How To Craft Gems In Diablo 4

The character gear is limited to a certain level, after which the gear cannot be enhanced. So, that's where Gems come in Diablo 4 ...

Diablo 4 is an RPG game that requires survival and combat skills. The combat in Diablo 4 significantly depends upon your character type and all the gear you are using. In Diablo 4, the character gear is limited to a certain level, after which the gear cannot be enhanced. So, that’s where gems come in Diablo 4 that you can use to improve your character’s gear. But the enhancement heavily depends upon the type of Gems.

You can obtain Gems by killing enemies. However, enemies usually drop low-quality gems unless you are on World Tier 4. These you can’t use to take out your gear’s full potential. Now, to craft higher-tier gems, you will need a Jeweler.

The Jeweler is responsible for crafting and socketing all kinds of Gems, and in case your gear does not have a socket, then you can ask the Jeweler in Diablo 4 to do it for you.

How to unlock Jeweler in Diablo 4

Since every character type has a different storyline in Diablo 4, you choose what you want to become. When you reach level 20 in any of the characters, you receive an objective requiring you to travel to Kyovashad and meet the Jeweler Karatia.

Karatia is your first Jeweler, and our goal is to make you learn and understand the basics of Gems in Diablo 4.

How to craft gems in Diablo 4

There are seven types of Gems, and each type has five tiers. You can obtain the lower gems from enemies and chests. After that, you can use these lower-tier Gems to craft higher-tier Gems. The Gems grant your weapon, Armor Rings, and Amulets extra damage, defense, and resistance to your jewelry such as; Rings and Amulets.


The types of Gems are Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, Skull, and Topaz. To craft Gems in Diablo 4, you must gather some materials and gold. The materials include 3x low-tier gems and a small amount of gold.

For example, you will need 3x Crude Skull gems and 4,500 Gold to craft 1x Chipped Skull Gems. Moreover, if you want to add a Socket to your gear, you can ask the Jeweler in Diablo 4. The greater the rarity, the better the results.

In addition to that, the tiers of Gems are divided as follows. Crude, Chipped, Pure Gem (e.g., Topaz, Diamond), Flawless, Royal. Each tier requires three pieces of lower-tier Gems and some Gold, depending on the level you are crafting in Diablo 4.

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