Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Guide

Maui is one of the many characters that players will be able to unlock while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once...

Maui is one of the many characters that players will be able to unlock while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once he’s unlocked, you will also become eligible to complete all the quests included in his quest line. This guide will go through how you can unlock Maui and complete each of Maui’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock Maui

Unlocking Maui is identical to how you will unlock Moana. For players to unlock and interact with Maui, they must first unlock the Dream Castle.

To do so, you must first complete the ‘Merlin’s Mission’ that commands you to clear all the thorns from the Castle’s entrance. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to access the door and go inside.

Here you’ll be met with choices to unlock any realm you would like to visit. But you must remember not every realm can be visited for free; instead, you will need to pay for it.

To visit Moana’s realm, players must choose the option that reads ‘The Ocean With a Demigod.’ Once you’re teleported to her island, you’ll find Maui there.

Maui quests

In order for players to bring Maui to the valley, they are required to do a series of quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Below is the list of quests players will be asked to complete;


The Great Maui

In order to begin the quest, players will have to speak to Maui. You will ask him to help clean that island, but he will put you to the test about how much you’re aware of his accomplishments, triggering this quest.

From here, go see Moana, and she’ll help you learn about Maui. Now go back to Maui and answer his questions. The answers go as follows;

Q1. What is my official title?
Answer: Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea, a hero to all!

Q2. What did I, Hero to all, bury to make coconut trees?
Answer: Eels!

Q3. What power do I get from my fishhook?
Answer: Shapeshifting!

Once you’re done answering Maui, he will ask you to free Moana’s canoe by clearing the sea debris behind it.

Use your pickaxe that Maui will upgrade for you. Break free 8 of the debris and then go back to Maui to end the quest.

A Feast Worthy of a Demigod

To start the quest, talk to Maui. He’ll be sad that Maona left for your favor, so you will have to comfort him. He will ask you to make him meals with at least a 3-star rating.

You’re free to make any dish you want, as long as the rating is 3 stars. Then bring the meals back to Maui.

Maui will be very impressed with your food and will ask about the village Moana moved into. Now you’ll tell Maui you need assistance with the Forgetting curse, and it’ll be cool to have him in the valley. He’ll agree to move into the village.

From here onwards, place the Peaceful Grotto structure in the water and use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of the Peaceful Grotto for Maui to live in.

Once everything is ready for Maui, bring him to the village and welcome him. Talk to him to complete the quest.

Burying the Eel

For this quest, you are required to talk to Maui, and he’ll let you know about the process of burying eels for Coconut trees to sprout.

Then, go to Goofy, and he’ll tell you that you need three worms and 8 Softwood.

Get the material from nearby meadows, and then use the crafting station to craft a Fishing Trap. Now go to Dazzle Beach and place the trap. Finally, head back to Maui and talk to him.

Now, wait until you get an Eel tapped, and then take it to Maui, where he’ll applaud you.

Bury the Eel on the beach and wait till it grows a coconut tree. Your full attention is required, so make sure you’re watering the sprout once you have planted the Eel in the land.

Harvest once the coconut is produced and give it to Maui to complete the quest.

A Tale of Stone and Fire

To start the quest, speak to Maui. Now follow him to Dazzle Beach to examine the storm and break the stuff. Maui will upgrade your pickaxe to help you clear the area but first, he needs some stuff back from the island.

Teleport to Moana’s realm and gather the items needed for Maui from his basket. Take the things and return to Maui in the village, where he’ll ask to cook a fresh 5-star meal.

Bring the meal you cooked to Maui and then follow him back to the beach. Break the sea debris and collect what you find inside.

Show Maui what you found and then craft a Granite Fire Bowl with 20x Sand, 25x Stone, 10x Coal Ore, and 3x Red Falling Penstemon.

Finally, place the Granite Fire Bowl in the Village and Return to talk to Maui.

Demigod of the Wind and Sun

Speak to Maui for the last quest, where he’ll suggest having Kites in the village. He’ll ask you to collect 18x Softwood and 30x Fiber. Craft three kites with these items and take them to Maui.

Now he’ll ask you to take these kites to Kite to Goofy, Merlin, and WALL-E. Upon doing so, he’ll thank you, and you’ll ask him to follow you to the ‘Missing Island.’

Take him to the pillar and fish to catch the limestone. Show it to Maui to complete the quest.

The Heart of Dreamlight Valley

This is the final quest of Maui. To start this quest, the friendship level must be at 10.

Meet up with Maui who will ask you to clean a small piece of limestone. You can easily clean it using a crafting station.

Afterward, come back to Maui and you will get to know about the Heart of the Dreamlight Valley.

Head towards the top level of the dream castle where the golden statue is located. There you will find the other half of the shard lying on the ground beside the fountain.

There you will meet up with Merlin who will tell you about the ingredients you need to fix the shard. Materials are as follows:

  • 3 purified Night Shards
  • Water from forgotten lands
  • Water from frosted heights

Once you obtain all these materials, simply find a crafting station and interact with it to repair the shard. Now simply take it to the statue and place the Heart of Dreamlight Valley in its hands. Then talk to Maui to end the quest.

As a reward, you will earn the #1 fan statue of Maui.

Maui’s favorite gifts

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can upgrade the friendship level of Maui like any other character by giving gifts. The list of things liked by Maui to be given as gifts is given below:

  • Sweet Slush
  • Perch
  • Leek
  • Aurora’s Cake
  • Cucumber

Maui’s friendship levels

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, after unlocking any character, you can upgrade the friendship level to level 10. After reaching the next level of friendship, you will be rewarded with different items.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 After reaching the friendship level of 1 with Maui, you will unlock Maui as a character and his home. You will also unlock the skill to clean debris.
Level 2 You will unlock shorts as a clothing item.
Level 3 An overly with the Maui theme will be unlocked that can be added to your custom clothing.
Level 4 After reaching level 4 of friendship, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 You will unlock wall-hanging paintings to be added as decorative items in the house.
Level 6 An overlay with a Stone Beach Crab theme will be unlocked.
Level 7 After reaching level 7 of friendship, you will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins.
Level 8 You will unlock fruit basked as a furniture item to be added to the home
Level 9 An overlay with an eagle theme will be unlocked that can be added to your dresses.
Level 10 You will unlock the Demigod’s Statue as a furniture item.

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