Best Explorer Build In Remnant 2

Our Remnant 2 Explorer build focuses not only on making the class way more effective in terms of utility but also offense.

Archetypes in Remnant 2 serve unique purposes. While other builds may focus on improving offense or defense, the Explorer class improves pure utility. This class helps in sniffing out treasures and secrets throughout the game. A pure utility-based character is always very useful in a party, but the class can be significantly improved with just a few simple additions. Explorer is an interesting class that supports other Archetypes in the second playthrough of Remnant 2.

To unlock the Explorer Archetype, you need to get the Broken Compass. You will get this item after defeating the final boss, Annihilation. Take the broken compass to Wallace, who will give you the Golden Compass. This compass helps you unlock Explorer Archetype once you equip it.

Best Archetype Combo

The archetypes of the best Explorer/Hunter Build in Remnant 2 are going to be as follows:

  • Primary Archetype: Explorer (Gold Digger/Fortune Hunter Skills)
  • Secondary Archetype: Hunter (Hunter’s Mark Skill)

The Explorer Archetype focuses on increasing scrap and loot pickups. These pickups boost the damage, giving you and your team powerful buffs. This class is a useful perk if you’re searching for valuable items.

This build can use two primary skills: Gold Digger, ideal if you are at level 5. This skill allows you to dig a temporary fountain of buff from the ground for you and your allies. If you are at level 10, you can go for Fortune Hunter, which allows you to hunt hidden, special items.

As for the secondary skills, you can choose Hunter’s Mark. This will allow you to cast an Aura that marks enemies within its range while boosting ranged and melee damage.

The secondary Archetype as a Hunter will help us focus on our offensive capabilities. This class is a great offensive character overall because it knows how to handle a gun and is also equipped with many handy skills that aid in that aspect.


Though the Explorer’s skills fulfill its main role in providing utility, our choice of Weapons plays an important part in the offense department. There are many weapons available in the game, but choosing the right combinations is what matters for a build.

As for long-ranged weapons, you can opt for any that you are comfortable with that has a Corrosive Rounds Shot Mod and a Twisting Wounds Mutator (level 10) with it. This will increase your critical hit change giving them significant damage over time while inflicting bleed.

You can pair up your long-ranged weapon with a handgun, Nebula. The Nebula is a perfect handgun that increases your overall damage by inflicting the enemies with Corroded through its toxic acid steam. While going for Nebula, use the Extender Mutator to increase it magazine size.

As for the Melee Weapon is concerned, you can use any weapon for this build.


As for the Traits are concerned, you need to max out Expertise and reduce skill cooldown granted by this trait. As for the secondary trait, you can always max out the Spirit trait to boost the mod power generation and increase offensive capabilities.

If you still have some points left, invest in Vigor and Endurance to increase your max health and stamina, though these are least useful for this build.


Choosing the right Relic can greatly help a build, and there’s no better relic than the Void Heart. Though we could’ve used something like the Diverting Heart Relic to reduce our skill cooldowns, we already solved that problem by putting our points in Expertise.

Since we don’t have any Skills or Traits to focus on healing, the Void Heart Relic fills that hold in the build by reducing your incoming damage and providing you with a heal.


Amplification Amulet: This amulet increases the damage dealt to enemies for a longer period of time, helping to increase the overall offensive potential.


As for our Rings for this build, we went with the following choices:

  • Stone of Malevolence: Increases your mod power regen after inflicting elemental status damage.
  • Encrypted Ring: Grants you a small heal after using a Weapon Mod
  • Shard Banded Ring: Increases Mod damage
  • Heart of the Wolf: Increases max Movement Speed and Stamina by a significant extent.


Since this Explorer build primarily focuses on the utility and offensive aspect of the class in Remnant 2, Armor doesn’t play a significant role. That said, choosing an armor set is completely upon your personal preference.

A recommended set would offer good defense but is also lightweight, so it doesn’t sacrifice too much mobility. If you’re planning to use armor like that, you can try using the Dendroid Set.

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