Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wandering Roots: How To Evacuate Sacred Arbor

Complete the Wandering Roots to start the evacuation of Sacred Arbor in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Wandering Roots is one of the five evacuation quests you must complete in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You get this quest while progressing in the Halls of the First Dawn, an endgame mission in the Unmoored World.

To start the Wandering Roots quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must first reach the Sacred Arbor. Luckily, even if you don’t already have a portcrystal here, the Unmoored World automatically places a portcrystal at Sacred Arbor for you. Once you arrive, head towards the Arborheart area and speak with either Glyndwr or Doireann.


Upon reaching the Sacred Arbor area, you will notice a large red beacon on your left side. This beacon can summon a Purgener boss, which is optional for you to fight. If you are not prepared for this boss fight, you can ignore it and focus on completing the objectives of the quest Wandering Roots. However, defeating this brine dragon will slow down the red storm, and defeating all of them will earn you The Hero achievement.

In my case, I found Glyndwr first, so I started the conversation with him. He states that his people fear for the future, and after hearing your thoughts on evacuation, he will follow you. However, Glyndwr says that his father, Ser Taliesin, will not be persuaded, so you can follow him to speak with his father.

This will officially start the Wandering Roots quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and you will have several methods to complete it.


Recruiting a Pawn with the Woodland Wordsmith specialization from the nearby Riftstone will make your visit to Sacred Arbor easy. Besides Glyndwr and Doireann, every other NPC in Sacred Arbor only speaks Elvish. You won’t even be able to interact with vendors properly without a Pawn that understands Elvish.

How to persuade Taliesin to evacuate Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Glyndwr will speak to Taliesin first and urge his father to evacuate the area. Taliesin feels like the world will not accept Elves, and they have stayed in this place for centuries, so this is their home, even if they die here.

Now, the next part of Wandering Roots depends on whether you have previously helped the people of Sacred Arbor or not. If you have completed the quests, The Ailing Arborheart and Out of the Forest, Into the Forge, you have gained Taliesin and Doireann’s favor. Since you healed the Arborheart with Scalecinder, Doireann will also urge Taliesin to reconsider.

Both Glyndwr and Doireann believe that what makes Sacred Arbor special is the people, not the place. So, if they were to plant the roots of Arborheart in another place, it could soon become their home. This is better than dying by staying in Sacred Arbor.

Ultimately, both siblings manage to convince Taliesin, but everyone needs to be sure if the Seafloor Shrine can actually support the Arborheart. The elves will give you an Arborheart Cutting and ask you to plant it at the Seafloor Shrine. If the cutting starts taking root, they will gladly evacuate to the new area.


If you haven’t completed The Ailing Arborheart and Out of the Forest, Into the Forge quests prior to this, you can complete them now. However, you will be wasting a lot of days, and the Unmoored World only has about 10-12 days. So it is better to complete these quests before reaching the Legacy quest and triggering the True ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Head to the Seafloor Shrine and plant Arborheart Cutting

Now that you have the Arborheart Cutting, you can simply head to a specific area. This area is the Seafloor Shrine, so you can use a Ferrystone to travel to it quickly in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

You can then follow the marker at the Sacred Grounds area. Once you reach the marked area, examine the soil and plant the Arborheart Cutting there. The dirt patch where you can plant Arborheart Cutting can be difficult to find in the big objective circle, but it is almost in the middle of it, in front of a wall.

The screen will turn black, and you will receive a notification regarding the Wandering Roots quest. In short, you will have observed the Arborheart Cutting taking root, meaning that the Arborheart can flourish in this area.

You can fast travel back to the Portcrystal at Sacred Arbor and report these findings to Taliesin. This time, he will agree to your proposition to evacuate the Sacred Arbor area, and the elves will begin their preparations to head towards the Seafloor Shrine with you.

Now that you have convinced the elves to evacuate Sacred Arbor, you can move on to the remaining evacuation areas. The city of Vernworth is nearby if you still haven’t completed The Regentkin’s Resolve and evacuated it.

By completing the Wandering Roots quest, you will receive the following rewards: Wyrmslife Crystal (x30), Gold (x25,000), and XP (x20,000).

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