Disney Dreamlight Valley Anna Guide

In this guide, we will be talking about Frozen’s Anna and how you can complete her quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Restoring the Dreamlight Valley and lifting the curse was never going to be an easy task and when we started, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. In this guide, we will be talking about Frozen’s Anna, and how we can unlock her and complete all of Anna’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock Anna

The famous Disney Princess, Elsa, from Frozen has a less famous sister, Anna, who is also part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley and among those who got affected by the curse on the Valley.

Unlocking Anna is a lengthy and tedious process but is well worth the effort because once you unlock her, she brings a lot to the table such as gifts and other rewards for completing her quests.

To unlock Anna, you will have to first unlock the Frozen Realm in the Dreamlight Castle.

It is suggested to level up enough first and also increase your inventory space because you are going to be taking trips from the valley to the realm quite often so the extra space will come in handy.

To convince Anna to come with you and settle down in the Dreamlight Valley, you will have to complete The Spirits of Nature quest so that Anna can move to the Valley.

The final step before you can unlock Anna is to complete the Chasing the Wind quest given to you by Elsa. Once you complete the quest, Anna will agree to move to the valley with you

Anna’s quests

Below we have listed all of the encounters you will have with Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can solve each problem given to you by Anna.

The Spirits of Nature

Once you reach the Frozen Realm, you will find Anna pretty much instantly. She will ask you to help her calm the fire spirit that is wreaking havoc in the forest.

To catch the fire spirit, Bruni, Anna will give you Fireproof Gloves and a magical watering can, both of which you will have to equip to catch the fire spirit. There will be fire all over the forest so be careful, but it is easy to find a path.

Bruni is slow and as a result fairly easy to catch up to and get a hold of. Once you have caught Bruni, the fire spirit, take it to Anna and that will conclude the first part.

Now, you have to help her find her sister, Elsa, who is lost somewhere in the realm. Before you embark on the journey through the realm to find Elsa, you will have to face the Earth Giant who is blocking the way.

To move the Earth Giant, you will have to cook a Stone Soup, using the following ingredients.

  • 3x Craggy Rocks (Can be found in the Frozen Realm)
  • 1x Basil
  • 1x Oregano

Gather the ingredients and cook the soup. Once you put the soup on the stone near the Earth Giant, it will move, and the path will open.

Keep moving forward and you will reach a raging river. You will have to calm the river by fishing out Anna’s Engagement Ring using a fishing rod.

Once you do, the river will calm down and you will be able to cross it and find Elsa on the other side of the river.

Talk to Anna for the last time and the quest will conclude.

Welcoming Anna

After you have helped Elsa in completing the Chasing the Wind quest, Anna will finally agree to move to the valley with you and all you have to do is talk to her at the start of the Frozen Realm, where she will be waiting for you.

After talking to her, go back to the valley, where you will find Anna and then you can have a conversation with her. You will mention how Kristoff loves her very much and how he had to lose his memory of her to save the village. She will be emotional but this will be the end of Welcoming Anna quest.

An Icy Invitation

Now that Anna is finally settled in the valley, she wants to start preparing for Elsa to come and join her in the valley too.

For that purpose, she will ask you to help her find a place that Elsa could call her home.

With that said, you will have to follow Anna to the Forest of Valor but on your way, you will encounter Tree Stumps blocking your way. In order to clear them, you will have to ask for Anna’s help.

She will ask you to grab her book from the house and once you bring it to her, she will tell you that you need Shovel Blade to upgrade your shovel and for that, you will need the following items.

  • 10x Softwood
  • 4x Hardwood
  • 4x Iron Ingots
  • 3x Tinkering Parts

Once you have all the materials, head to the crafting station and craft Shovel Blade then upgrade your shovel with it. Return to the Forest and now you will be able to clear the path.

After clearing the path follow Anna to the Icy Cavern and she will ask you to take a photo of the Icy Cavern. Anna will ask you to take the photo, along with the letter that she wrote to Elsa.

Deliver the items to Elsa in the Frozen Realm and come back to tell Anna that Elsa has agreed to return to the Valley.

Lost Loves and Missing Memories

Kristoff who is the love of Anna, sacrificed his memories of Anna to save the Village. Now that Anna is back in the village, she tries multiple times to help Kristoff remember about them but fails so far.

She will have a conversation with Kristoff and after then you will have to talk to her, and she will ask you to help her get Kristoff’s climbing gear.

Seeing an old item of his might spark something in his mind and bring back his memories of Anna.

For that reason, go to Dazzle Beach and look for Kristoff’s old gear which you will find right outside the cave where you met Ursula.

Take the gear back to Anna and she will ask you to gather the following items to repair Kristoff’s Climbing Gear.

  • 8x Hardwood
  • 5x Fabric
  • 3x Rope
  • 3x Iron Ingot

Once you have gathered all of the materials, go to the crafting station and repair the equipment and bring it back to Anna.

She will then converse with Kristoff and once she is done, talk to her once again to complete the quest.

The Enchanted Ring

Anna will try again and again to bring Kristoff’s memories and this time she will try the final idea that can bring back his memories of her.

To do that, you will have to pay Merlin a visit who will ask you to collect the following materials to craft an Enchanted Ring.

  • 10x Dream Shards
  • 3x Red Mushroom (Can be picked from the Giant Willow Tree in the Glade of Trust)

Take the items to Anna and she will give you her engagement ring. Head to the crafting station and craft Enchanted Ring with the above items. Give the ring back to Anna and follow her as she goes to talk to Kristoff.

She will give the ring to Kristoff and all of her memories will be back. Talk to Anna one last time to complete the quest.

Anna’s favorite gifts

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, every character likes different items that you can give them as gifts. The list of items liked by Anna are listed below.

  • Wedding Cake
  • Maguro Sushi
  • Yellow Nasturtium

Anna’s friendship levels

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has several bonuses that you can unlock as you increase your friendship level with them. We have made a list of all the rewards that you will unlock with Anna.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 After you reach level 1 friendship with Kristoff, you will unlock Anna as a character and will be able to unlock Elsa later.
Level 2 A door with a frozen theme will be unlocked as a furniture item.
Level 3 You can unlock an overlay with a feather theme that can be worn on your custom outfits
Level 4 After reaching level 4 of friendship, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 Anna’s Bed will be unlocked as a furniture item.
Level 6 An overlay with a white dress theme will be unlocked.
Level 7 After reaching level 7 of friendship, you will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins.
Level 8 You will unlock a banner to hang on the wall as a decoration item.
Level 9 An overlay with a crest theme will be unlocked.
Level 10 A yellow-green dress with an Anna theme will be unlocked.

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