Diablo 4 All Class Paragon Boards

Once you reach level 50, Paragon Boards in Diablo 4 will unlock. From level 50 until you reach level 100, you will invest in your Paragon ...

For players building their characters from the start of the game, it might seem that the skill table is too limited. But once you reach level 50, Paragon Boards in Diablo 4 will unlock. From level 50 until you reach level 100, you will invest in your Paragon boards to level up your characters and build.

Here, we will look at how Paragon boards work in Diablo 4.

How to level up Paragon Boards in Diablo 4

Once you reach level 50 in Diablo 4, you will unlock the Paragon Boards instead of your regular skill tables. To unlock the Paragons in your new board, players will start earning Paragon Points instead of the regular skill points they had been getting previously. 

You get one Paragon point for every quarter of a level you fulfill, meaning that for every level you get, you will be getting four Paragon points instead of one. You can also get four Paragon points from the Renown from each of the five zones in Diablo 4.

This makes the Paragon points you can get in Diablo 4 tally up to 220—200 from leveling up to level 100 and 20 from Renown.

Types of Paragon nodes in Diablo 4

There are six types of Paragon Nodes:

  • Common Nodes
  • Magic Nodes
  • Rare Nodes
  • Legendary Nodes
  • Gate Nodes
  • Glyph Nodes

Common Nodes offer basic upgrades to your stats like Strength and Willpower. You must unlock these to get to other nodes on your Paragon board. Hence they are also called Travel Nodes.

Magic Nodes offer either higher stats upgrades or minor passive buffs to your character. Magic Nodes are often found around Rare Nodes and work to enhance the effects of the Rare nodes they are close to.

Rare Nodes offer powerful buffs to your passive abilities in Diablo 4. Rare Nodes always offer two bonuses, and might also offer a third bonus, provided the requirements are met. These requirements can only be fulfilled by unlocking Common Nodes, and the requirements increase as you further descend on the Paragon Board in D4.

Every Paragon board has a single Legendary Node, which offers brand-new abilities, making it the heart of the Paragon board.

Gate Nodes allow players to move from one Paragon board to the next. Every Paragon board in D4 has 4 Gate Nodes connecting it to other Paragons. Selecting which Gate Node you want to use might allow you to access the best Paragons of the other board quickly.

Lastly, like Legendary, every table has a single Glyph Node for placing a Glyph. These Glyphs can be unlocked from Nightmare Dungeons. You can freely choose what Glyph you want to equip so that it benefits your build the best.

With the basic information about Paragon Boards, let us look at what Paragon Boards are offered for each class in Diablo 4.

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Barbarian Paragon Boards

Barbarian Paragon Boards offer skills to increase your melee potential, DPS, and defense against damage taken head-on. It allows you to damage stronger enemies more and focuses on the Physical damage the class can deal.

Paragon tables for Barbarian class in D4 are:

Hemorrhage: This Paragon Board provides a percentage of damage reduction from enemies inflicted by the Bleeding effect.

Blood Rage: This Paragon Board specializes in increased Maximum Life as well as Potion healing.

Carnage: This Paragon Board helps increase your attack speed and attack damage while in Berserking status.

Warbringer: This Paragon Board grants a percentage of increased Maximum Fury along with Maximum Life.

Bone Breaker: This Paragon Board increases Fortify Generation and provides damage reduction while you are Fortified.

Decimator: This Paragon Board grants a Lucky Hit bonus to your Two-Handed Slashing weapons, which further gives you a chance to make foes Vulnerable.

Flawless Technique: This Paragon Board provides Damage Reduction from Close Enemies and extra strength.

Weapons Master: With this Paragon Board, if you kill an Elite, you get an increment in movement speed.

Druid Paragon Boards

Druid Class’s Paragon Boards focus on nature attacks and the class’s skills. Spirit, Earth Skills, Poison Skills, and Storm Skills are just some of the few skills you can hone with Druid’s Paragon board in Diablo 4. It focuses on increasing your resistance to elemental attacks and Crowd Control abilities.

Paragon boards for Druid class in Diablo 4 are:

Survival Instincts: This Paragon Board amplifies damage while you are in Werebear form and there is a difference between Life percentages of you and the enemy.

Ancestral Guidance: This Paragon Board offers more damage when you spend some Spirit.

Inner Beast: With this Paragon Board, your Spirit costs significantly less after Shapeshifting.

Earthen Devastation: When enemies are affected by Crowd Control status, you will deal more damage with your Earth Skills. 

Heightened Malice: With this Paragon Board, your damage will be amplified when there are at least 3 Poisoned enemies nearby.

Thunderstruck: This Paragon Board increases the critical strike damage from Storm Skills against Immobilized and Vulnerable enemies.

Constricting Tendrils: With this Paragon Board, your Nature Magic skills can Immobilize and Poison the enemies.

Lust for Carnage: When you are in the Werewolf state, your critical strikes will restore some Spirit

Sorcerer Paragon Boards

Sorcerer Paragon Boards work on improving Sorcerer’s elemental attacks, ranging from Fire, Lightning, and Cold. You can also enhance the Sorcerer’s ability of enchantments and conjuration in battle.

Paragon boards for Sorcerer Class are:

Burning Instinct: This Paragon Board grants increased Burning Damage and reduced received damage from Elites

Ceaseless Conduit: With this Paragon Board, your Crackling Energy may not consume a Charge while triggering.

Elemental Summoner: With this Board, you get increased Fire Damage & Fire resistance and increased damage from Conjuring Skills.

Enchantment Master: You get Stronger Enchantments with this Board and receive resistance to all Elemental attacks.

Searing Heat: This Paragon Board increases the Fire Damage and enhances Fire Resistance.

Frigid Fate: With this Paragon Board, you get less Cold Resistance and reduced damage from Vulnerable foes.

Icefall: This Paragon Board focuses on granting Maximum Life by killing Frozen enemies and providing Cold damage.

Static Surge: With this Board, you restore Mana by stunning enemies. You may also get Lightning Resistance.


Diablo 4 Rogue Paragon Boards are more border than any other class, allowing players to invest in melee abilities, ranged abilities, and traps. Players can get the most versatile build with the number of choices they have.

Paragon boards for Rogue class in D4 are:

  • Cheap Shot
  • Cunning Stratagem
  • Deadly Ambush
  • Eldritch Bounty
  • Leyrana’s Instinct
  • No witness
  • Tricks of the Trade

Cheap Shot : This board focuses on Crowd Controlled enemies, armor strength, and reduced damage taken from enemies.

Tricks of the Trade: This board is all about increasing your normal and critical strike damage while reducing the effect of damage taken from ranged or closed enemies.

Cunning Stratagem: This Paragon Board specially maxes out your Character Stats such as Dexterity and Intelligence. It also provides an increment in the damage inflicted by Basic and Core skill.

No Witnesses: This Paragon Board is all about Ultimate skills strength, Life Regeneration, and attack speed.

Eldritch Bounty: This Paragon Board amplifies damage done by Imbuement skills and increases resistance against all elements.

Leyrana’s Instinct: This Paragon Board focuses on increasing your Dodge chance and providing resistance against all elements as well as against Poison.

Exploit Weakness: This Board specializes against enemies having Vulnerable status on them. You gain increased damage against such enemies while taking less damage from them.

Deadly Ambush: This Paragon Board supports Trap skills to the fullest. It increases your damage against Trapped enemies as well as reduces the damage from such enemies

Necromancer Paragon Boards

The Necromancer Class’s Paragon Boards allow players to summon undead legions, increasing their strength and effectiveness in battle. This Paragon board focuses on allowing you to turn your enemies into your allies, making you stronger as the battle progresses.

Paragon boards for the Necromancer class are:

Blood Begets Blood: With this Paragon Board, you get increased damage as well as healing from Blood Orbs.

Wither: This Paragon Board provides your Shadow Damage the chance to deal increased damage.

Bone Graft: You get increased damage and Maximum Essence by a specific percentage when you hit enemies with Bone Skills.

Cult Leader: With this Paragon Board, your Minions deal additional damage and get enhanced attack speed.

Flesh-eater: This Paragon Board provides increased damage for some time when you consume corpses.

Bloodbath: With this Board, your Overpower damage is increased whenever you strike a guaranteed Overpowered attack.

Scent of Death: With this Paragon Board, you get reduced damage from enemies when two corpses are nearby and deal extra damage if no corpses are around.

Hulking Monstrosity: This Paragon Board is all about increasing the Maximum Life and damage of your Golems

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