Disney Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel Guide

This guide will help you aid Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing her quests and learning more about your past.

Rapunzel’s “mom” Mother Gothel from Tangled also makes an appearance in Dreamlight Valley. Like every other character in the game, you have the opportunity to undertake some quests for her. This guide will explain all the quests which are related to Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what she can do for you and your village.

How to unlock Mother Gothel

Befriending Mother Gothel will progress you in the game and earn many bonuses such as; Star Coins, Outfits, and Cosmetic items.

To unlock Mother Gothel, you will head to Glade of Trust Biome which you can unlock for 5000 Dreamlights. When you reach you will look for a Haunted Treehouse.

After opening the door you will find Mother Gothel informing you about the Curse you have just unleashed upon the village.

You will then complete a series of quests in order to unlock Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel’s quests

To bring Mother Gothel to the valley, there are some questlines that you must complete. Below is the list of quests,


The Curse

Once you head inside the Haunted Treehouse, you will meet Mother Gothel. She explains that the unleashed curse can be cleared by placing Orb of Trust back in the Pillar.

She takes you to the pillar’s location and also shows the orb that is across a destroyed bridge.

She will then tell you that Merlin is the one who can help you retrieve it. You will then revisit Merlin who is discussing with Ursula a Transformation Spell.

Merlin then explains to you about a place “Here and There” a place between worlds from where you will have to grab the orb and lucky for us, Ursula can help you with that.

You will then speak to Ursula. She will then explain the condition for the spell to work. To make the spell work, Kristoff has to sacrifice his love for Anna and his old memories of the village.

Alongside that, you will also need 5 Dream Shards and 5 Night Shards. You will then meet up with Kristoff and explain to him the situation who will then reluctantly agree to your terms.

Now you will head to the cave where Ursula was imprisoned and give her the required material you have collected. Aside from that, She will also ask for your magic as she opens up a portal to “Here and There”.

As you enter the portal, you will turn into a Ghostly Visage. You will then head to Glade of Trust, and place the orb back onto the pillar to clear the darkness plaguing the village.

You will then head back to Mother Gothel and speak with her. She will reveal that you were the valley’s former Ruler long ago.

My Kingdom For a Scroll

To start this quest, you will talk to Mother Gothel and she will ask you to get the Sun Scroll from Scrooge McDuck. You will then meet McDuck inside his store, and he will ask you to place a Micberry Tree close to his shop.

The required materials to place Micberry Tree are

  • 1 box of Electronic Components
  • 50 Softwood
  • 30 Soil

After you have placed the Micberry Tree, you will then again speak to McDuck who will give the location for a chest that has the scroll inside of it.

The chest will be buried on Dazzle Beach close to a mystical cave and the key is on the far right side of the Glade of Trust fishing spot.

After you have found the key head towards the buried chest location and get the scroll from there. Head back to Mother Gothel and give her the scroll to conclude the quest.

Shine a Light

To start the quest, talk to Mother Gothel she will explain to you that she has deciphered the Sun Scroll you gave her in the previous questline.

She will give you 3 Forest’s Magic Sap. You will also need 3 Sunlight Torches which you can craft with the following materials

  • 45 Softwood
  • 60 Fiber
  • 3 Garnets
  • 3 Aquamarines
  • 3 Citrines

Craft the torches from a crafting station and then again speak to Mother Gothel. She will then ask you to place the torches on the pedestal inside the Mystical Cave that you found on Dazzle Beach.

You will then take a photo of the Structure you have placed the torches on and head back to Mother Gothel to complete the quest.

Mother Gothel’s favorite gifts

Like every other character in the game, Mother Gothel loves getting gifts as well. The following are her favorite items for you to consider.

  • Eggplant
  • Purée
  • Yellow Bromeliad
  • Cocoa Bean
  • Kappa Maki
  • Orange Nosturtium
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Leek

Mother Gothel’s friendship levels

You can unlock certain bonuses by leveling up your friendship with Mother Gothel. The list of these bonuses is given below.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 Mother Gothel as a character will be unlocked and Orb of Trust will be fixed.
Level 2 A necklace will be unlocked as a clothing item.
Level 3 An overlay with a sword theme will be unlocked that can be added on your clothes.
Level 4 After reaching level 4 of friendship, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 A new hairstyle will be unlocked after reaching level 5.
Level 6 An overlay with a duck theme will be unlocked.
Level 7 After reaching level 7 of friendship, you will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins.
Level 8 You will unlock rings and jewelry as accessories.
Level 9 An overlay with a flower theme will be unlocked.
Level 10 Magic Mirror as a furniture item will be unlocked that belongs from Tangled.

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