Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Guide

Catching, Cooking, and Selling fish is one of the key mechanics of Disney Dreamlight Valley that helps players earn money...

Catching, Cooking, and Selling fish is one of the key mechanics of Disney Dreamlight Valley that helps players earn money and cook delicious meals. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Catching fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, their locations, and prices, so without further ado, let’s start.

Where is the fishing rod in Dreamlight Valley?

In order for players to catch fish in the game, they must first have a Fishing Rod in possession. Players can acquire a Fishing Rod by opting for the ‘Fishing Expedition’ or ‘Royal Tools’ quest at the beginning of Dreamlight Valley.

Upon the completion of these quests, not only will you be granted a Fishing Rod by Goofy, but you’ll also have a quick rundown on how players can catch fish

How to catch a fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have a Fishing Rod, you can now visit the nearby water body and start observing the surface. Wherever you notice some bubble forming on the water, there is a high chance there’s a fish underneath.

As soon as you’ve locked the target, now comes the time to put your Fishing Rod in action.

Simply aim precisely towards the water bubble and then throw your line. As soon as the game prompts you to pull, start doing so to catch the fish.

Remember, if you don’t act fast, the fish will likely be set free. Once you have the fish, you can now sell them for Star Coins or use them in exquisite recipes. There will be instances you’ll catch trash or seaweed, but don’t be let down by that and keep trying.

While fishing, you should also keep an eye on the color of the fishing spot. Different colors represent difficulty levels, and if you are fishing on a high-difficulty fishing spot, the chances of finding rare and heavy fish are higher.

Fishing spot color breakdown

The three color fishing spots that you find in the Disney Dreamlight valley are:

  • White Colored Fishing Spot
  • Blue Colored Fishing Spot
  • Gold Colored Fishing Spot

White-colored fishing spots are less difficult to fish, and you will find fewer rare fish in them. You will need to succeed in two fishing attempts.

After this, we have Blue Colored fishing spots where you can find fish with medium rarity. But for this, you must succeed in all three fishing attempts. Medium rarity fish include Bream and Shrimp.

At last, we have Gold Colored fishing spots that need you to succeed in all four fishing attempts in Dreamlight valley. Here you can find rare fish like White Sturgeon and Lobsters

Fishing locations and the fish you can catch there

Now that you know how to go Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley, let’s take a look at the various kinds of fish you can catch, their location, selling prices, and the energy you obtain from them in the game.

Fish Location Selling Price Energy Gained
Anglerfish Forgotten Lands 1500 Star Coins 2000
Bass Peaceful MeadowForest of ValorSunlit PlateauFrosted Heights 25 Star Coins 150
Bream Peaceful Meadow 600 Star Coins 1300
Carp Forest of ValorSunlit Plateau 400 Star Coins 800
Catfish Peaceful Meadow 550 Star Coins 1200
Cod Dazzle BeachForgotten LandsGlade of Trust 35 Star Coins 150
Crab Frosted Heights 600 Star Coins 1200
Fugu Dazzle Beach 900 Star Coins 1700
Herring Dazzle BeachGlade of Trust 65 Star Coins 250
Kingfish Dazzle Beach 450 Star Coins 800
Lancetfish Forgotten Lands 650 Star Coins 1300
Lobster Glade of Trust 950 Star Coins 1300
Perch Forest of ValorSunlit Plateau 80 Star Coins 400
Pike Forest of ValorSunlit Plateau 800 Star Coins 1500
Rainbow Trout Peaceful MeadowForest of Valor 50 Star Coins 300
Salmon Frosted HeightsSunlit Plateau 150 Star Coins 500
Seaweed Dazzle BeachFrosted HeightsForgotten LandsGlade of TrustForst of ValorPeaceful MeadowSunlit Plateau 20 Star Coins 25 Energy
Shrimp Dazzle Beach 300 Star Coins 750
Sole Forgotten Lands 200 Star Coins 500
Squid Glade of TrustForgotten Lands 500 Star Coins 1000
Swordfish Dazzle Beach 700 Star Coins 1500
Tilapia Sunlit PlateauFrosted Heights 600 Star Coins 1150
Tuna Forgotten LandsGlade of Trust 95 Star Coins 350
Walleye Sunlit Plateau 1100 Star Coins 1700
White Sturgeon Frosted Heights 1200 Star Coins 1800

How to unlock Moana’s fishing boat

Moana is one of the characters in the Disney Dreamlight valley. You can unlock her early in the game by entering the castle and bringing her back to the Valley.

You have to enter Moana’s realms, help her and Maui and, after that, bring them back to the Dreamlight Valley. Once she returns, you will get the Fixing The Boat quest from her.

To complete this quest, you will need to help her find the material to fix the boat. The list of material you will need to gather is below,

  • Softwood x50
  • Fibers x70
  • Pink Hydrangeas x3

You can find Softwood throughout the Meadow and Plaza from the trees and bushes. For Fiber, you will need Seaweed, as you can turn one Seaweed into 5 Fibers. Lastly, to find the Pink Hydrangeas, you must head to Dazzle Beach.

After collecting all the required material, head to the crafting station, where you have to craft the following items.

  • Ropes x4
  • Baskets x3
  • Rustic Wooden Cases x3

Give these items to Moana, and she will fix the boat in no time. Now she can use this boat to head to sea and fish whenever she wants. It is an upgradeable boat that you upgrade using the Scrooge McDuck sign.

The three upgrades of this boat will cost you 1000, 2000, and 3500 Star Coins, respectively.

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