Diablo 4 Unique Pants Guide 

As you play Diablo 4 on higher world tiers, you will pick up unique pants to protect your lower body. Here are they are and what they do!

As you move in World Tiers in Diablo 4 you’ll start getting better and better gear. You will get access to Unique items that only spawn in World Tier 3 and above. These include armor, jewelry, and weapons. Pants are one of the armor pieces you can equip in the game which protect the lower body. In World Tier 3, you can get unique pants as you play through Diablo 4 which not only protects you but provides many effects and bonuses.

There are 4 unique pants that you can acquire in D4 in the current state of the game. One is a general unique pants while the other 3 are only usable by a certain class. Let’s look them over and what these unique pants do in D4.

Eyes in the Dark (Rogue) 

Eyes in the Dark is also a unique pant for the Rogue class in Diablo 4 that will benefit players greatly during combat. The main advantage you get from these is your Death Trap skill which will continue to re-arm itself unless it kills an enemy or hits a boss or player. Its cooldown will be increased, however.

With these pants equipped, your chances to dodge enemies will be greater. It not only boosts your shadow damage but also makes you deadlier to elite enemies. The enemies will also get increased damage once they are trapped.

Iceheart Brais (Sorcerer) 

Iceheart Brais is a pair of unique pants that is available for the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4. This item is obtained from killing the elite enemies as a drop item in World Tier 3. There will be a chance that a Frozen Nova will trigger when you kill a frozen enemy while wearing these pants.

You get damage boosts against frozen and injured enemies and get a bonus to Intelligence. Moreover, frozen enemies will remain frozen for a longer duration.


Storm’s Companion (Druid) 

The Storm’s Companion is a pair of Unique Pants specifically made for the Druid in Diablo 4. While wearing these pants, your Wolf companions gain lightning damage and gain the Storm Howl ability. Moreover, you gain some ranks of Wolves.

Besides these, you will get extra movement speed when you use your potions. You will also get an increased potion drop rate and your companions get boosts in skill damage and movement speeds.

Temerity (General) 

Temerity is a pair of unique pants that can be worn by all of the classes in Diablo 4. These pants favor healing and overall survivability in the game. With these pants equipped, you will gain a Barrier every time an effect heals you beyond 100% life and will last for 8 seconds. You will also have a chance to heal up with every hit and get a boost to stats and healing received.

You will also enjoy a better potion drop rate and will get more movement speed while Injured.

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