Diablo 4 Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build Guide

In Diablo 4, Nature's Fury Summoner Druid build main focus is to boost attack power to cast skills without using spirit energy.

Druids in Diablo 4 are casters of natural magics and shapeshifters who can be wolves or bears. Druid class offers a lot of gameplay variety due to their mastery over storm and earth magics and summoning other wildlife to their aid. For these reasons, we will mainly focus on improving our Diablo 4 Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid build attack power to cast skills without using spirit energy.

The Druid class is extremely tanky and can withstand a lot of damage. They are incredibly agile and can change into other creatures instantly. However, the only aspect that the Druid class lacks is having a lot of attack power.

They are spirit hogs, and casting skills can become a nuisance in the endgame if the proper skills are not equipped. Due to a massive variety of skills and their fundamental different natures, Druid can be difficult to handle if you are going for a specialization.

Selecting specific skills from particular skill trees is extremely important for our Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build in Diablo 4.

We recommend that you stay with the guide as much as possible or risk creating something entirely different.

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Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid skill progression and unlock order

This Druid build around Nature’s Fury key passive in D4. It is one of the unique skills in Diablo 4 as it allows the players to alternate between nature skills free of cost. We have selected the following skills to make it work and add more Firepower to our attacks.

  • Landslide (core/earth)
  • Tornado (core/storm)
  • Lightning Storm (core/ storm)
  • Cyclone Armor (defensive/storm)
  • Earthen Bulwark (defensive/earth)
  • Hurricane (wrath/storm)
  • Boulder (wrath/earth)
  • Cataclysm (storm/Ultimate)

Players can only earn 48 skill points from leveling up in Diablo 4. We must unlock two skills from each tree to sustain and maximize the efficiency of our Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid build in D4. One from the Earth category and the next from the Storm category.

This increases the number of skills we have to unlock compared to other builds and classes in Diablo 4, in addition to the supporting passives. We recommend clearing all the Renown tasks in all five zones to earn ten additional skill points.

They will come in handy to upgrade the remaining skills or unlock a few more to match your playstyle. To have the best Nature’s Fury Druid build in Diablo 4, unlock and obtain the skills mentioned in the list below.

Unlock Order

Unlock OrderSkill Name
1Landslide (Rank 1)
2Enhanced Landslide
3Primal Landslide
4Tornado (Rank 1)
5Enhanced Tornado
6Primal Tornado
7Lightning Storm (Rank 1)
8Enhanced Lightning storm
9Raging Lightning Storm
10Heart of the Wild
11Wild Impulses
13Cyclone Armor (Rank 1)
14Earthen Bulwark (Rank 1)
15Ancestral Fortitude
17Ravens (Rank 1)
18Nature’s Reach
19Call of the Wild
20Enhanced Ravens
21Ferocious Ravens
22Hurricane (Rank 1)
23Enhanced Hurricane
24Natural Hurricane
25Boulder (Rank 1)
26Enhanced Boulder
27Savage Boulder
28Elemental Exposure
30Safe Guard
31Stone Guard
33Natural Disaster
35Defensive Posture
36Thick Hide
37Nature’s Reach
38Circle of Life

Nature Fury’s Summoner Druid build in D4 is highly offensive and is created with the utter obliteration of enemies in mind. If the players use any Earthen skill with Nature’s Fury Key Passive active, there is a 20% chance for them to get a free Storm Skill from the same skill tree as their next cast.

This also works in the opposite direction. Using a Storm skill may grant a free Earthen skill on the next cast (from the same tree). If you look at the skills we selected from the skill trees in the above section, it becomes clear that the main focus is exploiting Nature’s Fury Key passive to keep the attack going.

All the passives are either to increase the damage of Nature skills or provide health buffs. Ravens have been selected as a summons to aid in the solo playthrough, but you can always go with wolves or snakes. Just make sure to equip the corresponding passive skills.

Best Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Spirit Boons

Spirit Boons is a unique class mechanic for the Druid class in Diablo 4. It unlocks by completing a priority quest after reaching level 15. Spirit boons allow the Druid to unlock 16 unique buffs by providing Spirit Offerings to specific animals (4 from each group).

Only one boon from each section can be selected. However, unlocking all 16 boons allow you to equip an additional one from any class you want.

This section will discuss the best boons to equip for our Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Build in D4.

  • Gift of the Stag: Increase max spirit by 10 (unlocks at the second level).
  • Energize: A chance to restore ten spirits by attacking enemies (unlocks at the second level)
  • Snake Spirit Boon: Earthen magic overpowers after killing 20 enemies (first level).
  • Iron Feather: A 10% additional health of your maximum life (unlocks at the second level).
  • Avian wrath: An additional 30% damage with the critical strikes (unlocks at level 4 of Eagle Spirit Boons).

Diablo 4 Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Playstyle and skill rotation

The Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid build specializes in increased damage from nature skills while using the summons as a backup for additional damage. The whole purpose of this build is to get damage protection from passive skills and use them to regenerate Spirit.

Health regeneration comes in last. Keeping these things in mind, let us decide the skills we require to maximize the potency of each aspect.

Increased Damage Output

This is where the real fun begins. We will assign the skills that enhance the damage output of our nature skills and passively complement them while switching. Here is a list of skills that actively and passively increase the damage output of our Druid.

  • Enhanced Earth Spike: Deals 16% damage to the enemies by summoning spikes from Earth that can stun them.
  • Enhanced Storm Strike: Deals 25% damage to the enemies and increases damage reduction by 25%. It also has a 15% chance of immobilizing enemies.
  • Raging Landslide: Deals 755 damage to the enemies by crushing them between pillars. Summons another pillar after hitting a stunned enemy.
  • Enhanced Tornado: It deals 35% damage to the enemies with a 20% chance to summon another Tornado.
  • Nature’s Reach: This passive skill deals up to additional 9% damage to distant enemies. It increases to 18% if they are stunned, slow, or immobilized.
  • Enhanced Hurricane: This active skill deals 97% damage and slows down enemies by 25%.
  • Charged Atmosphere: This passive skill hits close enemies with a lightning bolt after every 12 seconds for moderate damage.
  • Supreme Cataclysm: Deals 52% damage to each enemy in contact with you. It also makes the enemies vulnerable for 2 seconds.
  • Defiance: This passive skill inflicts 12% more damage to Elites.
  • Natural Disaster: 12% more damage from Earth and 12% more from storm skills.
  • Resonance: This passive skill allows nature skills to deal 18% additional damage when Nature’s Fury key passive is activated.

Spirit Regeneration

Spirit is the primary resource used by the Druid class to cast magic, summon allies and shapeshift into wolves/bears. All the skills of the Druid Class use a lot of amounts of spirit, so using the skills that restore your spirit and increase its maximum value is extremely important. Some of our favorites perfectly complement the Nature’s Fury Summoner druid in Diablo 4.

  • Heart of the Wild: This passive skill increases the total spirit by up to 9.
  • Abundance: This passive skill generates up to 18% more spirit than basic skills.
  • Clarity: This passive skill generates up to 6 spirits with every transformation back to human form.


Another main aspect of the Nature’s Fury Summoner druid in D4 is to make the enemies vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Many passive effects only trigger by hitting vulnerable enemies with nature skills. Use the following skills to put enemies into a vulnerable state.

  • Fierce Storm Strike: This storm skill has a 50% chance of making enemies vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Raging Tornado: This enhancement skill has a 10% chance to make enemies vulnerable for up to 3 seconds.
  • Ferocious Ravens: This summoning skill makes the encircled enemies vulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • Natural Hurricane: This enhancement skill has a 15% chance to make enemies vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Supreme Cataclysm: This ultimate skill makes the enemies vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Health Regeneration

Despite depending on elixirs and potions for the main recovery, here is an additional passive skill handy for health regeneration during battles.

  • Circle of Life. Nature skills regenerate 3% of health (only if they consume spirit).


Fortify plays an essential role in protecting our Druid character from incoming damage. A lot of passive effects become active when you are fortified.

  • Fierce Earth Spike: Using earth spike against stunned and immobilized enemies fortify you for 4% of base life.
  • Preserving Earthen Bulwark: This enhancement grants the druid 18% of their base life as fortify.
  • Natural Fortitude. This passive skill grants 4% of base life as fortify after shapeshifting.
  • Nature’s Resolve. A 15% chance to grant the player 4% of base life fortify.

Diablo 4 Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid Damage Rotation

Damage Rotation explains how the skills should be used in actual practice during a fight. Here is a list of skills that should be used to get the most out of your build.

  • Landslide
  • Tornado/Lightning Storm
  • Ravens
  • Hurricane/Boulder
  • Cyclone Armor/Earthen Bulwark
  • Cataclysm

With the Nature Fury Druid, always start the fight with an Earth or Storm-based attack. Nature’s Fury key passive attack increases the chance to get an alternate nature skill cast for free. This chance increases enormously with the rest of our passive skills, making Spirit management much easier during the combat sequence.

We have a lot of passive defensive skills active, so the chances to take damage and die are reduced drastically, even against the bosses and elites. Taking on a mob solo is never a great strategy. Use the summoning skill to call for aid in the form of crows or wolves (depending on your choice).

With their passive skills active, your summons deals much damage and does a great job at crowd control. We have also included a couple of defensive skills in the list. Use either Cyclone Armor or Earthen Bulwark if things get out of hand.

Before starting the next rotation, gain some distance from the enemies to recover your Spirit and Health. Casting the defensive skills can also trigger Nature’s Fury passive effect in Diablo 4, making you even more invincible for a specific duration.

Gear, Gems, and Stats priority

Diablo 4 provides four primary stats for each class. Increasing these stats has both primary and secondary effects that are permanent buffs. The order to increase the primary stats for Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid should be as follows.

  1. Willpower
  2. Dexterity
  3. Intelligence
  4. Strength

Every increment of Willpower increases skill and overpower damage of the Druid class by a particular percentage. It also improves the healing received from enemies and potions.

Dexterity for the Druid class directly impacts Critical strike and dodge chance. When dexterity is upgraded, it increases by a percentage amount.

Intelligence is essential in spirit regeneration, increasing Druid’s defense against all elemental attacks.

The strength stat has no primary effect on the Druid class. However, it passively increases armor by 1 for each upgrade.

Gems are a personal preference in Diablo 4, as each combination is equally strong and beneficial to the players. Our favorite Gems combination is as follows.

WeaponTopazThis gemstone increases the maximum life of Druids by a particular percentage.
ArmorRubyThis gemstone increases maximum life of Druids by a particular percentage.
JewelryDiamondThis gemstone increases Druid’s defense against all elemental attacks.

Endgame gear for any class depends upon the kind of affixes it has to boost its properties and grant additional passive bonuses. We have compiled a list of affixes to benefit our Nature’s Fury Summoner druid build in Diablo 4.

  1. Increased willpower.
  2. Increased Spirit cost reduction.
  3. Increased Lightning Damage.
  4. Increased Rank for all skills.
  5. Increased Lucky Hit chance.
  6. Increased Vulnerable damage.
  7. Increased resource generation.
  8. Increased damage to distant enemies.
  9. Increased defense and health for the summons.
  10. Increased defense and health for the character.

Paragon Boards

From level 50 onwards, players get access to the Paragon board and earn paragon points (4 points per level) instead of skill points. These points can be used to purchase specific nodes and glyphs from Paragon boards.

These nodes and glyphs provide additional passive boosts to the players. Here is a list of nodes and glyphs we will aim for our Nature’s Fury Summoner druid build.

  • Earth and Sky
  • Exploit
  • Fulminate
  • Keeper
  • Tempest
  • Thunderstruck

Earth and Sky rare glyph allows the nature skills (storm and earthen) to deal 10% more damage to vulnerable enemies. It also impacts crowd-controlled enemies. Exploit makes the enemies vulnerable for up to 3 seconds after taking any kind of damage from the players.

Fulminate rare glyph increases the lightning damage against the healthy and injured enemies by 12%. While Keeper allows to deliver 10% additional elemental damage to all enemies by the Druid and their summons.

Tempest increases critical strike damage while Thunderstruck legendary node allows the Storm skills to deal an additional 30% damage against vulnerable enemies.

Unique Items

Unique items in Diablo 4 are the most powerful ones. However, finding them is a chore making progress a bit difficult. They also drop rarely, making the grinding a tedious process. We won’t recommend using unique items for our nature’s Fury Summoner build. However, if you must have these unique items, go for the ones listed below.

  • The Grandfather. This unique sword increases the critical strike damage by up to 100%.
  • Storm’s Companion. These unique pants increase the companion’s damage by up to 12% and their speed by up to 28%.
  • Tempest Roar. This unique helm has a 25% chance to grant you 4 Spirit using a Storm skill. This is a Lucky Hit.

Legendary Aspects

Legendary aspects in Diablo 4 work differently. These aspects can then be applied to rare and legendary gears to convert them into legendary gears of your liking. However, legendary aspects from legendary gear can only be re-rolled by an Occultist.

Here is a list of our favorite legendary aspects for the Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid build. You can affix these aspects on any rare/legendary gear of your liking.

  • Aspect of Cyclonic Force: This legendary aspect protects Cyclone Armor against physical attacks. It also applies to summons and allies.
  • Aspect of Mending Stone: This legendary aspect increases the duration of the Earthen Bulwark for a fixed amount of time. Additionally, earth skills replenish Earthen Bulwark after killing enemies.
  • Aspect of Natural Balance: This legendary aspect increases the damage of Earth skills critical strikes by a particular percentage after using a storm skill and vice versa.
  • Aspect of Nature’s Savagery: This legendary aspect turns Werewolf skills into storm skills and Werebear skills into Earth skills.
  • Aspect of Quicksand: This legendary aspect slows enemies by a particular percentage after being hit by Earth skills.
  • Aspect of the Aftershock: This legendary aspect makes the earth pillars created by Landslide skill to hit the enemy an additional time for more damage.
  • Aspect of the Stampede: It allows the players to gain an additional companion and increases their attack power.
  • Aspect of the Tempest: This legendary aspect increases the damage of Hurricane skill for each second it is active.
  • Ballistic Aspect: Increases the ranks of Earth skills by using Fortify.
  • Lightning Dancer’s Aspect: If the lightning storm skill inflicts a critical strike, it spawns dancing bolts that follow enemies and deals extra damage.
  • Symbiotic Aspect: This legendary aspect reduces the cooldown of non-ultimate skills after using Nature’s Fury.

Elixir and Potion choices

Elixirs and potions play an important role for our Nature’s Fury Summoner Druid build. Our primary focus for the whole build is to deal more damage and rotate the skills for free. Most of the affixes and buffs are geared toward defense.

However, the one area where this building lacks is health regeneration. Progress with solid character makes no sense if you die sooner than you think. We recommend visiting Alchemists and upgrading your potion capacity and strength as much as possible.

Elixirs are potent tools that grant additional health, strength, and other buffs for over 30 minutes in Diablo 4. Below is a list of Elixirs that will aid you immensely with this particular Druid build.

  • Expertise Elixir: This elixir reduces the cost of resources by up to 20% for the next 30 minutes.
  • Iron Skin Elixir: This elixir increases the total armor by 900 for 30 minutes.

You can also brew a few more elixirs of your choice by visiting any Alchemist in the towns.

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