Disney Dreamlight Valley Dazzle Beach Cave Puzzles Solution

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a pretty relaxing experience with life-simulation elements. That is until you reach the Mystical Cave where...

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a pretty relaxing experience with life-simulation elements. That is until you reach the Mystical Cave where you will be scratching your head trying to solve three riddles.

You’ll be introduced to the Mystical Cave fairly early on in the game by Merlin. It contains, way in its depths, the Power Orb, which is needed in the With Great Power… quest to save the valley from the confines of Dark Magic.

To make your way through the Mystical Cave, you have to cross three different gateways protected with barriers, and you have to solve three riddles to dispel them, which we’ll show you how to solve in the guide below.

Where to find the Cursed Cave’s location

You can find the Cursed Cave on the northeast side of Dazzle Beach. Exit the Forest of Valor and walk for a minute. You will then find the entrance to Cursed Cave which is marked on the map below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Cursed Cave Location

Where to find the Mystical Cave’s entrance

You can easily find the entrance to the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. The entrance is guarded by Orb of Power. The location of Mystical Cave entrance is marked on the image below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Mystical Cave Location

How do you complete With Great Power in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

As you make your descent through the Mystical Cave, you’ll find a few locked gateways with statues situated around them. Right in the center of these statues you should find a message, which contains a riddle needed to be solved in order to unlock the respective gate.

There are three different gateways along the length of the Mystical Cave, each with a different set of statues and naturally a different riddle. Let’s look at how to solve each of the three riddles one by one.

Mystical Cave’s gem puzzle solution

This particular riddle requires you to collect three different types of gems and place them in their respective statue matching the color of the gemstones.

They are Green, Red, and Blue. For each of these statues, you need to find a Peridot (Green), Garnet (Red), and an Aquamarine (Blue) respectively to solve the riddle.

You can find these Gems by mining mineral veins/rock formations with your pickaxe. Some of these mineral veins will even have the colored gem visible as you mine them, which means an increased chance of finding that particular gem inside them.

It is not, however, assured that you’ll get the respective gem only from a rock formation of its color, as they can drop from any rock formations there are, despite the color of it, but there are reduced chances of it.

Each particular mineral vein containing the gems can be found in the following particular areas.

  • Peridot: Dazzle Beach or Peaceful Meadow.
  • Garnet: The Plaza and The Peaceful Meadow
  • Aquamarine: Dazzle Beach and The Forest Of Valor

In essence, all you have to do is go to the particular areas mentioned, break the rocks to obtain one of each of the three gems associated with the riddle and place it in the statues next to the gate.

Mystical Cave’s crops puzzle solution

Next up, we have the Crop Planting riddle, which is slightly easier and more straightforward than the first one. If you look closely, you should find a small crop plot at the base of each of the three statues.

Each of the three statues will hint at which particular crop you have to plant:

  • Underground: Carrot
  • Gold and Brown: Wheat
  • Red and Round: Tomato

To solve this riddle, you need to find one of each of the three seeds and place them into the respective crop plot. After that, all that’s left to do is water them using the can provided and wait for them to grow and the puzzle should be solved, but that can take a lot of time though, as the tomato crops take about 25 minutes to grow.

Once all of the crops have fully grown, the puzzle should be solved and the gateway should be unlocked.

The Carrot seeds, particularly, are the easiest to find, as you can get plenty of them from destroying the Night Thorns. The rest of the seeds might be a bit of a challenge to find. The easiest way to get them is to buy them from Goofy’s stands using gold, which won’t be much as you only need one seed of each crop to complete the puzzle.

You can buy the Tomato seeds at the cost of 8 gold each from Goofy’s stand at Dazzle Beach.

The carrot and the Wheat seeds can be bought at the cost of 10 gold and 1 gold respectively from Goofy’s stand in the Peaceful Meadow or the Plaza.

On a side note, you might need to complete some of McDuck’s side quests to unlock Goofy’s stands and upgrade it a few times to unlock the tomato seeds for sale

Mystical Cave’s cooking puzzle solution

This is the final puzzle of the Mystical Cave. It is somewhat connected to puzzle #2 as you need to cook something from the crops you grew back then, so it is important that you do not eat them.

As you continue down, you should see a gateway with three statues next to it and a message that states: “The final riddle let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown”.

The answer to this riddle is in itself, and the materials you require to complete it have been provided nearby – a cooking place, and a chest with a recipe to cook a Veggie Pasta.

To solve the riddle and dispel the barrier, break the rock formations to reveal the chest containing the recipe for a Veggie Pasta. Learn the recipe and use the Carrot, Wheat, and Tomato you harvested from the previous crop plot to combine them and make a Veggie Pasta using the equipment provided next to the gateway.

Once you have cooked the veggie pasta, you need to eat/consume it from your inventory, which you can open by pressing the “I” key, to dispel the final barrier and continue your journey through the Mystical Cave and reach the Power Orb.

How to get the Power Orb

Now that you have dispelled all the barriers in the Mystical Cave, you can continue your path to the Power Orb unhindered.

It Is located way at the bottom of the Cave, glowing in the depths of the waters. Use your fishing rod to fish out the Orb and interact with the Dazzle Beach Pillar to free the shoreline from the confines of Dark Magic and let it see a new age of light.

With Great Power quest rewards

Once you complete the With Great Power Quest, you will be rewarded 1000 Dreamlight as a reward.

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