Best Explorer Build In Remnant 2

Our Remnant 2 Explorer build focuses not only on making the class way more effective in terms of utility but also offense.

While most other Archetypes in Remnant 2 either focus on offense or defense, the Explorer is a unique class that values pure utility. The main purpose of the Explorer class is to navigate around vast maps and sniff out treasures and other secrets.

A pure utility-based character is always very useful in a party, but the class can be made significantly better with just a few simple additions.

With this Remnant 2 Explorer build, you can solve the class’s offensive problem but also make its utility management better than ever.

Remnant 2 Best Explorer / Hunter Build

This Remnant 2 Explorer build focuses not only on making the class way more effective in the utility aspect but also make it significantly better in offense so that it can tackle anything the game throws at it.

This means that you can have all the fun you want uncovering secrets/treasures and exploring maps but also defeat the toughest bosses in the game with fair ease. This allows you to move forward with this class till the end of the game.

Best Archetype Combo

  • Primary Archetype: Explorer (Gold Digger/Fortune Hunter Skills)
  • Secondary Archetype: Hunter (Hunter’s Mark Skill)

Our primary class for this build will obviously be the Explorer since we will revolve every selection we make in this build around its primary playstyle.


We will be using two different primary skills in this build depending on what level your Explorer is. If you are at level 5, then you must for the Gold Digger primary skill, which allows the character to dig up a temporary fountain of buffs from the ground, which helps in aiding not only yourself but also allies.

The buffs this fountain can grant players can range from healing to increased damage to taking decreased damage, etc.

If you manage to reach level 10 with the Explorer, then you can go for the Fortune Hunter primary skill, which allows the Explorer to uncover every special, hidden item within its immediate vicinity. This is more of a utility-focused tool while the former was a support skill.

You can choose any of the two aforementioned skills as your primary skills depending on what sort of playstyle you need to go for.

The secondary Archetype as a Hunter will help us focus on our overall offensive capabilities. This class is a great offensive character overall because it knows how to handle a gun and is also equipped with a lot of handy skills aiding in that aspect.

The secondary skill we will be using in this build is the Hunter’s Mark skill, which allows the Hunter to cast out an Aura that Marks enemies within range of it. Moreover, it also grants a significant boost to Ranged and Melee damage, which is great for an offensive build.


Though the Explorer’s skills fulfill its main role in providing utility, our choice of Weapons plays an important part in the offense department. There are many weapons available in the game, but choosing the right combinations of them is what really matters for a build.

Long Gun: Any

For this Explorer build, you have the choice of using any long in the game you are comfortable with – provided that you use the right Weapon mod and Mutator with it.

As a general recommendation, you should try going for some of the best weapons in Remnant 2 in the long gun category since they are significantly better at dashing out damage compared to others.

Regardless of your choice of a long gun, just make sure that you use the Corrosive Rounds Weapon Mod and the Twisting Wounds Mutator (level 10) with it.

The former increases your overall ranged Critical Hit chance significantly and makes your rounds toxic to inflict enemies with Corroded upon impact – dealing a lot of damage over time.

The latter allows you to inflict Bleeding upon enemies with every Ranged Weakspot or Ranged Critical Hit that you land. This also allows you to deal more damage over time on top of your weapon’s base damage.

However, it is still important to choose a base weapon that has a good damage output stat to maximize your offensive potential.

Handgun: Nebula

The Nebula is a perfect handgun to choose in this Explorer build because it also helps inflict enemies with Corroded through its toxic acid steam in Remnant 2.

It hence allows you to significantly increase your total damage dealt over time since you are tweaking your long gun to do the same.

Moreover, it has decent base damage as well, with a high magazine size to support it in keeping a consistent damage output.

That said, is recommended to use the Extender Mutator with the Nebula to increase its magazine size, allowing you to increase your total DPS.


Though your choices of Traits generally don’t change with most other builds, there is a specific hierarchy of Trait point allocation that must be followed in building an Explorer build.

This is because the Explorer Archetype doesn’t work like the rest given that it’s a utility class. This means that Traits like Endurance hold little value for an Explorer since there isn’t much stamina use or requirement for this kind of playstyle.

For this Remnant 2 Explorer build, you will focus on putting most of your Trait points in Expertise since you rely heavily on your skills, and the reduced Skill cooldown granted by this Trait helps you greatly in managing them.

As a secondary pick, you must put your Trait points in Spirit to increase your mod power generation and top up your offensive capabilities – since we rely on the Corrosive Rounds mod to handle most of our damage output.

You can put the rest of your points in Vigor and Endurance to increase your max health and stamina respectively – though these are least useful for this build.


Choosing the right Relic can help a build greatly, and there’s no Relic better than the Void Heart. Though we could’ve used something like the Diverting Heart Relic to reduce our skill cooldowns, we already solved that problem by putting our points in Expertise.

Since we don’t have any Skills or Traits to focus on healing, the Void Heart Relic fills that hold in the build by first reducing your incoming damage and then providing you with a heal.


Amulets and Rings can offer a lot of useful bonuses that can make your build better than ever. For this Explorer build, we will focus primarily on the Chains of Amplification Amulet.

This Amulet is a great addition to our build since it increases the damage dealt to enemies suffering the Status Effect inflicted by our guns to a significant extent. This helps us increase our overall offensive potential greatly.

As for our Rings for this build, we went with the following choices:

  • Stone of Malevolence: Increases your mod power regen after inflicting elemental status damage.
  • Encrypted Ring: Grants you a small heal after using a Weapon Mod
  • Shard Banded Ring: Increases Mod damage
  • Heart of the Wolf: Increases max Movement Speed and Stamina by a significant extent.


Since this Explorer build primarily focuses on the utility and offensive aspect of the class, Armor doesn’t play a significant role in it. That said, choosing an armor set is completely upon your personal preference.

A recommended set would be one that offers good defense but is also lightweight, so it doesn’t sacrifice too much of your mobility. You can try using the Dendroid Set if you’re planning to use armor like that.

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