What Is Crowd Control In Diablo 4?

The Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4 control enemies' movement on the battlefield. By controlling their movements and effects, you can ...

The Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4 control enemies’ movement on the battlefield. By controlling their movements and effects, you can either take a breather or take out the most toxic enemies earlier before they make your journey hard. The guide below will discuss all the Crowd control effects in Diablo 4, their durations and how they affect the enemy.

How crowd control effects work in Diablo 4

There is a total of 11 Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4. Each CC effect has its range, type and duration. In addition to that, different character classes have other Crowd Control Effects. Since you can use CC effects, to make the game fairer, the developers gave your enemies the same CC effects.

Applying certain crowd control effects to enemies can also impact your damage against them or apply further status effects based on your build. For example, Rogue’s Improved Twisted Blades Dazes an enemy and with Trick Attacks, if you critically hit the Dazed enemy it gets Knocked Down. On top of these, your gear in D4 can also have affixes that allow you to deal increased damage to crowd-controlled enemies.

So remember what kind of CC effect is more dangerous if you encounter it. The Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4 are as follows;


It slows down the enemy’s movement by a certain percentage and triggers freezing. The Chilling Effect has been built up over time.


Enemies cannot move or use any attacks or special skills for a short time. It can be triggered by a single attack or by building up the Chill effect over time.


This Crowd Control effect renders enemies confused; they can still move but cannot use any attack or special attacks.


As the name suggests, this CC effect binds enemies with an invisible object on the battlefield, stopping them from moving.


This Crowd control effect also shutdowns enemy movement, but they can still attack and use special abilities.


It slows down the enemy’s movement and makes them sluggish, affecting their attack speed in Diablo 4.


This CC effect makes enemies run away in the opposite direction in Diablo 4.


This Crowd Control Effect in Diablo 4 holds the enemy in a set area around a temporary object.


This effect is similar to Frozen CC; the enemies cannot move, nor can they use any attacks or special skills.


This CC effect is usually triggered by a ground pound that makes the enemy fall, and during the Effect of this Crowd Control, the enemies cannot use any attacks or special skills.


Knockback is the lite version of Knockdown, and it only pushes the enemy out of their attack range in Diablo 4. Nearly all enemies are affected by the CC effects. However, the duration of the effects depends upon the enemy’s strength or level.

For example, a boss will have zero effect of any CC you throw at them, but enemies that come in hordes will be easily caught under it in Diablo 4. Melee characters are less likely to get affected by enemies’ Crowd Controls effects. However, if you are a Sorcerer, you must be careful since your character will be vulnerable to the Crowd Control effects of enemies.

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