Disney Dreamlight Valley Ariel Guide

Diving Deep, literally, into the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across The Littler Mermaid, Ariel. Ariel was...

Diving Deep, literally, into the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across The Littler Mermaid, Ariel. Ariel was among all the other characters who got dislocated because of the curse on the Dreamlight Valley. This guide will tell you how you can unlock Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley and complete all of her quests.

How to unlock Ariel

Ariel is one of the oldest and the most famous Disney character who played the star in The Little Mermaid and now due to the curse on the valley, she is in a bit of a fix and in an attempt to restore order in the Dreamlight Valley, we have to help Ariel.

You cannot directly unlock Ariel as there is no direct quest that will unlock her so how will you unlock Ariel then?

To unlock Ariel, you will first need to unlock Goofy and once you have unlocked Goofy, he will send you on The Mysterious Wreck quest and upon completing the quest, you will encounter Ariel.

Ariel’s quests

Once you have unlocked Ariel, you will be able to help her in completing several quests all of which are given below.

The Lonely Island

After you meet Ariel upon completing The Mysterious Wreck quest for Goofy, you will soon learn that Ariel cannot go back to the valley as she neither has any memory of where she lived, and she will keep teleporting back no matter how many times she tried.

To help her get back to the Dreamlight Valley, you will have to build a house for her so she can settle down back in the valley.

To do that just go to Dazzle Beach, go to Furniture Tab in your Backpack Menu, and from there select Ariel’s House.

You can place the house anywhere as long as it is inside the water. Once you have placed the house and it is finished building, Ariel will automatically appear in the house and that will complete The Lonely Island quest.

The Missing Prince

Once Ariel is back in the valley and settling down in her new house, she remembers her Prince Eric.

No matter how many people she asked, no one remembers him, so she comes to you to help people remember Prince Eric.

Ariel will send you to the following people to go and ask them about Prince Eric.

First, you will go to Maui, but she doesn’t remember anything. Second, you will visit Kristoff who also doesn’t remember anything, but he might have records of him in his record book stored in his house in the Forest of Valor.

Go to Kristoff’s house and you will find the record book in the side room. Bring the book back to Kristoff and he will tell you that Eric was on a ship that sunk from their head to Skull Island on Dazzle Beach to look for more clues.

Go to the spot and fish at the orange bubbling spot in the water where you will find the headpiece of Eric’s Statue.

Show your findings to Kristoff and he will give you another piece of the statue.

The next piece can be found after talking to Donald who buried the piece in The Glade of Trust which can simply be dug out using a shovel. The next piece can be traded from Scrooge McDuck for 5 Peridot Gems.

With all the pieces now collected, just take them to Ariel and she will give you super glue to put together all the pieces and place the finished statue at the bottom of the stairs leading towards Dazzle Beach.

Collect the memories from there and talk to Ariel about them to finish the quest.

Thingamabobs, Gadgets, and Gizmos

Talk to Ariel as she wants to continue her collection of items. She assigns you a task to speak to WALL-E and collect the Story Book from him. Furthermore, you must collect a few other items such as a Whisk at Remy’s house, a Spinning Top at Donald’s House, and a Gramaphone at Minnie’s House.

Once all items are collected, bring them back to Ariel. But unfortunately, the Gramophone is broken and Ariel needs a Crafting Station instead.

Build her the Crafting Station using the following requirements to end the quest:

  • 40x Sand: From Dazzle Beach.
  • 20x Hardwood:  From Forgotten Lands/Frosted Heights/ Sunlit Plateau/ Glade of Trust/ Forest of Valor.
  • 10x Scallops: From Dazzle Beach.
  • 10x Gold Ingots – Can be acquired with 5x Gold Nuggets and a Coal (each).
  • 3x Aquamarine – From Dazzle Beach/Forest of Valor.

The Ancient Doorway

Once you have reached Level 10, you can talk to Ariel about the Stone Slab. Take the Slabs to Merlin and get assigned a task to imbue them with different emotions.

Ariel Imbues them with Joy, Moana with excitement, and Ursula with anger. Once done, visit Dazzle Beach and enter the Mystic Cave. Go down to the bottom and find a divet to the left on a wall.

Insert the Slab in it and reveal the Mystic Crystal. Collect the Crystal and head back to Ariel whom you should give the Slab back and get rewarded with Ariel’s Seafoam Gown and Ariel’s Seafoam Suit to end the quest.

Ariel’s favorite gifts

On a regular basis, most of Ariel’s favorite items are changed. Below we have given the ones that she likes the most.

  • Shiny Citrine
  • Gazpacho
  • Red Nosturtium
  • Chili Pepper Puffs
  • Black Passion Lily
  • Diamond

Ariel’s friendship levels

Increasing Friendship Levels with Ariel with reward you with the following items:

  • Level 2: Decorative Item.
  • Level 3: Design Motif.
  • Level 4: 500x Star Coins.
  • Level 5: Clothing Item.
  • Level 6: Design Motif
  • Level 7: 1,000x Star Coins
  • Level 8: Decorative Item.
  • Level 9: Design Motif,
  • Level 10: Clothing Item.

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