (table) and place potions atop of it.
Level 6 You will unlock an additional overlay for your clothes.
Level 7 You will unlock 1,000 Star-Coins.
Level 8 Unlock a furniture skin (Cabinet).
Level 9 Unlock an Owl overlay for your clothes.
Level 10 You will unlock a Wizard to place on your character.
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